How to Curve Text in Adobe Psd

Adobe Photoshop is a creative tool that personal users or professionals can utilize to execute their visualization. Due to this, Photoshop allows all kinds of users to play around with the orientation of their text and does not limit them to a linear direction. how-to-curve-text-in-adobe-psd-featured-header

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How to Curve Text in Adobe Psd

When working on a logo, sticker, poster, or other composition in Photoshop and needing to curve part of the text, Photoshop provides you with several options. There are various ways to curve text in Photoshop, so pick the one that best suits your creative preferences.

  • Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop

    The first step you will be doing is to launch your Adobe Photoshop. Proceed to open an existing file you want to be editing. Or to follow the guide, create a new file that you can use as an example file.

  • Step 2: Add Text

    Select ‘Text tool’ on your Photoshop toolbar and add a text you want to edit into a curve. Otherwise, if you have an existing text, make sure you have selected the right layer.

  • Step 3a: Warp Text

    Click the ‘Create warped text’ icon in the toolbar when the text layer is chosen and the ‘Text tool’ is active. Select the ‘Arc’ style in the Warp Text window, check the Horizontal option, and set the bend value to the percentage you see fit. Select ‘OK’ to commit the edit.

  • Step 3b: Use Smart Objects

    With the text layer chosen, navigate to ‘Layer,’ ‘Smart Objects,’ and finally ‘Convert to Smart Object.’ Then, after that has been applied to the current text layer, click on ‘Edit’ at the top menu bar, click ‘Transform’ and then finally select ‘Warp’. Drag your mouse over the warp grid’s anchor points. When you are finished, go to the toolbar and click the commit transform symbol.


What is a tone curve in Photoshop?

The tone curve is one of the most important tools for photographers since it can be used to make tonal modifications such as lightening and adding contrast to your image.

How do you arc in Photoshop?

Place the Pen tool cursor at the desired endpoint of the arc curve, then hold down the mouse button and drag in the opposite direction of the previous direction line to produce a C-shaped curve, and then release when satisfied with the produced shape.

How do I make text stylish in Photoshop?

Launch Photoshop, go to the type tool and choose myriad-pro font lite after selecting a text layer, enter the layer settings, pick a gradient, and build a new gradient by selecting the desired color.

How do I make text wavy in Photoshop?

To make your text wavy, select the layer containing your Smart Object, then go to ‘Filters,’ ‘Distort,’ and lastly click on ‘Wave’ to produce the desired wavy text effect.

How do you use text effects in PSD?

Begin by creating a new text layer with the ‘Text’ tool and choose the layer, then right-click it and select ‘Blending Options’.