How to Draw/ Crop in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has many design tools you can easily use to draw a design or to crop a specific image. Be familiar with these tools so that you can work on your design efficiently by read this article.  how-to-draw-crop-in-adobe-illustrator-header

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How to Draw/ Crop in Adobe Illustrator

Want to draw a unique shape for your artwork or need to crop an image in your Illustrator? Simply follow these steps we provide for you to be productive in your design project.

  • Step 1: Choose the Shape You Want to Draw

    In the Tool bar, you will see different types of shapes that you can draw in your document. Choose from Rectangle, Star, Ellipse, and other shapes based on your needs and preferences.


  • Step 2: Use the White Selection Tool

    After you draw a shape, select the shape. Then, use the White Selection Tool to modify the look of the shape by dragging the anchor points at the corners of the shape.


  • Step 3: Use the Pen Tool

    You can also draw while using the Pen Tool. Fill in some colors for your design or artwork, then use the Pen Tool to place some points to connect and drag to make a certain shape for your drawing.


  • Step 4: Use the Brush Tool

    Another tool that you can use to draw is the Brush Tool. Use the Brush tool for hand-lettering designs or illustrations.


  • Step 5: Open the Properties Panel to Crop an Image

    If you want to crop an image or artwork, look for the Properties panel in your Illustrator. Then, click the Crop Image option under the Quick Actions.


  • Step 6: Drag and Hold the Corner to Crop

    Crop the image or artwork by dragging and holding the top corner or any corner. When you’re done dragging the corner, click Apply.



Can you draw on Adobe Illustrator?

Yes and you can draw freehand or trace over an image by yourself.

What kinds of AI tools to use in drawing?

The AI tools you can use in drawing are Pen tool, Shape tool, Brush tool, and White Selection Tool.

Where is the cropping tool in Adobe Illustrator?

Select an image first before you see the cropping tool, and then, you will notice it in the Control Panel at the top of the screen below the menu bar.

How to freehand crop an image?

Choose the image you want to crop using the Selection Tool, click the Crop Image button in the tool settings menu, crop the image freehand or you can input a numerical value, and then, tap the Apply button.