How Do I Make Subscript/Supersrcipt in Apple Pages

When writing chemicals, formulae, and expressions, those working in the mathematical and scientific fields frequently use the subscript and superscript formatting conventions. Compared to the major text, the subscript appears to be somewhat smaller and smaller, and the superscript appears slightly higher and smaller than the primary text (for example, exponent, 8 3).

How Do I Make Subscript/Superscript in Apple Pages

If you need to enter characters that are subscript or superscript on a Mac, you will only notice that the required change of base direction is permitted in OS X Pages or TextEdit. This is the case regardless of which application you choose to use. You also have the ability to alter the basic level of the text that was transmitted higher or lower according to your preferences.

  • Step 1: Select the characters

    You can select one or more characters by clicking in front of the initial character, then dragging across the characters you want to use as a selection tool; if you wish to select a word, double-click the word. Suppose you want to select a paragraph, triple-click on the paragraph. If it’s an item in a list you wish to select, click its bullet, number, or letter. If you want to pick a range of text, you should first click in front of the first character, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and finally, click at the end of the text you select. You have the option of choosing a small or large number of characters.

  • Step 2: Go to the sidebar under Format and select the Style option to change your formatting

    If the text is included within a text box, table, or shape, you must first select the Text tab at the top of the sidebar before selecting the Style button.

  • Step 3: Click the Advanced Options button

    To change the font, go to the Font section and click the Advanced Options button. Next, select either Superscript or Subscript from the Baseline pop-up menu.

  • Step 4: Carry on with a regular text

    If you wish to continue entering regular text right after the character with the superscript or subscript, click exactly after the character with the superscript or subscript, click the Advanced Options button in the sidebar, click the Baseline pop-up menu, and then pick Default from the menu. This will allow you to resume regular typing text immediately after the character with the superscript or subscript.

What happens when you superscript or subscript a character?

By making characters superscript or subscript, the characters will be moved higher or lower and made smaller, which is beneficial for adding certain symbols, such as those for copyright or trademarks.

What is a superscript or subscript?

A character is said to be subscript or superscript when it is placed marginally below or above the baseline of the usual line of type, respectively.

What is one of the reasons why superscripts are used?

When used as a reference marker, a superscript number is placed after a statement, and the footer contains the reference corresponding to the number.

What is an example where a subscript is often used?

Specifying the number of atoms that make up a chemical formula.

What is the keyboard shortcut for superscript?

To create a superscript, hit the Control key, Shift, the Command key, and the Plus sign (+).