How Do I Resize, Rotate, and Flip an Image in Apple Pages

Whether it’s a text box, a picture, or a shape, you’re putting that object where it is for a reason. Making sure the objects you use in your documents created with Pages, Number, or Keynote are shown in the correct manner can make all the difference. Therefore, if you need to resize, rotate, or flip an object in any one of these three applications, this tutorial will show you how to do so on both Mac and iOS. how-do-i-resize-rotate-and-flip-an-image-in-apple-pages

How Do I Resize, Rotate, and Flip an Image in Apple Pages

You have the ability to resize an item either freely, in which case you can change its proportions in any way you desire, or proportionally, in which case you can make it larger or smaller without altering the object’s fundamental shape. You also have the option of giving it particular measurements to use. Any object, with the exception of tables, charts, web videos, and image galleries, can be rotated or flipped.

  • Step 1: Resize an object

    Simply clicking on an item or group of items will pick them for you. If you want to be able to freely adjust the size of the item, make sure that the “Constrain proportions” checkbox, which is located below the Size field in the Arrange tab of the Format sidebar, is deselected. Then, drag a selection handle located on the top, bottom, or sides of the item (but not a corner) to choose the desired portion of the object. If you want to change the size of the item while maintaining its proportions, make sure the “Constrain proportions” checkbox (which is located underneath Size) is checked. After that, move a corner selection handle in a diagonal direction.


  • Step 2: Rotate an object

    Simply clicking on the object will select it, or you may do it numerous times. Click the Arrange tab that is located in the Format sidebar. The angle at which you want the item to be rotated may then be specified by dragging the Rotate wheel or entering a degree value into the area that is adjacent to it.


  • Step 3: Flip an object

    Click the Arrange tab that is located in the Format sidebar. To flip the object either vertically or horizontally, click the corresponding button that is located beside the Rotate wheel.



How do you know if an object is locked?

If you do not see white squares surrounding the item, it means that the object is locked; in order to resize it, you will first need to unlock it.

Can groups be resized freely?

It is only possible to resize groups proportionally if those groups contain specific items.

What happens if you rotate or flip an object with text?

If a shape has text, then the text will move along with the form if you rotate or flip the shape.

How do you keep the text on an object horizontal when trying to rotate or flip an object with text?

By selecting Format > Reset Text and Object Handles, you may change it so that only the text is horizontal again.

How do you rotate an object on your iPad?

To rotate an item, first choose the object you want to rotate, and then use two fingers to turn the object in the desired rotational direction.