How to Add Animations in Apple Keynote

Animations are critical elements when creating a presentation using keynote. Animations add quality to the presentation and boost engagement which is required when reporting.  how-to-add-animations-in-apple-keynote

How to Add Animations in Apple Keynote

Animating objects and shapes in a document is not an easy thing. It requires effort and knowledge in animation to grasp the whole project, especially for beginners, so we prepared these easy steps for you. 

  • Step 1: Add Shapes

    First, you will need to add shapes for your presentation. To add shapes, you will need to click the shape icon above your sheet. After clicking the shape icon, you will a drop-down menu with multiple options of shapes. There are shapes such as people, science, geometry, animals, etc., so you do not need to create them manually if you need them.

  • Step 2: Edit Shapes

    You will need to edit shapes such as color, size, and style. Click your shape, and you will see the sidebar tool with multiple options, such as the style button, text button, and arrange button. If you want to color your shape you will need to click the style button. If you click the text button, you can edit the contents or texts in your presentation, and if you click arrange you can edit more than one shape.

  • Step 3: Click Animate Button

    After you arrange your shapes, you will need to go to the animation options. To do that, you need to click the icon with a double-diamond shape. After clicking that, you will be brought to the animating tools section. You can see more options regarding animation, such as the build-in and build-out bars.

  • Step 4: Determine the Duration

    After going to the animation section, you are presented with various animation options to start animating your shapes. The build-in and build-out section both allows you to set the duration and its transition method. To do so, you will need to click the down arrow beside the no build in/out effect button. That way, you can see the drop-down of animation types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are animations important?

Animations play a critical role in presentations as it allows the presenter to develop an engaging and more elaborative presentation, boosting the attraction of the audience.

Is apple Keynote convenient to use?

Apple keynote has multiple digital tools and features you can use to develop presentations with ease; however, a lot of beginners might find it challenging to navigate tools and other features; so they will need a tutorial.

Are animations hard?

Animation is challenging when you know nothing about it; although that is the case, you can still create an animation since there are basics and beginner-level animations.

Can you animate objects in Keynote?

Yes, you can animate objects in keynote since it has animation tools you can use for your presentations if you prefer a presentation with live animations.

Why do people use Keynote?

People use apple keynote since it has convenient features and tools that allow the users to do more, experiment with their skills, and exhibit quality and professionalism to the audience.