How to Open Apple Numbers File in Excel

When it comes to Apple Numbers, one of the most common reservations Microsoft Excel users have is the issue of compatibility. Thankfully, Apple Numbers has made it simple and more accessible for users to import and export Excel files.  how-to-open-apple-numbers-file-in-excel

How to Open Apple Numbers File in Excel

If you want to be certain that you can open your Apple Numbers file using Excel in the future, make sure to follow the basic step-by-step guide below.

  • Step 1: Create or Edit a Document

    Select an existing document or start a new spreadsheet then edit it as needed. You do not have to worry about constantly saving your document because Apple Numbers automatically saves it for you as you work.

  • Step 2: Export the Document


    Once you are done with your spreadsheet, head on over to the main toolbar at the top of the screen and click on the More icon (the three dots encircled icon). From the dropdown menu, click on Export.

  • Step 3: Choose Excel Format


    Under Export, choose Excel from the menu. This converts your Numbers file into an Excel file which then enables you to open it using Microsoft Excel. You will also find other file format options including PDF, CSV, TSV, and Numbers Template.

  • Step 4: Share the Document


    As soon as you export your document in Excel format, you will be prompted to share the file. You can email your document, save it to iCloud or a local folder, or you can even use the AirDrop function to share your document to nearby Mac devices. You will notice that your document or file is saved as Office Spreadsheet.


How do I import a Numbers File into Excel?

To ensure that you can open your Numbers file in an Excel application later on, choose Excel from the menu under Export in the main toolbar.

How do I open an Apple Numbers File in Windows?

If you are using Windows, your Numbers file needs to be in Excel file format (.xlsx or .xls) for you to view and edit it in Microsoft Excel.

Is Apple Numbers compatible with  Microsoft Excel?

You can save and download an Apple Numbers file in Excel file format and you can also import Microsoft Excel documents in Apple Numbers.

How do I open Numbers in Excel instead of Mac?

It is possible to open a Numbers file in MS Excel in Windows for as long as the file format is in Excel; note that the Microsoft Excel application also runs on Mac.

How do I convert Numbers to XLSX?

To convert a Numbers document to make it readable in MS Excel, simply click Export then Excel and the document automatically becomes an XLSX file.

What is the difference between an XLS and XLSX file?

The difference between XLSX and XLS is that the former is an Office Open XML file while the latter is for Office 97 or later.

Can I save a Numbers File as CSV?

Yes, Apple Numbers allows you to save or export a Numbers spreadsheet to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.