Apple Motion

Video and film production are just some of the notable pillars of Apple Motion. And with more and more people getting into video editing, Motion offers a wide range of tools for creatives and professionals.

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What Is Apple Motion?

The first version of Apple Motion was made available on August 11, 2004. Apple Motion is an animation and visual effects application designed by Apple. The application is available on macOS 11.5.1 or newer.

Apple Motion Definition

Apple Motion is a motion graphics and compositing application designed and developed by Apple, Inc. 

Features of Apple Motion

Animated Effects

Apple Motion has a collection of over 200 motion and simulation behaviors to help users animate anything from graphics to video clips. Spin, Throw, Orbit, and Dolly are just some of these behaviors.  

Motion Text

Create animated sequences and 3D text with Apple Motion’s capacity to set text in motion. Further customize the motion text and play around with its texture and lighting.

Filter Effect

With close to 300 filters available, you can create visual effects for all your film and video needs. Apple Motion also offers advanced compositing tools and color key effects.

3D Graphics

Apple Motion enables users to create impressive 3D motion graphics for video commercials, title sequences and other similar projects.. You can even apply a 360° video effect to your projects.  

Final Cut Pro Integration

Apple Motions is designed to integrate seamlessly with Final Cut Pro, another application developed by Apple. You can conveniently create customized effects, titles, and transitions that work in Final Cut Pro.  

Apple Motion – Uses, Purpose, Importance

Apple Motion can be a complicated software to work with especially if you have no experience with motion graphics applications. But if you have the desire to learn and immerse yourself in video and film production, you’ll discover that Motion really does have important uses. 

Film and Video Production

Apple Motion is a great tool for video creation and production. With a host of functions and effects in its toolbox, users can create videos with dazzling visuals and animations. Whether it’s a commercial intro or a title sequence, Motion lets you create and customize your own production.  


The complex process of animation involves a great deal of compositing. Apple Motions makes it possible to layer and combine multiple elements to come up with a single image. Compositing is a crucial technique used in film and photography.

Vibrancy and Depth

Apple Motion makes it possible for users to create high quality 3D models and motion graphics. The program’s wide range of functions and behaviors can help your film projects come alive with dynamic and vibrant effects. You can also add more depth to your design by animating 3D objects. 

Video Editing

Social media has birthed a new generation of content creators and influencers. Because of this, more people are beginning to discover the value of video editing and production. With Apple Motion, you can come up with creative content to share with your followers on multiple social media platforms. 

Parts of Apple Motion


Apple Motion comes with a collection of built-in generators or templates. When users select the generator function, they can choose from a wide variety of textures, objects and backgrounds. 

Content Compositing

Apple Motion carries a wide array of tools and functions for content creation and composition. These functions allow you to render both 2D and 3D projects. 


Keyframes enable users to have more control and precision over elements in their project. You’ll also find a transform box when you select the keyframe function on Apple Motion. 


Apple Motion boasts an impressive library of motion, simulation and camera-move behaviors. These behaviors or animation effects are arranged alphabetically in the Library located at the left side of the screen.   

Apple Motion vs Apple Final Cut Pro 

Apple Motion is a motion graphics application that is primarily used for creating animation and a range of visual effects.

Apple Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing tool that is exclusive for Mac users and it operates on macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 or newer.

A more detailed comparison of the two Apple software can be found in the table below.

Apple Motion

Apple Final Cut Pro

HistoryThe first version of Apple Motion was officially out on 11 August 2004.The first released of Final Cut Pro was on 21 June 2011.
 Uses/FeaturesSome of the main uses of Apple Motion includes motion graphics creation and manipulation; video production titling; animation and visual effects; 2D and 3D compositing Apple Final Cut Pro has several state-of-the-art features including non-linear video editing; 2D and 3D titling; visual effects; Magnetic timeline; closed captioning
CostApple Motion costs $49.99 and is available for purchase on the App Store.Apple Final Cut Pro’s price tag is a one-time purchase of $299.99.
AvailabilityThe Apple Motion program runs only on Mac and not yet available for Windows and Android.Apple Final Cut Pro is available only for Mac users and Apple devices.

Apple Motion Tips and Tricks

If you really want to maximize Apple Motion as an application, the best thing to do is to familiar yourself with all it has to offer. This section offers a ton of helpful tips and tricks that you can apply when using Apple Motion.

Make a Longer Timeline in Apple Motion

Customize the length and duration of your video when you learn the basics on how to make a longer timeline in Apple Motion. 

Add Audio to an Analog Modulator in Apple Motion

Sound is a basic requirement in video. Learn how to add audio to an analog modulator in Apple Motion in just a few steps. 

Add Sound in Apple Motion

Make your motion graphics come to life with audio! With several steps, you can learn how to add sound in Apple Motion.

Use Luma Transition in Apple Motion

Make seamless transitions with Motion’s dozens of tools. Learn how to use luma transition in Apple Motion easily and effectively!

View Apple Motion Photos in Windows

It can be quite helpful to know how to view Apple Motion photos on Windows especially if you’re not an avid Mac user.

Change Speed in Apple Motion

Control the speed and movement of your graphics when you learn the steps on how to change speed in Apple Motion.

Change Colors in Apple Motion

Customize text and backgrounds for your visual effects with more ease when you familiarize yourself on how to change colors in Apple Motion.

Create a Time-Lapse Effect in Apple Motion

The time lapse effect is popular especially on social media. Learn how to create a time lapse in Apple Motion easily in just a few steps.

Create a Transition in Apple Motion

It’s important to know the basics when using Motion, including transition effects. Learn the steps on how to create a transition in Apple Motion.

Delete Audio in Apple Motion

Don’t fret if you placed the wrong sound or music or if you changed your mind. When you learn how to delete audio in Apple Motion, you can quickly correct this. 

Upscale a Video in Apple Motion

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the countless tools and functions Motion has to offer. Learn the basics on how to upscale video in Apple Motion easily and conveniently!

Convert Apple Motion to Final Cut Pro

Motion is designed to integrate flawlessly with Final Cut Pro. Thus, it’s helpful to know how to convert Apple Motion to Final Cut Pro.

Import a Line in Apple Motion

Shapes and other objects can easily be added to your video presentation, even from external sources. Knowing how to import a line in Apple Motion, for instance, is useful information to have. 

Make a Logo Intro on Apple Motion

Create exceptional business logos with greater ease! Simply learn the steps on how to make a logo intro on Apple Motion.

Make 3D Models in Apple Motion

3D animation is a key feature in Motion. Thus, it’s vital to know how to make 3D models in Apple Motion.

Convert to Slow Motion in Apple Motion

Need to adjust the transition and movement of your video? Just learn how to convert to slow motion in Apple Motion and get it done.

Make Effects in Apple Motion

Add stunning visual effects to any film project! Simply learn the steps on how to make effects in Apple Motion.

Make Product Animation in Apple Motion

Elevate your product and brand marketing when you learn how to make product animation in Apple Motion!

Make Neon Light Flicker in Apple Motion

Neon lights attract attention! Discover the steps on how to make neon light flickers in Apple Motion now.

Motion Track Lightsabers in Apple Motion

Apple Motion allows users to access dozens of effects. For instance, you can learn how to motion track lightsabers in Apple Motion in just a few steps. 

Open Apple Motion Videos in After Effects

With a few easy steps, you can learn the ropes on how to open Apple Motion videos in After Effects.

Reverse Keyframes in Apple Motion

It’s critical to know the basic functions in Motion, including how to reverse keyframes in Apple Motion.

Stack Layers in Apple Motion

Familiarizing yourself with image layering in Motion is vital. Learn how to stack layers in Apple Motion effectively with a few basic steps. 

Track an Object in Apple Motion

Motion tracking is a key feature in Apple Motion. Figure out how to track an object in Apple Motion easily.

Use Apple Motion in Windows

If you don’t own a Mac, it might be helpful to know how to use Apple Motion in Windows.

Use Emitters in Apple Motion

Particle emitters are a special effect you can use in Motion. Learn how to use emitters in Apple Motion correctly in just a few steps.

Use Filters in Apple Motion

Apply all types of filters to your video or film project. Simply learn the steps on how to use filters in Apple Motion.

Reveal Text in Apple Motion

Learn how to reveal text in Apple Motion with a simple step-by-step instruction guide.  

Edit Audio in Apple Motion

Customize the sound in your video by learning how to edit audio in Apple Motion.

Do a Handwriting Effect on Apple Motion

Create a dazzling handwriting effect easily! With a step-by-step tutorial, learn how to do a handwriting effect on Apple Motion. 

Replace an Object in Apple Motion

Instantly change objects and other elements on Apple Motion with ease. Simply learn how to replace objects in Apple Motion.

Make a Slideshow in Apple Motion

Need a quick presentation? Learn how to make a slideshow in Apple Motion in just a few simple steps.

Match Move in Apple Motion

Learn how to match move in Apple Motion and get acquainted with the full range of motion tracking tools.

Morph Words Into Other Words in Apple Motion

Create stunning visual text effects when you learn how to morph words into other words on Apple Motion.


What is Apple Motion Good For?

Apple Motion is good for creating motion graphics and imaging effects for video productions or film projects.

What are the filters in Apple Motion?

There are 300 filters available in Apple Motion including Glow and Strobe.

Can you animate in Apple Motion?

Yes, Apple Motion is designed to animate images, graphics and video clips.

How do you animate on Apple Motion?

Select the Record button or Choose Mark > Record Animation then select the object to animate and drag it accordingly.

What is the motion effect?

Motion effects add transitions and create animations to a video or design.

What is Apple Motion built with?

Apple Motion is built on the CoreText engine.

Why do I need Apple Motion?

Apple Motion is a helpful tool for professional or aspiring video editors and content producers.

What can you create with Apple Motion?

Apple Motion lets users create animated graphics and cinematic visual effects.

How do you adjust the motion effect?

When using Apple Motion, select Motion > Preferences.

What are 3D Models in Apple Motion used for?

3D models are used for various purposes across multiple fields including film, animation, architecture, art, and design.