How to Make Hyperlinks in Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote provides features that turn text or certain objects, such as lines, shapes, images, and more, into a link that directs to another slide, opens a website or an email message, or calls a phone number. Users can also edit the link text or destination or remove them to revert the text to a normal text. how-to-make-hyperlinks-in-apple-keynote

Hyperlinks in Keynote slideshows enable presenters to convey information outside their presentation onto a website or other location in the Keynote file. Hyperlinking can set a presentation to be an interactive demonstration of data which is useful in a kiosk setting where only one application is allowed to run.

  • Step 1: Open the Document or Presentation You Want to Edit

    Click on the Keynote icon on your dock. A list of your previously made presentations will be displayed on a menu bar.

  • Step 2: Highlight the Text for Your Hyperlink

    Select a bit of text you want to turn into a link by highlighting and then right-clicking on it to display a drop-down menu. Then select the Add Link option to choose the destination of the link.

  • Step 3: Specify the Details for Destination

    After clicking Add Link, another menu will appear. You can choose the destination of the link which can be to a slide, webpage, email, phone number, or exit the slideshow, then enter the URL you want to link in the dialogue box.

  • Step 4: Test the Hyperlink if It’s Working

    Click on the Go to Page button to see if the link is working, and it would direct you to a Presentation View of the page. The linked text is underlined and a link button, which looks like a curved arrow, appears next to text or objects that are linked.


What happens when I add a phone number as a hyperlink?

A hyperlinked phone number will allow you to call it when clicked and allows you to show the name of the business or person the number belongs to or other text you want your readers to see.

What will be shown when I hyperlink an email?

Hyperlinking an email will allow you to open an email message pre-addressed with the address you provided in the To field and will show the text when you enter information in the Display field like a recipient’s name but not his entire email address.

How can I edit or remove a link?

To edit or remove a link, click the linked text or the link button on the linked object, make your changes or click Remove in the link editor, and when done, you can click the slide to close the link editor.

Will the link text disappear when I remove the link?

The link text will be retained but the link formatting is removed and the link will no longer be active.

Does Keynote detect when a URL is valid?

Yes, Keynote can detect valid web addresses or URLs and email addresses and then styles them to indicate that they are active links, but phone numbers are not formatted as links by default so users will need to turn on automatic formatting for phone numbers to show that they are active links.