Apple Numbers

As a spreadsheet application, Apple Numbers helps users organize data in a more efficient manner. The application is a fundamental program of the macOS, iOS, iPadOS and is widely considered as Microsoft Excel’s Apple counterpart.

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What Is Apple Numbers?

Apple first launched Apple Numbers in August of 2007. Along with Apple Pages and Keynote, Apple Numbers is an integral part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite. The spreadsheet application is accessible on iOS and macOS High Sierra and was made available for the iPad in January of 2010.

Apple Numbers Definition

Apple Numbers is an application created by Apple, Inc. that centers on spreadsheet creation and data management.

Features of Apple Numbers 

Pivot Table

Just like Excel, the pivot table is a critical tool to help you better sort and summarize your data. With the pivot table and Apple Number’s Smart Categories feature, you can generate reports automatically and save more time in the process.

Template Library

From checklists to budget sheets, Apple Numbers boasts a collection of predesigned templates. Business and personal finance are made easier when you use a custom-made spreadsheet instead of starting from a blank canvas.


Immediately find what you’re looking for with Numbers’ XLOOKUP feature. You can easily find a specific value no matter how many rows or columns your spreadsheet contains.

Microsoft Excel Compatibility

Apple Numbers allows you to save your document in Excel format. With its seamless compatibility feature, you can easily edit and import your Excel spreadsheet files right in Numbers.

Custom Formatting

Whether it’s a ready-made template or a blank sheet, Apple Numbers makes it easy for you to add and edit any object- whether it be a graph, table, cell or diagram. Customize its layout, colors and conveniently apply any style with the assortment of custom formatting tools.

Apple Numbers – Uses, Purpose, Importance

With the many applications available in the market, why would you consider Apple Numbers as your main spreadsheet application? The following describe the importance and some of the primary uses and purposes of Apple Numbers.

Data Analysis

A key function of Apple Numbers is data management. As a spreadsheet application program, users key in essential information and the application helps them make sense of the numbers, values, or data that is inputted in the spreadsheet. Not only do spreadsheets present data in a more organized way, it gives the user a better opportunity to conduct a thorough and detailed data analysis.

Effortless Calculation

With its broad range of tools and functions, Apply Numbers makes it easy for you to do numerical calculations and make sense of formulas. There is no need to waste time figuring out a sum of an equation, Numbers automatically does it for you. The application is precisely designed to help you perform calculations and solve complex problems.

Budget Tool

Budgeting is a basic skill that people need to have in order to make better financial decisions. Apple Numbers offers a wide range of mathematical tools to help you achieve your desired budget. And with an impressive collection of editable templates, creating one is made even easier and more convenient for users.

Data Visualization

One of the best features of Apple Numbers is its collection of data visualization tools. Many people get discouraged or intimidated at the mere sight of numbers. But if the data or numbers are represented in a bar graph or even a simple diagram, it may help users better comprehend the data.

Balance Sheet Creation

Whether you are looking to generate a financial report or a basic inventory, there’s no question that balance sheets help you manage and organize your data. Like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers offers this basic function and gives you a ton of options to further customize or personalize your balance sheet. You can solve equations, establish patterns, and summarize data all within the same application.

Apple Numbers Parts

Main Toolbar

When you open a new blank sheet on Apple Numbers, you’ll immediately see the main toolbar situated at the top of the page. It comprises several icons that each serve a specific purpose.

Custom Format

A key feature in the main toolbar is the formatting tool. When you select the paintbrush icon, it gives you a wide range of options to customize cells and tables in your spreadsheet. It also enables you to adjust the dimensions and format of the values in your spreadsheet as well.

Data Filter

When you click the icon with the three lines that’s encircled, you’ll see a drop down menu that allows you to sort or arrange the values in your spreadsheet. You can group rows and columns into categories and decide which filters or rules to apply.

Add Objects

You can add a variety of different objects into your document when you select the plus icon on the main toolbar. From tables, 3D graphs, shapes, to photos and video, easily insert objects to your spreadsheet.


Share your work and invite other people to view or edit the spreadsheet when you select the collaboration icon. If you’re the author of the file, you decide who gets partial or full access to the spreadsheet.

Other Settings

When you select the icon with the three dots, you can share, export and print your document. You’ll also find a help icon and you can even send feedback.

Apple Numbers vs Excel

Apple Numbers is as spreadsheet software program that runs on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that’s an essential part of the Microsoft Office lineup of software programs.

You can find a more details in the compare and contrast table below.

Apple Numbers

Histrory : Apple Numbers on OS X was first launched on August 7, 2007.

Pricing : Apple Numbers is free to download on the App Store and is a built-in app on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Features : Apple Numbers has a cleaner and more minimalist user interface with its editing tools grouped together neatly.

Availability  : Apple Numbers is available on iOS and macOS High Sierra or newer.


Histroy : The earliest version of Microsoft Excel was released in 1985.

Pricing : Excel is sold as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions for $69.99/year.

Features : Microsoft Excel is known for its elaborate toolbar located at the top of the document. Its main tools are used for tabulating data, inserting pivot tables and formulas, etc.

Availability : Microsoft Excel is available for Android, iOS, and desktop.

Apple Numbers Tips and Tricks

When using an application like Apple Numbers, it helps to acquaint yourself with the different tools and tricks in order to fully maximize the application’s functions and uses.

Use Apple Numbers

It’s understandable that majority of people would be more familiar with Microsoft Excel. But once you acquaint yourself with how to use Apple Numbers, you’d be surprised how user-friendly it is.

Open Apple Numbers Files in Excel

Apple makes it easy and convenient for users to import and edit Microsoft Excel files in Numbers. Explore this compatibility and learn how to open Apple Numbers files in Excel.

Put Page Numbers in Apple Numbers

Putting page numbers can help you better monitor your pages or sheets. Learn how to put page numbers in Apple Numbers in just a few easy steps.

Create a Calendar in Apple Numbers

Whether from scratch or using a ready-made template, calendar-making is easy once you know how to create a calendar in Apple Numbers.

Make an Invoice in Apple Numbers

Create simple invoices and other financial documents within minutes! With a few simple steps, you can learn how to make an invoice in Apple Numbers quickly and effortlessly!

Merge Cells in Apple Numbers

Organize and format your spreadsheets with greater ease when you learn how to merge cells in Apple Numbers.

Undo/Redo in Apple Numbers

Mistakes are sometimes inevitable, especially when it comes to accounting and finances. Just know how to undo/redo in Apple Numbers and quickly rectify any mistake in your spreadsheet.

Add a Column in Apple Numbers

A spreadsheet consists of rows and columns. It is essential that you learn how to add a column in Apple Numbers when using the application.

Make a Gantt Chart in Apple Numbers

Gantt charts can help you organize your data better. Discover how to make a Gantt chart in Apple Numbers swiftly and properly!

Add or Subtract in Apple Numbers

Mathematical calculations are a basic feature of Apple Numbers. Everything is easy once you know how to add or subtract in Apple Numbers.

Convert Apple Numbers to Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Google Sheets are all similar applications. If you want to export or import files, you need to know how to convert Apple Numbers to Google Sheets.

Sort In/Sort Out in Apple Numbers

Sort and arrange numerical data to make it more organized! Learn how to sort in/ sort out in Apple Numbers in just a number of steps.

Autofill Numbers in Apple Pages

Learning the steps on how to autofill numbers in Apple Numbers can save you a lot of time and energy.

Make a Pie Chart Using Apple Numbers

Pie charts are helpful data analysis tools. Learn how to make a pie chart using Apple Numbers and manage your data efficiently.

Recover Deleted or Unsaved Files in Apple Numbers

Know how to recover deleted or unsaved files in Apple Numbers and never lose progress again!

Round Up Numbers in Apple Numbers

Round up numerical values and create a cleaner-looking spreadsheet when you learn how to round up numbers in Apple Numbers.

Change Font Color on Apple Pages

Customize your spreadsheet the way you want. Know how to change font color on Apple Numbers easily with just a few basic steps.

Insert a Page Break into Apple Numbers

Learn how to insert a page break into Apple Numbers and conveniently keep track of all your spreadsheets.

Convert a CSV File in Apple Numbers

With its compatibility features, you can easily convert files in Apple Numbers. With just a few steps, know how to convert a CSV file in Apple Numbers fast!

Calculate the Percentage Using Apple Numbers

Immediately get the percentage of your numerical values when you know the steps on how to calculate the percentage using Apple Numbers.

Change Headers and Footers Using Apple Numbers

It is helpful to familiarize yourself on how to change headers and footers using Apple Numbers in case the need arises.

Create a Drop Down List in Apple Numbers

Learn how to create a drop down list in Apple Numbers for a more efficient and convenient selection process.

Create a Pivot Table in Apple Numbers

Making use of a pivot table will make it easier for you to summarize data. Know how to create a pivot table in Apple Numbers to maximize the application’s functions.

Create a Timeline in Apple Pages

Discover how to create a timeline in Apple Numbers from scratch or with the help of a sample template!

Do an Array Formula in Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers makes math computations easier! Learn how to do an array formula in Apple Numbers quickly and easily!

Split Text in Apple Numbers

Know how to split text in Apple Numbers in just a few easy steps.

Remove Duplicates in Apple Numbers

Duplicates promote unnecessary redundancy. Learn how to remove duplicates in Apple Numbers swiftly in just a few steps.

Fix Apple Numbers Not Opening

Sometimes, Apple Numbers may have trouble launching. Learn how to fix Apple Numbers not opening and troubleshoot this problem yourself.

Freeze Rows and Columns in Apple Numbers

Learn how to freeze rows and columns in Apple Numbers in only a few basic steps.

Use the Sum Function in Apple Numbers

Addition is one of the most basic functions in Apple Numbers. Know how to use the sum function in Apple Numbers and add values effortlessly!

Link Cells in Apple Numbers

With just a few steps, discover how to link cells in Apple Numbers and combine all sorts of values in your spreadsheet.

Make a Budget with Apple Numbers

Budgeting is made much easier with Apple Numbers. Learn how to make a budget with Apple Numbers from scratch or by using a template.

Make a Line Graph in Apple Numbers

A line graph is just one of the many graphs you can incorporate into your spreadsheet. Know how to make a line graph in Apple Numbers and come up with presentable data.

Transpose in Apple Numbers

Creating multiple equations can seem difficult; but once you learn how to transpose in Apple Numbers, the task becomes much easier!


What kind of program is Apple numbers?

Apple Numbers is a spreadsheet application that runs on macOS operating system.

What is the file extension for Apple Numbers?

Documents and files in Apple Numbers are saved as Numbers Spreadsheet.

How do I write formulas in Apple numbers?

Highlight the values or cells then click Cell Action to select a formula.

What does command D do in Numbers?

It duplicates objects.

What is an Apple Numbers file?

A NUMBERS file is a spreadsheet document created using Apple Numbers.

What are Apple Numbers built with?

Apple Numbers have built-in statistical, financial, numerical, date and time, and other functions.

How do you use shortcuts in Numbers?

It helps to study and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts in Apple Numbers to maximize the application.

What is aligning cell text in Apple numbers?

It is adjusting the text inside the cell to either left, right or centered.

Where does Numbers store files on Mac?

It can be stored in your Recents folder, user library or on iCloud.

What do Numbers files save as?

Users have the option to save Numbers files as PDF, Excel, CSV, TSV and Numbers.