Apple Keynote

For stunning and professional presentations, Apple Keynote is an excellent alternative to the usual Microsoft PowerPoint. Both professionals and students can use Keynote for all kinds of presentation needs, whether it be a lecture or a portfolio. 

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What Is Apple Keynote?

Apple first came out with the initial version of Keynote in January of 2003. The presentation software application combines text, animation, graphics and other media to help users create slideshows. Keynote is a free application that runs on both macOs and iOS.

Apple Keynote Definition

Apple Keynote is a slideshow software program designed by Apple, Inc. and makes up one-third of Apple’s iWork productivity suite.

Features of Apple Keynote

Dynamic Themes

Apple Keynote boasts an attractive library of 40 preset themes to help users come up with eye-catching slideshow presentations. With the wide selection of themes and ready-made templates available, you can create captivating presentations in no time!  

Live Video

With Apple Keynote, you can easily insert live video feeds into any slide- perfect for instructional videos and lectures! You can even add videos from YouTube or Vimeo and play them in your presentation without having to open a separate media player! 

Seamless Collaboration

Make team collaboration more efficient with Apple Keynote. Colleagues and teammates can instantly view and edit a presentation once it’s added to a shared iCloud Drive folder.

Instant Alpha

Refine and customize images the way you want it with Apple Keynote’s Instant Alpha tool. This feature allows you to remove unnecessary backgrounds or colors to create a more transparent image.

Apple Remote

With Apple Remote, you can have total control of your presentation. Proceed at your own pace when you control the deck from your Mac, iPad or iPhone. 

Apple Keynote – Uses, Purpose, Importance

Apple Keynote makes an excellent tool for creating slideshow presentations. If you’re not convinced, the following reasons may help you to see otherwise.

Professional Presentations

Impress your audience with a sleek and professional-looking presentation. Apple Keynote is a user-friendly program that helps even non-designers create stunning slideshows. The program offers a number of custom-made themes and templates all designed by Apple.  

Apple Integration

Apple is famous for its knack for integration. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, you can sync and control your Keynote presentation from any of these devices. And with multiple devices, you can edit and modify your slideshow from wherever you are!   

Microsoft PowerPoint Compatibility

Apple Keynote makes it easier to transition from MS PowerPoint to Keynote. You can easily save and export your presentation as a PPT file. Likewise, you can also import and edit your PowerPoint presentation using Apple Keynote. 

Visual Aids

A well-designed slideshow can help convey your message and other important information with greater impact. Apple Keynote is an effective visual aid tool that can be used to achieve that goal. Visual aids have been proven to help audiences better comprehend and even retain information. .

Interactive Effects

Keynote offers a wide range of tools and effects that you can incorporate into your presentation. From dynamic backgrounds to stunning color gradients to custom animation, elevate your presentations easily! Apple Keynote helps you create more interactive presentations too by turning text, images, videos, shapes and other objects into clickable links!

Apple Keynote Parts

Keynote Homepage

When you open Keynote on your device, you’ll immediately land on the homepage with the option to create a presentation or browse recent and saved files. If you opt to create a new presentation, you’ll be prompted to choose a theme or start an outline. 

Play Button

The icon next to the undo button is the play option. Once you’re done designing or you just want to see a preview of your work, click this button to play your presentation.

Slide Format

Customize each slide when you select the paintbrush icon on the main toolbar. You can change the layout and appearance of your presentation, one slide at a time.

Add Objects

Conveniently add charts, tables, photos, videos, audio recordings and even drawings to your slideshow when you click the plus icon. To customize the object or add a transition, simply select it.  


Invite other people to collaborate on your Keynote presentation when you select the Add People icon. Share your presentation easily and control who gets to have access to your file.  

Apple Keynote vs PowerPoint

Apple Keynote is a slideshow software program designed by Apple, Inc. that lets users create presentations and other visuals.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software application that is used to create slideshows, lectures, visual decks, etc.

See a more informative comparison in the table below.

Apple Keynote

Microsoft PowerPoint

HistoryThe initial release of Apple Keynote was on January 7, 2003.Microsoft PowerPoint’s initial release date was on May 22, 1990.
Uses Apple Keynote has multiple features that enables users to create presentations, make use of themes and templates, add media, and customize objects to a slide presentation.Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow software program that lets users create and customize presentations with a wide variety of tools.
CostApple Keynote comes pre-installed in all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) but is also free to download on the App Store.A Microsoft 365 subscription costs $69.99 per year. But in addition to Microsoft PowerPoint, you also get full access to other Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Access.
AvailabilityApple Keynote runs on iOS and macOS and is accessible on Mac computers, iPhones, and iPad.Microsoft PowerPoint is available to use on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

Apple Keynote Ideas and Tips 

Get to know the different tips and ticks on how to fully maximize Apple Keynote to reap all its benefits and advantages.

Watch Apple Keynote

You can create and present slideshows using Keynote. Figure out how to watch Apple Keynote presentations in just a few simple steps.

Use Apple Keynote

Like any app, you need to learn the ropes in order to appreciate it better. Learn how to use Apple Keynote to maximize its benefits. 

Control Keynote Presentations with Apple Watch

Apple integration is a helpful feature that allows you to control presentations from any device! With just a few basic steps, learn how to control Keynote presentations with your Apple Watch.

Use Apple Keynote Live Video to Stream

You can add live video feeds in your presentations. Know how to use Apple Keynote live video to stream what you want and when you want!

Insert a Video in Apple Keynote

Videos can make your presentation more captivating and interactive. All you need to do is learn how to insert a video in Apple Keynote.

Automatically Play, Loop or Restart a Slideshow in Apple Keynote

Learning how to automatically play, loop or restart a slideshow in Apple Keynote is one of the most essential functions you need to know.

Create Your First Apple Keynote Presentation

It’s never too late to acquaint yourself with new software. Learn how to create your first Apple Keynote presentation in just a few simple steps! 

Download Apple Keynote for Free

Apple Keynote is available to download for both iOS and Android users! Know how to download Apple Keynote for free by following some basic steps.

Get Apple Keynote for Windows

No need to fret if you’re a Microsoft user. You can enjoy the app when you learn how to get Apple Keynote for Windows.

Add Music or Soundtrack in Apple Keynote

Audio and video can elevate your presentation. Learn how to add music or soundtrack in Apple Keynote for a more engaging presentation.

Change the Order and Timing of Builds in Apple Keynote

Figure out how to change the order and timing of builds in Apple Keynote correctly and efficiently.

Add Animations in Apple Keynote

Keynote allows you to create interactive presentations. Learn the steps on how to add animations in Apple Keynote for a more captivating slideshow.

Convert PowerPoint to Apple Keynote

With the MS PowerPoint compatibility feature, you can easily learn how to convert PowerPoint to Apple Keynote files.

Completely Remove Apple Keynote on Mac

If you’re unsatisfied with the app, you can learn how to completely remove Apple Keynote on Mac.

Undo Changes in Apple Keynote

Made a mistake? Knowing how to undo changes in Apple Keynote is key.

Add Pictures and Backgrounds in Apple Keynote

With Keynote’s collection of dynamic backgrounds, it’s important to learn the steps on how to add pictures and backgrounds in Apple Keynote.

Add a Highlight Effect to Text in Apple Keynote

Emphasize your message and properly learn how to add a highlight effect to text in Apple Keynote.

Print Apple Keynote Slides/Notes

Need to print out your presentation? Know how to print Apple Keynote slides/notes easily and conveniently.

Create a Scrolling Text Effect in Apple Keynote

Keynote boasts dozens of transition and animation effects. Learn how to create a scrolling text effect in Apple Keynote for a more interactive presentation. 

Create a PDF Handout or Outline of Your Apple Keynote Slideshow

Once you know how to create a PDF handout or outline of your Apple Keynote slideshow, you can easily disseminate information.

Delete a Table in Apple Keynote

Learn the basics on how to delete a table in Apple Keynote just in case you commit an error.

Add or Remove Rows and Columns in Apple Keynote

Learning how to add or remove rows and columns in Apple Keynote is helpful if you use tables and charts for business presentations.

Make Hyperlinks in Apple Keynote

Learn the basics on how to make hyperlinks in Apple Keynote so you can easily access related resources in your slides.

Create a Digital Menu Board with Apple Keynote

Design next-level menus when you learn the steps on how to create a digital menu board with Apple Keynote.

Create Instagram Stories with Apple Keynote

Learn how to create Instagram stories with Apple Keynote and make your post stand out from the rest!

Recover Deleted/Unsaved Apple Keynote Files

Knowing how to recover deleted/unsaved Apple Keynote files can come in handy if you accidentally moved a document to trash.

Restore Previous Versions of Docs for Apple Keynote

Did you change your mind? Learn how to restore previous versions of docs for Apple Keynote in just a few simple steps.

Change the Default Font in Apple Keynote

Experiment with different styles and learn how to change the default font in Apple Keynote.

Insert Footnotes in Apple Keynote

With just a few basic steps, it’s easy to learn how to insert footnotes in Apple Keynote.

Open Apple Keynote Files on Windows

Apple Keynote makes it more convenient for users to import and export PPT files. Learn how to open Apple Keynote files on Windows with more ease!

Rotate Text/Shapes in Apple Keynote

Customizing objects is made easier with Keynote! Familiarize yourself with the steps on how to rotate text/shapes in Apple Keynote.

Open and Convert PDF in Apple Keynote

Learn the basic steps on how to open and convert PDF in Apple Keynote so you’ll know what to do when the time comes.

Make a Timeline in Apple Keynote

Add any type of chart, diagram, or graph to your presentation. You can even learn how to make a timeline in Apple Keynote with just a few simple steps. 


What type of software is Apple Keynote?

Apple Keynote is a presentation software application.

Why do we need an Apple Keynote?

Apple Keynote is an excellent tool for creating and designing presentations.

How does collaboration work in Keynote?

Keynote works on iCloud and can be synced and accessed across all Apple devices.

What is the point of Apple Keynote?

Apple Keynote helps you make presentations and slideshows.

What does Keynote do on a Mac?

Keynote is Mac’s primary presentation-making tool.

Is Keynote free for Apple?

Yes, Keynote is free for Mac users and Apple devices.

Where do Keynote files get saved?

Files are automatically saved to your Recents folder, your preferred folder, or on iCloud.

What is special about Keynote?

Keynote has similar functions to Microsoft PowerPoint but it has a much more minimalist interface.

Do Keynote presentations automatically save?

Yes, Keynote presentations are automatically saved as you work.

What makes an effective Apple Keynote?

An effective Apple Keynote presentation is clear, eye-catching, and it contains engaging content.

How do you get bullet points on Keynote?

In the Format option, select the text tab then the Style button to add bullet points.