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Attendance Templates

Attendance is the idea when individuals or a group of people show up to a venue for an event that was previously organized. Many organizations place a high priority on measuring attendance because they may use it to evaluate the success of their current initiatives and make plans for future ones.... Read More

attendance record templates

15+ Attendance Record Templates in PDF | DOC

The attendance record is the record of how someone has been present somewhere in the work or in the organization. The organization keeps the record of the attendance of the employee and the worker. The institution must keep the record of both the present ones and the person who is absent or on the leave. It is taken after the performance by the managers of the organization. The attendance is for everyone to keep the record of their presence on that day. You can also see more on Attendance Log Templates.

11+ Attendance Tracker Templates in PDF | XLS

An attendance tracker is used to monitor both the attendance and time-off days. It helps in providing information about attendance, leaves, and absences of any individual and also provides data on different queries. This may involve an employee’s attendance record, accumulated leaves, unpunctuality, absences, and more. This tracker is regularly updated so that is can always provide valid and timely information anytime whenever required.

11+ School Attendance Policy Templates in PDF | Word

A school attendance policy will carry out the school curriculum and its rules and regulations which are to be followed by the students of the institution. This will also mean that the faculty should abide by the rules and regulations to maintain discipline and courtesy on the school premises. There will be types of leaves defined on the official page of the school. Any unauthorized absence can also lead to the termination or taking the student out of the school premises.