How to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF

Turn your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to Adobe PDF to save time when presenting it or sending it via email. Doing so will also enhance your recipients’ PPT browsing experience and you can assure them to get a better understanding of the shared document. how-to-save-a-powerpoint-as-a-pdf

How to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF

PDFs offer a greater viewing experience for PowerPoint slides on the screen and in print. Unless you need your PPT to be presented in the actual presentation, then you have to have all those effects and animations in your file. But in normal situations such as simply reading its content, then the PDF format is just right.

  • Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Open your Adobe Acrobat Pro software to begin the process. If you do not have it on your desktop, find the app in the “Search” tab. Or, head over to the “Start” menu and navigate.

  • Step 2: Go to the Tools Tab and Click Create PD>how-to-save-a-powerpoint-as-a-pdf-step-01-788x616

    Head over to the “Tools” panel and look for “Create PDF.” You should see this in the “Create and Edit” section. As you click on it, it will take you to the “Create a PDF from Any Format” window.

  • Step 3: Click Single FileHow to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF - Step 2

    From the “Create a PDF from Any Format” window, choose the “Single File” and click on “Select a File” next to it. Afterward, the “Open” dialog box will display for you. In the dialog box, locate the PowerPoint file you want to convert. Click on this and then “Open.”

  • Step 4: Click CreateHow to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF - Step 3

    The file you have selected will be loaded to the “Select a File” prompt and will start converting. This may take a while depending on the file size of your PowerPoint. Once finished, the newly converted PDF file will automatically display. Check if you have all slides converted.

  • Step 5: Save the PDF FileHow to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF - Step 4

    When you are done reviewing the document, go to the “File” menu to begin saving it. From there, click “Save As,” give the file a new name, select the destination folder, and click “Save.”


What is the advantage of a PDF file format over PowerPoint or .pptx?

The PDF file format gives you more ability to integrate a variety of content types such as vector graphics, images, videos, hyperlinks, and interactive fields.

Why is saving as a PDF a good idea?

Saving as PDF enables you to easily distribute or upload your document with anyone as long as they have a PDF reader like Adobe Reader.

Why is PowerPoint saved as PDF without executing such?

This could be caused by accidentally setting your default app to open files of any file format—including PPT—to Adobe Reader DC.

How can PowerPoint be stopped from opening as PDF?

Right-click on your PPT file, select “Open With,” click the app you would like to set as your default program in the “Choose Another App” dialog box, and tick the box that says “Use This App to Open PPT Files,” and click “OK.”

Are PDF files smaller than PowerPoint?

Yes, especially when you select “Compress PDF” by the time you save your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF document as this will further decrease the file size.