How to Watch Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote allows users to create impressive and informative presentations, and you will need to follow a procedure to watch them. Of course, Apple has made sure that you get to see these presentations using the convenient tools that it provides.  how-to-watch-apple-keynote

How to Watch Apple Keynote

As we all know, you cannot just join a presentation or invite yourself to attend a presentation. If your co-worker uses Apple Keynote for their presentation, these are the steps you need to join them:

  • Step 1: Use an Apple Device

    Apple Keynote presentations are compatible with Apple devices such as iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. For this reason, if you are using any of these, you can watch an Apply Keynote presentation on your Apple devices. However, if you do not use Apple devices there is an alternative method.

  • Step 2: Ask for the Link

  • how-to-watch-apple-keynote-step-01
  • If you are using Windows or any non-Apple device, you can ask for a link from the presentation’s creator so you can click the URL and route you to the presentation. In another case, if you have an Apple device that is not available at the moment, you can use your computer’s web browser. Simply go to and type your Apple ID. iCloud requests Apple ID to give you access to Apple software such as Apple Keynote, Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, etc.
  • Step 3: Get Invited

    If you are with your Apple Device, you can chat with your co-worker who created the presentation to invite you. The creator can click the invite viewers in their Apple Keynote.

  • Step 4: Share with Co-Workers

    If you are having a hard time doing any of the previous steps, you may ask a co-worker who is within your area to watch the presentation with them. However, this step is best if you are both in the office.


How do you animate in Apple Keynote?

You can animate in Apple Keynote by clicking the animate button in the top right corner, leading you to the animating section that presents transition, duration, and animation style options you can use to your heart’s content.

How do I open Keynote without Keynote?

As long as you have Apple ID, you can open Keynote using your computer’s browser by going to, typing Apple ID, and clicking Keynote.

How to add shapes in Apple Keynote?

You can add shapes in Apple Keynote by clicking the shape icon above your sheet in a form of a combined square and circle, presenting you a dropdown of shape choices.

How to combine shapes in Apple Keynote?

In the sidebar tool, click arrange button, click shapes, press and hold control to select more than one shape, and click the intersect button located at the bottom of the arrange section.

What do you need to access Apple Software using Windows?

You will need an Apple ID since iCloud will see if you are verified and legit before allowing you access to your account.

Is Apple Keynote convenient to use?

Although Apple Keynote has convenient features, beginners will need a basic tutorial to familiarize toolbars and features so they can be lost and confused during presentation generation.