How to Add a Picture in Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign’s best features include its ability to provide quality images on your output. So, learn how to easily add one in Adobe InDesign and maximize its picture editing features from placing and importing to inserting images to level up your work today! how-to-add-a-picture-in-adobe-indesign-header

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How to Add a Picture in Adobe InDesign

Pictures provide extra quality and substance in an output. Below is a step-by-step process of adding a picture in Adobe InDesign.

  • Step 1: Open InDesign

    To start the process, make sure to have genuine Adobe InDesign software by purchasing a single package with other Adobe software applications or buying Adobe InDesign software alone. Then, open your Adobe InDesign software.


  • Step 2: Select the Document

    Open the document that you will be working with. Go to “File” then open from the Control Panel. If you do n have a document yet, go to “File” then select “New Document” and decide the settings for your new document.


  • Step 3: Choose the Picture

    Click “File” then select “Place” in the control panel. Navigate to the picture file you would like to import, and select the picture by double-clicking the file name.


  • Step 4: Control the Picture

    Format your picture by adjusting the size, dragging them to the perfect location, and enhancing some aspects of the image. To adjust the size of your picture, select the tool and click one of the handles (small squares) located on the frame. To adjust the location, select the image and then move and drag the cursor to the perfect location.

  • Step 5: Repeat and Save

    Continue repeating the process by going from Steps 1 to 4, and then if done, make sure to save.


Is Adobe InDesign free?

No, Adobe InDesign is a paid tool offered by Adobe and can be purchased in a package or individually per software application.

Where is Adobe InDesign used?

Adobe InDesign is used for all types of graphic designs, documents, layouts, and design needs.

What files can InDesign open?

Adobe InDesign can open various file formats such as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, and EPS.

How much is InDesign monthly?

Adobe InDesign costs US$20.99/month.

What is Adobe InDesign good for?

Adobe InDesign is a publishing and layout application good for creating all types of graphic design, documents, marketing materials, and producing prints and digital publications.

Which shortcut is used to insert an image in InDesign?

There are two shortcuts to insert images into Adobe InDesign, the first one is to directly insert them into Adobe InDesign Layouts, and the second is to insert images into frames in Adobe InDesign.

Can I add multiple images on Adobe InDesign?

Yes, you can add multiple images into Adobe InDesign by clicking File then Place, then selecting multiple images, and choosing Open.

What are the features of Adobe InDesign?

There are plenty of Adobe InDesign features, among the new ones are liquid content, alternate layouts, digital publishing, text frame fitting, linked content, and interactive features.

What are the interactive features of Adobe InDesign?

The interactive features of Adobe InDesign are hyperlinks, audio/video, forms, animations, page transitions, buttons, and many more.