How Do I Open an EPS File in Windows 10?

Discover how to open an EPS file in Windows 10. So you can work on these types of files without any hassle. how-do-i-open-an-eps-file-in-windows-10

How Do I Open an EPS File in Windows 10?

An EPS file can be opened with any Adobe software, but for the purpose of this case, we will be using Adobe Illustrator. Here are the steps on how to open it.

  • Step 1: Open Adobe Illustrator

    To get started on opening your EPS file, open your Adobe Illustrator.


  • Step 2: Click ‘File’

    Move your cursor upwards to the menu bar and click on ‘File’. A dropdown will appear.

  • Step 3: Select Open

    In the dropdown, click ‘Open’ and a dialog box will appear.


  • Step 4: Select your EPS File

    Find your EPS file in the dialog box and click on the Open button. Your EPs file is open in Adobe Illustrator and you are all set!


What does EPS file stand for?

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript file.

What is the purpose of an EPS file?

The purpose of an EPs file is to place documents, specifically drawing and images in a PostScript document.

Why is an EPS file usually used?

Professionals tend to use EPS files due to them being compatible with different operating systems making them a convenient document to work with.