How to Change Background Color on Adobe InDesign

Find out how to change the background color on Adobe InDesign. So you can make your work, whether it’s a poster or a flyer, have a background color that compliments your content. how-to-change-background-color-on-adobe-indesign-featured-header

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How to Change Background Color on Adobe InDesign

Launch Adobe InDesign with the work that has the background you wish to change the color of. Then follow these four steps that are easy to follow.

  • Step 1: Click ‘Window’, ‘Color’, and ‘Swatches’

    Move your cursor to the menu bar and click on ‘Window’. Then click ‘Color’ and ‘Swatches’ in the following dropdowns. This will open a Swatches Panel.



  • Step 2: Choose New Color Swatch

    Move your cursor to the Swatches Panel, and click on the flyout menu. From there, click on the ‘New Color Swatch’ option.


  • Step 3: Make Adjustments

    A dialog box will open, with which you can choose and adjust the colors that will appear in your background. Click the OK button when you are done and you are all set!



Can I change the color of several background pages at the same time in Adobe InDesign?

Yes, you have the option to apply the background color change to all the pages in Adobe InDesign.

What can I do if I accidentally put the wrong color in the background?

If you place the wrong color in the background you can easily undo it by pressing CTRL + Z, then you can redo your background color again.

Is there a shortcut key to changing the color of the background instantly in Adobe InDesign?

Not exactly, but you can activate the Swatch panel right away by pressing F5, but only then you must manually add the background color in Adobe InDesign.