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B2B Templates

What is B2B?

The world of commerce is no longer limited to interactions between buyers and sellers. In today’s world, where monopoly is slowly falling out of use, businesses no longer see the need for being self-reliant but instead see cooperation as the key to success. B2B or business-to-business transactions are widely practiced today. And regardless of the industry, B2B transactions benefit both parties of the deal, which allows each other to grow, profit, and prosper at the same time.... Read More


10+ Cross Purchase Agreement Templates in Word | Pages | Google Docs | Publisher | PDF

Any business can have a chance to get closed, particularly if business owners, shareholders, and partners will get terminated. The same goes for co-owners and partners among businesses that will turn sick and die. However, closing never needs to happen, especially when numbers of co-owners get affected by this. A continuous business will happen when insurance sample gets prepared, particularly in the form of buy-sell agreements. The insurance also welcomes you with the cross-purchase agreement where owners, partners, and more can buy the shares on the retired or deceased partner. Keep the business open with other shareholders by creating cross-purchase agreements with many templates you can use.

10+ Business-To-Business Advertising Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | Publisher | PDF

Even the best and topmost brands continue to advertise their products and services to the public. Moreover, these companies do that through various mediums TV ads, social media posting, billboards, magazines, and etc. And yes, it works. According to Forbes, television is still the best marketing tool to use for advertisements. As of 2018, it had a viewership of 304.5 million while continuing to gain numbers. But relying on television for your ads, especially business-to-business adverting, is not enough. You have to consider other materials such as brochures, leaflets, and letters. In aligning your business goals and marketing strategies, you need B2B advertising templates. And here, you can find easy-to-edit advertising templates for your company.

10+ B2B Integration Templates in Word | Pages | Google Docs | Excel | Numbers | PDF

Business-to-business operations are notable in logistics and supply chain applications. B2B is an efficient solution when different companies work hand in hand, like a cycle to satisfy consumers and sales. The process often starts with one business that needs to create products to sell, but such a business doesn’t have the raw materials to create such products. Thus, the company will have to work with another business that can provide the needed materials. A cycle or supply chain happens in B2B upon handling the distribution, transportation, and production. Making a plan to integrate B2B should be handled properly with easy and customizable templates available. You may also see some of our plan templates.

10+ B2B Marketing Strategy Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

In research conducted by SalesForce in 2018, 66% of business buyers prefer purchasing their goods or services from technologically advanced companies. Besides the innovations on the equipment used in the production, business buyers favor enterprises that have better end-products and customer service. For companies engaging in B2B business, it is essential to consider the various and recent trends that make the company relevant among competitors. With that, businesses should create different B2B marketing strategies for their companies. And to make the process easier, you can utilize marketing strategy templates to organize all the material. Moreover, you can find excellent templates and well-detailed how-to instructions in this article.