How to Embed Fonts in PDF

If your Adobe PDF file is not printing properly, you might have to embed fonts in your PDF to improve the output quality when printed on paper. Embedding fonts to your PDF documents will help ensure that all font details are registered in the file. how-to-embed-fonts-in-pdf

How to Embed Fonts in PDF

PDFs are great, but there are just times when your file does not seem to get in print the way it is expected to be, and yet, you need not worry so much about what could have gone wrong and follow these steps, because for all know you, you might just need to embed fonts in it and that is all there is.

  • Step 1: Open PDF FileHow to Embed Fonts in PDF - Step 1

    Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro. To do this, go to the “File” options menu and select “Open.” Now, search through the file from the dialog box, click on it, and click the “Open” button.

  • Step 2: Click File and Select PrintHow to Embed Fonts in PDF - Step 2

    Now that you have the file loaded, you can begin working on the project by primarily going to the “File” menu again. This time, click the “Print” prompt from the drop-down list.

  • Step 3: Set the Printer to Adobe PDF and Click on PropertiesHow to Embed Fonts in PDF - Step 3

    At this point, you should be in the “Print” dialog box. From there, head over to “Printer” and set it to “Adobe PDF.” Afterward, select “Properties” right next to it. In the “Properties Settings,” set the default to “High-Quality Print.”

  • Step 4: Go to Edit to Check on High-Quality Print SettingsHow to Embed Fonts in PDF - Step 4

    In the same window, click on “Edit” to set the “High-Quality Print – Adobe PDF Settings.” A new window will pop up, and in this window, you should click “Embed All Fonts.” Make sure that the box next to it is ticked. When you are done, go to “Save As” and click on it. Doing so will save the settings you just configured. Click “OK” in this window, and click “OK” again in the “Properties” dialog box.

  • Step 5: Click Print and Save the File

    By now, you should be back in the “Print” dialog box. Click the “OK” button at the bottom. The “Save PDF File As” will pop up where you can save the new file by doing the same process as you do every time you need to save one.


Why do you need to embed fonts in a PDF?

Embedding fonts in your PDF file helps you to get a great quality print.

Why is the embedded font not showing up in PDF?

Should this happen, there might be an issue with the PDF font mapping.

How can the missing embedded fonts be fixed?

Just go to “Tools,” click on “Print Production,” select the “PDF Fixups” option on the “Preflight” window, tick “Embed Missing Fonts,” click the “Analyze and Fix” button to embed any unembedded fonts, and save the new PDF file.

What should be done if the embedded fonts in Acrobat are appearing as dots?

On your Acrobat homepage, go to “File,” click on “Properties,” and select “Fonts” but you need to make sure that you set all on an embedded or embedded subset.