How to Image Trace on Adobe Illustrator

If you want to convert your image into vector format for high-quality printing or make an infinitely scalable artwork, image trace can help you to vectorize your image for your design project. High-quality artwork and images are fundamental for businesses, organizations, and professionals in order to fully demonstrate their brand, products, and other services to their target audience. In this article, learn how to easily image trace on Adobe Illustrator. how-to-image-trace-on-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Image Trace on Adobe Illustrator

Artists and graphic designers use the Image Trace feature in Illustrator to turn their hand drawings and raster images into vector images. Below are easy steps that you can follow if you want to trace something like an outline, edit vector art or even add a personal style to make your design enticing to the public.

  • Step 1: Open the Image

    Go to Adobe Illustrator. Then, open your desired image for image tracing.

  • Step 2: Navigate to Window > Image Trace

    Search for the Window menu and select the Image Trace option. Select your image, and check the Preview box so that you can preview the effect.

  • Step 3: Select Mode Based on Your Needs and Preferences

    In the Image Trace panel under the Mode option, choose between color, grayscale, or black and white. Select the mode that best suits your preferences and requirements of your artwork or design.

  • Step 4: Adjust Other Options in the Image Trace Panel

    Take some time to adjust other options necessary for your work. You may adjust the colors slider, or click the advanced options to adjust other options like paths, corners, noise, etc.

  • Step 5: Save the Image as Vector Format

    If you’re done with the image trace options, click the Expand button. Then, save your image in vector format in AI, EPS, or PDF file format.


What is the purpose of image trace in Adobe Illustrator?

The purpose of image trace in Adobe Illustrator is to easily and quickly convert an image to vector format for professional quality printing at any size.

What is the best way to trace an image in Illustrator?

Choose the source image and open the Image Trace panel if you open Window > Image Trace or you may select a preset from the Control Panel or the Properties panel.

How to trace a PNG in Illustrator?

Use the Selection Tool to select the image file, open the Image Trace menu when you navigate to Window > Image Trace, and choose a color from the Mode drop down if your PNG image has color.

Why is image trace not working in Illustrator?

Image Trace will be grayed out of it is a vector file so create a new Illustrator file, choose File > Place, search the image you need to trace, and place it into the Illustrator file.