How to Change Font Color on Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers allows you to change font colors, which is a natural activity that you can face, especially when working for documents-independent companies. Font colors will help you determine and group words, making them easy to navigate and read.

How to Change Font Color on Apple Numbers

Changing font colors may be easy; however, there are a few ways you need to know to ensure your font editing goes smoothly and efficiently. Having a guide Hence, we provide steps below so you can have a guide with your document generations.

  • Step 1: Navigate Toolbar


    After choosing a sheet template, you will need to click the table first to be prompted with the side toolbar. In the side toolbar, you can see various controls such as table, cell, text, and arrange. That way, you can see various options, allowing you to design your fonts and even borders.

  • Step 2: Click Cell

    After clicking the cell button, you are shown a dropdown menu with buttons such as font style, size, and color. You can see a bar indicating a color; you can click that to be prompted with more colors and choose the color you prefer for your font size. This step will be the last step you need if you only intend to color font in a single cell. If you prefer to color fonts in multiple cells, proceed to step 3.

  • Step 3: Drag the Mouse Cursor

    Simply clicking the cell and font color button only affects a single cell. If you prefer the same color in multiple cells, you have to drag the tiny white bubble line indicator to your designated cell count. After that, you have to click the cell button again to see the drop-down menu.

  • Step 4: Choose the Color of Your Choice Again

    Since you prefer multiple cells to have the same color, this is the last step you need. After clicking the cell again, you will need to click the color indicator which you see a rectangle with smooth ends. Then again, after clicking that color button you can see multiple colors.


Why do you need a font color function?

Documents are critical items in multiple industries, they help individuals record and write content and visual presentations for various purposes, and the font color function assists writers to assign colors to specific words to group or make titles.

Why do people use Apple Numbers?

As we all know, a lot of people use MacBooks, iPad, or iPhones, and Apple Numbers provide innovative spreadsheets for work and planners and enable multiple convenient functions, enabling apple users to have smooth usage.

How do I change cell color in Mac Numbers?

You can change the cell color in Mac Numbers by first opening a sheet template, clicking the sheet for the sidebar to prompt, in the sidebar tool you can cell button, click the cell button to see the drop-down menu, and choose a color in the color toolbar.

Is there a tutorial for Apple Numbers?

This article is a tutorial on how to change font color in your Apple Numbers, but you can find a lot of them online depending on what you need to learn.