How to Change Background Color in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator offers a unique collection of design tools to help you in this matter. This way, both artists and designers can change the background color of their artboard or grid color in their work within minutes.  how-to-change-background-color-in-adobe-illustrator-header

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How to Change Background Color in Adobe Illustrator

Do you have white text on a white background? Change the color of your artboard easily when you apply the following steps in this section.

  • Step 1: Use the Transparency Grid

    Look for the Show Transparency Grid option under the View menu and click it to activate a checkerboard pattern for a transparent background. You can also use this keyboard shortcut: Command/Control + Shift + D.

  • Step 2: Draw a Colored Rectangle

    For the solid background color, draw a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool that covers the entire artboard. Fill that rectangle with the color you want for your design or illustration.

  • Step 3: Lock the Background Rectangle

    After you select the color for the rectangle, you need to lock the background rectangle so that it can’t be accidentally moved while you are working.


How to change the color of the user interface in Adobe Illustrator?

Click the File in the menu bar at the top of the screen, open it, go to User Interface options if you are using a Mac, or go to Edit > Preferences > User Interface, choose a brightness setting, and select a canvas color.

How to change the color of the outside artboard?

Go to File > Document Setup, check Simulate Color Paper, and click on the two colored rectangles to select their color.

How to fill a background layer with color?

Select the color you want to use in the Color panel and activate the Fill tool, or open the Swatches or Gradient panel and select a color from those libraries.