50+ Analysis Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Your company must conduct an in-depth analysis of trends and studies concerning the market and the product itself. Large conglomerates administer necessary studies to help broaden their reach and continue to increase their income.


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Take the time to analyze market trends with your marketing and production team to create a comprehensible document detailing all the necessary directions the company goes from there. Below are 50 samples and examples of an analysis document you need for your business. Check them out below and download and use them as necessary!

1. Data Analysis Sample

Providing a clear path to your goals from the interpretation and explanation of a data analysis plan tremendously helps the company’s future. Remember to have a precise list of data from research and resources.

data analysis plan templateUse This Data Analysis Sample

2. Business Analysis Sample

Various trends run the market day by day, and if you are planning to open a particular business, creating a business analysis is your safest bet. Ensure the data and study you collect are from very reliable sources.

business analysis templateUse This Business Analysis Sample

3. Research Analysis Sample

Businesses, schools, and universities conduct research analysis to help break down a broad topic into simplified groups to get a definite explanation for each.

market research analysis templateUse This Market Research Analysis Sample

4. SWOT Analysis Sample

SWOT analysis is a common study that organizations use to analyze the situation of the company. It identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the business.

free blank swot analysis templateUse This Blank SWOT Analysis Sample

5. Financial Analysis Sample

A company must provide accurate financial reports after conducting a thorough financial analysis. In doing so, a company has sufficient background in growing and influencing the financial direction of the business.

financial analysis templateUse This Financial Analysis Sample

6. Process Analysis Sample

In any business, especially involved in production and marketing, process analysis data serves as an essential document in providing quality outputs and products. It helps highlight the processes for faster and better production.

business process analysis templateUse This Business Process Analysis Sample

7. Product Analysis Sample

All companies ensure that their products are safe for use or consumption. Product analysis helps with giving detailed information about products, including the composition and construction.

product analysis report templateUse This Product Analysis Report Sample

8. Project Analysis Sample

It is essential to evaluate all relevant information to a project by conducting a comprehensive project analysis. It defines not only the positive remarks of a project but also the negatives so the company can make readjustments.

project analysis templateUse This Project Analysis Sample

9. Market Analysis Sample

The business industry changes as often as new products and engineering come to light. Stay up to date with trends and ideas by conducting market analysis for the company and tag them as essential documentation.

market analysis templateUse This Market Analysis Sample

10. System Analysis Sample

Starting a system analysis allows the company to identify a particular information system to identify problems, opportunities, and directives relevant to a corporate institution.

system gap analysis templateUse This System Gap Analysis Sample

11. Competitor Analysis Sample

When running your own business, you must administer a competitor analysis with companies within the same industry. It helps you analyze your possible competition and make adjustments to your plans for the company’s growth.

competitor swot analysis templateUse This Competitor SWOT Analysis Sample

12. Qualitative Analysis Sample

The qualitative analysis focuses on aspects of businesses relating to a company’s value or prospects. These are based on unmeasurable data like management expertise, labor market, investigations, and growth.

qualitative data analysis plan templateUse This Qualitative Analysis Plan Sample

13. Cost Analysis Sample

In terms of evaluating company expenditures on materials, supplies, machinery, and other fees, a cost analysis is an essential documentation. Remember to indicate expenses annually to maintain a clear picture of payments.

cost analysis templateUse This Cost Analysis Sample

14. Visual Analysis Example

Visual analysis is commonly seen when writing research papers on art studies. It helps understand various art forms, from classical to modern, seen in photo art galleries.

visual analysis example
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15. Problem Analysis Sample

In terms of machinery maintenance and malfunction, there must be a way to solve the problem, and going through a problem analysis helps identify the root cause.

problem analysis templateUse This Problem Analysis Sample

16. Situation Analysis Sample

It is necessary to keep track of the ongoing situation in the company by establishing a situation analysis. It helps to plan out strategies and contingencies the business is currently facing.

situation analysis templateUse This Situation Analysis Sample

17. Job Analysis Sample

When it comes to creating a job analysis, it contains details about the activities, skills, and prerequisites to ensure that an employee gets the job done most efficiently.

free job analysis templateUse This Job Analysis Sample

18. Strategic Analysis Sample

Before a company moves on to planning, strategic analysis is necessary. It provides detailed representations of the pros and cons of marketing or production strategies the company plans on undergoing. In the long run, it helps save company expenses.

strategic analysis report templateUse This Strategic Analysis Report Sample

19. Quantitative Analysis Sample

For every company,  a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis helps support all planning procedures. The quantitative analysis focuses on hard facts from the number of sales to the production costs.

quantitative risk analysis templateUse This Quantitative Risk Analysis Sample

20. Ratio Analysis Sample

Ratio analysis is essential when it comes to financial analysis documents. It details and evaluates the company’s ability in terms of profit, efficiency, and risk. The analysis produces information regarding expenditures from previous assessments.

financial ratio analysis templateUse This Financial Ratio Analysis Sample

21. Risk Analysis Sample

When assessing risks, presenting a risk analysis that contains information about possible hazards of engaging new plans or producing new products helps a company make a meaningful decision.

free risk analysis templateUse This Risk Analysis Sample

22. Trend Analysis Sample

Companies must look at current trends in local and international markets. Creating a trend analysis help gain insights into the preferred inclinations of consumers, helping the company foresee the possible services or products to release in the future.

trend analysis templateUse This Trend Analysis Sample

23. Cash Flow Analysis Sample

Cash flow analysis helps the company see the cash flow of income and expenditures of the business for a particular year. It must list all accounted amounts with regards to spending and earnings.

free cash flow analysis templateUse This Cash Flow Analysis Sample

24. Critical Analysis Example

A critical analysis applies to analyzing business plans or projects with the intent of evaluating their effectiveness, whether it has positive or negative implications. It helps to oversee if the plan is worth spending money on or prepare possible adjustments.

critical analysis example
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25. Industry Analysis Sample

It helps to understand the nature of your business and the industry it belongs to. Creating an industry analysis gauges how the organization fairs in its field and provide valuable information to help push itself further and increase brand reputation.

free industry analysis templateUse This Industry Analysis Sample

26. Statistical Analysis Sample

In terms of moving forward, statistical analysis helps provide sufficient data that can be used by various industries, research, and government studies. It makes decision-making steps much easier, backed up by scientific information.

statistical analysis plan templateUse This Statistical Analysis Plan Sample

27. Gantt Charts Analysis Sample

In analyzing Gantt charts, a clear and concise interpretation and assessment must be done by professionals. It helps identify all projects with their corresponding timelines and helps the company discern potential expenses within the timeframe.

risk analysis gantt chartUse This Risk Analysis Gantt Chart Sample

28. Computer Analysis Example

Through online media, consumers make use of personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets to access your products and services. Knowing how your website processes for your clients through a computer analysis help solve various technical and software issues.

computer analysis example
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29. Forensic Analysis Example

When there are crimes that concern legal implications, forensic analysis is conducted by law enforcement agencies. It helps them to verify and collect vital information in detecting the course and reason of action and culprits that fall under the state law.

forensic analysis example
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30. Checklist Analysis Sample

Using an analysis checklist to improve your business’ way to success is a smart choice. It helps the company understand its strengths and opportunities and improve on shortcomings.

industry analysis checklist templateUse This Industry Analysis Checklist Sample

31. Medical Analysis Sample

In medical institutions, medical practitioners must compose a useful medical analysis for their patients. It must detail necessary reports about their health examinations and describe them most efficiently.

medical swot analysis templateUse This Medical SWOT Analysis Sample

32. Site Analysis Example

In terms of pre-construction assessment, conducting a site analysis helps give insight into the conditions and specifications of a particular location. It includes information about the possible influences of design and proposed use of the land.

site analysis example
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Download at goldcoast.qld.gov.au

33. Analysis Report Sample

Through an analysis report, you can easily document the findings you have for a particular analysis, depending on its nature. It also serves as documentation for the organization and can be used to look back on when processing information in the future.

data analysis report templateUse This Data Analysis Report Sample

34. Literary Analysis Example

Most local universities take part in creating literary analyses to ensure that students gain an understanding of a particular literary work. It also helps student enhance their vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar skills.

literary analysis example
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35. Case Study Analysis Sample

Case study analysis is prominent in business schools. It helps students learn to investigate business problems and requires them to provide alternate solutions by using supportive information and evidence.

school case study analysis template

 Use This School Case Study Analysis Sample

36. Benefit Analysis Sample

Businesses also need to explore the efficiency and importance of benefit analysis. It helps the company identify certain benefits when applying a plan and if they overweigh any negative effects.

risk benefit analysis templateUse This Risk Benefit Analysis Sample

37. Analysis Plan Sample

An analysis plan helps the company sort out the collected data in terms of its use and its purpose. The company finds a way to make use of the data and implement the information in aiding the company’s brand and sales.

data analysis business plan templateUse This Data Analysis Business Plan Sample

38. Descriptive Analysis Example

Descriptive analysis helps correlate data from past years to the present in hopes of improving the business. The goal is to use the information to get a holistic view of performance and trends to aid in business strategic plans.

descriptive analysis example
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39. Needs Analysis Sample

It is imperative to assess the needs of a company through a needs analysis. It details what the company is missing from supplies to planning. Remember that assessing the company’s needs also extends to the employee’s needs.

free need analysis templateUse This Need Analysis Sample

40. Economic Analysis Example

It is essential to have an economic analysis for your company, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 economy. It helps the business identify its economic standing and how it fairs for the coming years.

economic analysis example
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41. Gap Analysis Sample

In every success, there are shortcomings. A gap analysis helps identify possible gaps in plans and the system before constructing a final action plan.

gap analysis templateUse This Gap Analysis Sample

42. Cash Analysis Sample

Every company must take the time to furnish a cash analysis for the company. It helps to compare the price values of products and services to the company’s income.

simple cash flow analysis templateUse This Simple Cash Flow Analysis Sample

43. Impact Analysis Sample

In terms of formulating plans for the company, forecasting impact is necessary to get the best results. The impact analysis helps predict changes to analyze the risks and influence of these developments on the company.

free impact analysis templateUse This Impact Analysis Sample

44. Construction Cost Analysis Sample

If you are planning on a construction project, creating a construction cost analysis is mandatory. It helps better understand the possible expenditures the company will face in taking on the project.

construction cost analysis templateUse This Construction Cost Analysis Sample

45. Root Cause Analysis Sample

When the company faces challenges in implementing changes or new plans, it is helpful to conduct a root cause analysis. It helps identify where things went wrong and work on modifications to lessen difficulties.

free root cause analysis templateUse This Root Cause Analysis Sample

46. Rhetorical Analysis Example

A rhetorical analysis centers around the interpretation of rhetorical situations that center on the way of communication and depends on the delivery and interpretation of content.

rhetorical analysis example
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Download at jmu.edu

47. PEST Analysis Example

PEST analysis is a strategic tool for the business management that aids in assessing political, economical, social, and technological factors impacting a business.

pest analysis example
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Size: 937 KB

Download at mireu.eu

48. Cost-Benefit Analysis Sample

Cost-benefit analysis centers on weighing possible risks the company faces when it comes to spending money on new projects, products, or services, along with the plan’s implementation.

cost benefit analysis templateUse This Cost-Benefit Analysis Sample

49. Customer Analysis Sample

Each industry caters to various customers depending on their wants and needs. A customer analysis is a helpful tool to identify your customers and the company’s status in the industry in terms of customer service.

customer needs analysis templateUse This Customer Needs Analysis Sample

50. Competitive Analysis Sample

A competitive analysis holds the record of industry trends and possible competition within. It is advantageous to keep track of industry competitors to gain insight into future strategies.

free editable competitive analysis templateUse This Competitive Analysis Sample


Creating an analysis document for your company is a critical step into achieving your goals, marketing your products, and cementing your brand’s reputation. Ensure that you create a comprehensive analysis for the improvement of the company.

1. The Liason

The liaison determines the groups or teams involved in the study and assessment of analysis plans. Business analysts work with various parts of the company depending on the structure and organizational hierarchy of the business.

2. The Purpose

There is always a purpose when conducting analysis studies on different elements of the business. Identify and understand everything about the company and the industry it is in. Analyze the business needs, structures, processes, and improvements applicable to better the organization.

3. The Solution

In terms of creating solutions, analysts provide recommendations rather than straight solutions. They give various options for the company to take as each business is unique and follows various methods of implementation.


What is analysis?

An analysis is a process or method of breaking down information into different parts to learn what they do and their correlation with one another.

What are the types of analysis?

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Prescriptive analysis

How do you write an analysis?

  • Pick a topic
  • Record notes
  • Portray conclusions

How do you create a strong analysis?

Choosing the right evidence is crucial in proving an argument. Once you have the correct information, leading you to make complex yet comprehensive solutions and conclusions.

Is business analysis a skill?

Business analysis is not a technical skill. Rather, it is gained through experience and the ability to read and understand people and circumstances.