How to Convert PSD/PSB to JPG in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a photo manipulating application that most graphic artists and freelancers may appreciate getting familiar with due to its convenience. Anyone who has used it is aware of how it provides you with the flexibility to express your creativity. how-to-convert-psdpsb-to-jpg-in-photoshop-featured-header

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How to Convert PSD/PSB to JPG in Photoshop

With the convenience of Adobe Photoshop, you may immediately convert PSD and PSB files into JPG format. As an avid user, you would notice that upon starting a new project in Adobe Photoshop, it will save it as a PSD file, which you may want to convert or export to JPG for better compatibility with other software or devices later on.

  • Step 1: Access Adobe Photoshop

    The first step you will need to do is to launch your local Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. You also have the option to access it by double-clicking the PSD file you want to convert. Locate the file and proceed to open it to launch the software.

  • Step 2: Flatten the Layers


    The next step is that you must flatten all of your project’s layers. To do so, enter the ‘Layers’ drop-down menu at the top section and choose ‘Flatten Image.’

  • Step 3a: Process the Image


    Go to the top menu bar once again and click on ‘File’, then select ‘Scripts’ and finally click on ‘Image Processor’. The Image Processor dialog should appear. Enter the output file directory or choose ‘Save in Same Place’. Then select the desired output image quality; the maximum allowed is 12. Then, click ‘Run’ to convert.

  • Step 3b: Use Save for Web


    An alternative method is to use the Save for Web and Devices Method. Start by going and selecting ‘File’ on the top left menu bar, and proceed to click on ‘Save for Web & Devices.’ Configure the quality and settings of your image to your liking, as well as the format of your converted image. The format of the converted image may be chosen from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.



Why is my Photoshop File a PSB?

A PSB file is an image file generated by Adobe Photoshop, a professional image-editing program, that contains an image greater than 30,000 by 30,000 pixels or 2 GB in size.

Why can’t I save PSD as JPEG in Photoshop?

If you are unable to save your file as anything other than a PSD, TIFF, or RAW format file in Adobe Photoshop, the file is too huge for any other format.

What is the difference between PSD and PSB in Photoshop?

PSD is an abbreviation for ‘Photoshop Document.’ It is the usual file type used when saving a Photoshop project, whereas PSB stands for ‘Photoshop BIG’ but is also known as the ‘big document format.’

How do I save multiple layers as a JPEG in Photoshop?

Go to ‘File,’ ‘Export,’ ‘Layers To Files,’ and in the dialog box that displays, set the File Type to JPEG or PNG, then select an export destination, and finally click ‘Run’ to export all of your layers to separate files on your computer.

How do I reduce the size of a JPEG without losing quality in Photoshop?

It is recommended that as you save your file, compress the file to between 60% and 80% of its original size to reduce the size but retain the quality of the JPEG.