How to Zoom In/Zoom Out on Adobe Illustrator

Zooming in or zooming out while working on a specific part of your design is crucial so that you are able to carefully check and modify your design for necessary changes. It is very difficult to work on a design or an illustration without zooming. There are a lot of ways to zoom in or zoom out on Adobe Illustrator, so we recommend that you pay attention to this article as we provide some helpful tips about this matter. how-to-zoom-inzoom-out-on-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Zoom In/Zoom Out on Adobe Illustrator

When creating vector graphics, an artist or designer always uses the zoom-in and zoom-out features in Adobe Illustrator. Doing this allows them to smooth edges in their design and double-check their work, so follow the simple steps to help you in zooming your work:

  • Step 1: Select your Artwork or Image

    Use the Selection tool. Select the artwork or image you want to zoom in or zoom out.

  • Step 2: Use Keyboard Shortcuts or the Zoom Tool

    Typically, you may use keyboard shortcuts such as Command/CTRL + for zoom in or Command/CTRL – for zoom out. Or you may use the Zoom tool to quickly zoom in on your work.

  • Step 3: Zoom Out Using the Zoom Tool

    Try to zoom out your work. Click the Zoom Tool and change it to Zoom Out.

  • Step 4: Select Preview on CPU and Use Zoom Tool

    If you want to zoom in to a specific area in your work, look for the View menu located above your interface. Then, select Preview on CPU (CTRL+E), click the Zoom tool, and drag and hold where you want to closely edit your design.

  • Step 5: Go to View > Zoom

    Go to the View menu then select Zoom In or Zoom Out. Click multiple times if you want to zoom in on a large scale.


How to change the zoom settings in Adobe Illustrator?

Go to Preferences > GPU Performance and then change the zoom settings based on your needs and preferences.

What is animated zoom in AI?

This feature enables you to zoom smoothie in AI, and you can see this when you head to the Illustrator menu > Preferences > Performance.

How to quickly drag and zoom in Illustrator?

Drag the mouse while clicking and pressing the “Z” key.