How to Create a Metallic Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a useful software that web designers, graphic artists, and even beginners can use to create and edit images, add text, and even incorporate effects into your project. The available tools that Photoshop presents help you to execute your creativity into a reality. how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-featured-header

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How to Create a Metallic Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop

With the ‘Text tool’ in Photoshop, you can add text that may be used in a variety of applications, such as combining it with photos to make a film poster, a holiday greeting card, or even an invitation. You will find that having different and specific effects on your text can change the entire look of your file.

  • Step 1: Adjust Text Specifications

    Launch your Adobe Photoshop software and open the file you want to use. Either as a pre-existing file or a brand new one, would be okay. Add the text you desire to use and edit the specifications accordingly.

  • Step 2: Open Layer Style


    Access the Layer Style by right-clicking on the Text layer and selecting ‘Blending Options’. In the advanced blending section, ensure that the ‘Blend Interior Effects as Group’, ‘Blend Clipped Layers as Group’, and ‘Transparency Shapes Layer’ are checked. Click on ‘OK’ to commit to these changes.

  • Step 3: Add Shadows

    how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-step-31Adding shadows will help separate the text you have onscreen from the background you have or plan to add in the future. This guide will be using the settings with a Blend Mode that is set to normal, Opacity at 70%, Angle is 90% with an unchecked ‘Use Global Light’, Distance at 10%, Spread a 20%, and Size at 10%. But you are free to play around and experiment with the settings that best fit your needs.

  • Step 4: Edit Gradient Overlay

    how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-step-41Once you opened up Gradient Overlay, set the values accordingly to achieve that metallic effect. Set the scale to 150% and then open up the Gradient bar. Leave the settings as is but edit the color codes. The first and last ones are 0d1117, with the located 25% and 75% as a0a0a0, and the middle one or at the location of 50% as 161a20.

  • Step 5: Add Inner Glow

    how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-step-51You can further brighten the edges to achieve that metallic effect. To do so, open the ‘Blending Options’ and select ‘Inner Glow’. Set the Blend Mode as normal, values of Opacity to 100%, Choke to 40%, Size 2px, and the rest as is. Click ‘OK’ to save the settings.

  • Step 6: Incorporate 3D Effect

    how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-step-61This time, open the Layer Style and select ‘Bevel and Emboss’. Play around or try out the values set by this guide. Set the Size to 10% and the Soften to 1%, and leave the rest as is. Go to Gloss Countour and select an appropriate wavelength that fits to achieve the effect.

  • Step 7: Add Satin Effect and Stroke

    how-to-create-a-metallic-text-effect-using-layer-styles-in-adobe-photoshop-step-71Open the ‘Blending Options’ to add the Satin Effect. Set the Blend Mode as color dodge, Angle at 20 degrees, Distance at 45px, Size at 8px, then add another Contour. Open the Layer Style one last time and go to Stroke. Set the Size as 2px, the Fill Type as gradient, the Style to reflected, and finally edit the Gradient bar. With the colors located at 0% and 100% at 1a1b1e and the middle or 50% at 7f7f7f.


How do you use metallic colors in Photoshop?

Select ‘Filter’ from the menu bar, then ‘Add Noise’, and the “Gaussian” radio option and check the “Monochromatic” box, then use the slider to modify the level of noise with a number of 5% or less is suitable for achieving a metal appearance.

Is there a glitter effect on Photoshop?

From the menu bar, select ‘Filter’, ‘Noise’, then ‘Add Noise’, proceed to ‘Add Uniform noise’ and adjust the slider to roughly 50% but to make gray glitter, check the box next to ‘Monochromatic’ then click on ‘OK’ once you are satisfied with the appearance.

How do I style text in Photoshop?

Write the text to which you want to apply a style or alternatively choose a layer with existing text then, in the Tool Options bar, choose from the available presets and open the Effects panel, and double-click the thumbnail of a style you wish to apply to the text.

What are the effects in Photoshop?

Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Bevels & Emboss, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay, and more effects are accessible to use in the software.

What are layer effects in photoshop?

With ten distinct layer effects to select from, layer effects are a collection of non-destructive, customizable effects that can be applied to nearly any type of layer in Photoshop.