How to Convert Sketch Design File into a Layered Photoshop File

Sketch Design provides all of the tools required for a fully collaborative creative process. Regardless if you are more familiar with Adobe Photoshop or want the tools in the latter software, converting it will help you to enhance your current file. how-to-convert-sketch-design-file-into-a-layered-photoshop-file-featured-header

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How to Convert Sketch Design File into a Layered Photoshop File

As it is quite difficult to convert your Sketch Design file into a Photoshop file with the layers available to use, this guide will help you to use intermediary software. Affinity Designer has its shortcomings and limitations but will still help you to convert your intended file.

  • Step 1: Open Sketch Design File

    Power up your Sketch Design software on your computer, either through the logo shortcut on your desktop or in its stored folder.

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  • Step 2: Launch Affinity Designer

    The next step you will be doing is to open Affinity Designer and click ‘File’ then ‘New from Clipboard’ to insert the Sketch file. As Affinity has been opened along with the recently exported Sketch Design file, you will now be exporting the current file. Make sure the PSD file format is selected before clicking ‘Export’.

  • Step 3: Open the File in Photoshop


    After the file has been downloaded as a PSD file, proceed to double-click it to open. Alternatively, you can open it by powering up Photoshop and going to ‘File’ in the top menu bar. Select ‘Open’ and click on the recently downloaded file. This will then pen the freshly exported file with layers enabled.

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Can you import Sketch files into Photoshop?

To edit a Sketch file in Photoshop, first convert it using Photopea’s web browser version, and once converted to a PSD file, you will be able to open the Sketch file in Photoshop.

What’s a Sketch file?

A Sketch file stores all of the layers, vector graphics, raster images, shapes, text, canvas information, colors, metadata, and layout information that comprise a drawing or design project made with Sketch design and application prototyping software.

What file types support layers?

Layers are essential for making complicated pictures using several images and the file format that supports layers include TIFF, PSD, and PDF as they are able to read them and does not compress them unlike other image formats.

What is Sketch software used for?

Sketch is the best tool for iOS, Android, and Web design, and it immediately opens with an endless canvas and is used for product design applications that online designers frequently use to create idea pages, icons, and other web components.

What is the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Sketch?

Photoshop offers greater design and editing tools, but Sketch has fewer design features and is primarily a Ux/UI design product.