How to Make Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator

Vector artwork is a type of art created using vector graphics. Vector graphics are images developed with mathematical formulas and they look more clear and more vivid compared to the raster artwork. In this article, learn how to easily make vector art in Adobe Illustrator. how-to-make-vector-art-in-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Make Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator

Made up of points or coordinates on a screen, vector graphics are mostly used in logo design, line art, 3D renderings, animations, and many other art and design forms. Below are simple steps that you can follow if you need to make vector art in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Step 1: Import Sketch in Illustrator

    Make a sketch that you want to vectorize. After that, import the sketch into Illustrator, adjust the transparency of the sketch and lock the image.

    Step 2: Use the Shape Tool and Pen Tool

    To trace the sketch, use various shapes such as circles, rectangles, and other shapes. Use the Pen Tool to adjust the shapes according to the sketch.

  • Step 3: Add Colors to the Shapes

    After you draw the overall sketch, you can now color them. Go to Color and add your preferred colors to the shapes.


How to transform an image into a vector in Illustrator?

Select an image, choose an Image Trace Preset, vectorize the image using Image Trace, refine your traced image, ungroup colors, edit the vector image and save it.

Is vector art a graphic design?

Yes, it is used for numerous types of design projects such as graphic design, digital arts and illustration.

What are the advantages of vector art?

The advantages of vector art incudes being scalable without losing its image quality, being compressed without losing its quality, being small in file size, having adjustable properties, and messy to raster.

Why do vector graphics not lose their image quality?

Vector graphics maintain their high image quality because they are not composed of pixels and are resolution-independent.

What is the difference between vector art and illustrations?

Vector art is an artwork made up of geometric shapes used to make icons, illustrations and web graphics, while illustrations are drawings or images that portray the mood or story of a certain matter.