How to Add a Border on Apple Pages

A lot of individuals prefer their documents with borders. Borders can be a critical element as some companies present their identities with a logo and border.

How to Add a Border on Apple Pages

Adding borders on apple pages has some complex procedures you need to follow to ensure you don’t spend too much time adding borders. This article will guide you to generate borders on your documents with easy-to-understand steps.

  • Step 1: Add Shape

    First things first, you need to add the shape of your border and drag it to your document. Click the shape icon to see the dropdown menu, providing you with various shapes to enable you to choose your border shape preferences.

  • Step 2: Resize the Shape

    After choosing a shape, you will then resize the shape. Drag the corners until it fills up the whole document. If you see your contents going to the next page, leave it for a moment since we have to edit the shape to allow the contents to merge inside the shape.

  • Step 3: Create the Border

    To create the borderline, you must first use the sidebar and click the style icon. After that, the style icon shows multiple toolbars. One of the toolbars is the fill tool. You will need to click it to see the dropdown menu, then select no fill. You will also need to click the border and line button. By doing so, you will see the results, which is the border. You are also given various styles of lines.

  • Step 4: Set Text Wrap

    In this step, it’s time to put the contents back to where they were. To do that, you will need to click the arrange button, which you can find in the sidebar. After clicking it, you will then see a text wrap bar. You need to click it to see the dropdown menu and choose the options none. That way, your content will go back to the first page and will not be affected by your shape or border editing activities.

  • Step 5: Set Border to all Pages

    After all those steps, you now have your border. The last step will be to ensure the borders are on all pages of your documents. You can do so by clicking the arrange button above. You will be prompt with choices. You will need to choose the last option, which is section masters. After that, you will select the “move object to section master” button.


How do you put a frame around a picture in pages?

You will need to add a shape, drag the shape to resize, click the style button in the sidebar, click the fill bar to see the drop-down menu and select no fill, choose lines in the border button, and go to arrange button to set the text wrap to none.

Why do people use borders in their documents?

Borders help individuals present design and professionalism to the readers, which boosts engagement and quality.

What is the advisable border style?

The advisable borderline style is a minimalist border to display an innovative and professional appearance.