50+ Banner Ideas & Examples 2022

From the colorful, flashy, and eye-catching banners often seen on the internet, you can say that using banners as a marketing tool is hard to miss. But at the same time, unpleasant and poorly made banner ads also exist. And if you are a striving business wanting to gain recognition, you surely want to be on the good side of the coin. Guarantee an effective marketing scheme with banner templates and over 50 banner ideas to inspire you in making your own. 50-banner-ideas-inspiration-2021

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50+ Banner Ideas & Examples 2022

It is said that using a banner as an ad is one of the efficient tools to generate traffic for your website, business, or product. Although attention-grabbing banners are the common approach, don’t make the banners chaotic, disorganized, and insensitive to the public as well. If you want a great balance of an acceptable but still an eye-catching banner ad, follow these ideas:

1. An Orderly Approach

A simple yet timeless banner idea is a startup template where the details are in proper order. Just like this standard business ad banner, there is a clear hierarchy of elements starting with the title, the photo, the tagline, etc.

business-ad-banner-templateUse This Orderly Business Ad Banner

2. Maintain a Corporate Look

Obtain the right amount of credibility and respect with a corporate-themed banner. In this sense, the banner looks more professional than your average banner design.



3. Roll-Up Banners

Try presenting banners vertically with roll-up banners. This way, the banner takes so much space as it is presented in a vertical manner, making it easy for the public to see.

business-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Business Roll-Up Banner

4. Take Roll-Ups to the Next Level

Don’t simply limit your roll-up banner to a basic example. Implement it to the next level instead, like a modern roll-up banner.

advertisement-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Next Level Advertisement Roll-Up Banner

5. It Takes Professionalism in Business

It is a known standard for business banners to have a sense of professionalism not only in their content but also in format and design. Hence, make sure your business banner fits professional standards.

business-networking-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Professional Business Networking Roll-Up Banner

6. Corporate and Creativity Can Mix

It is a no-no to assume that you can’t have a little fun into your banner when you can combine both a creative and corporate look at the same time. Thus, add fun elements to make a creative banner.

creative-corporate-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Creative Corporate Roll-Up Banner

7. Embrace Simplicity

Sometimes, you don’t need to do too much in designing a banner. A simple banner is all you need as long as it contains all the important elements to help you market your product, service, or business.

simple-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Simple Roll-Up Banner

8. Informative Banners

If your intention is to inform, be sure your banner answers the most critical questions. An example is an agency template where you need to provide background about your agency in proper detail and in one banner.

agency-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Informative Agency Roll-Up Banner

9. Be Flexible with Multipurpose Banners

Why focus on making a banner for one function only when you keep that as the jack of all trades? Multipurpose roll-up banners help you adjust to all sorts of purposes so you won’t have to use different banners per function.

multipurpose-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Multipurpose Roll-Up Banner

10. Promote Your YouTube Channel

You can’t just continue your YouTube channel journey without an official YouTube banner yet. Your YouTube channel banner helps you gain an identity so audiences and potential viewers get the gist of what your channel is about.

youtube-channel-banner-templateUse This YouTube Channel Banner

11. Tease Audiences with YouTube Travel Vlogs

Are you an inspiring YouTuber who vlogs about travel content? Then make sure to take advantage of YouTube templates where your banner gives a sense of travel-inspired motifs.

travel-youtube-banner-templateUse This Travel YouTube Banner

12. Entice Audiences with Gaming Content

There are lots of gaming banners trending on the market as the gaming community increases. And you can use elements related to games whether you have gaming content for YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, Twitter, and more.

youtube-gaming-banner-templateUse This YouTube Gaming Banner

13. Make Noise with Music Banners

Whether you plan on hyping up a concert, music show, or any other music-driven event, you can definitely take advantage of music roll-up banners to make noise and keep your events trending.

music-concert-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Music Concert Roll-Up Banner

14. Associate Technology with Elegance

Technology services and high-tech products are known for being complex. But that doesn’t mean you can’t market them elegantly. Try presenting your tech products or business with elegant technology roll-up banners instead.

elegant-technology-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Elegant Technology Roll-Up Banner

15. Share Your Live Streaming Channel Schedule

Live streaming has grown rampant over the years but maybe you lack some viewers for not announcing your usual streaming schedule to your followers and audiences. The key is to incorporate the complete live streaming schedule into your channel banner as a clear announcement.

streaming-channel-twitch-banner-templateUse This Streaming Channel Twitch Banner

16. Official Twitch Banners

Twitch live streamers should at least have their own Twitch banners already. And you can do that as easily as this example of a small business Twitch banner below.

small-business-twitch-banner-templateUse This Small Business Twitch Banner

17. Add Bold Art in Creative Roll-Ups

If you are an art director or you run an art show and other art-related events, you should be bold in showcasing how talented you are in your banner’s artistic design. People should automatically see from your creative roll-up banners that you are obviously a pro with art.

art-director-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Creative Art Director Roll-Up Banner

18. Holiday-Themed Tumblr Banners

If your concern is to make your own Tumblr banner, you might want to design it according to the holiday of the season. An example is to make use of Black Friday designs when the Black Friday sale is coming nearer. Do it for any other coming holidays as well.

black-friday-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Holiday Black Friday Tumblr Banner

19. Highlight the Big Sale

For banners announcing an upcoming sale, be sure to emphasize the numbers from the percentage of the sale discount or how much the discounts are and even the exact date of the sale. The greatly emphasized numbers will stick to your audience’s memory for sure.



20. Blue and Mustaches for Father’s Day

If you plan on writing a message about Father’s Day to a banner, then use the appropriate designs as seen in most Father’s Day templates. The key is to use signature colors like blue shades and even fun elements such as mustaches and other things that remind you of fathers.

fathers-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Father's Day Tumblr Banner

21. Pink and Hearts for Mother’s Day

On the opposite of the previously mentioned holiday, you should implement feminine vibes to a banner celebrating Mother’s Day. Using hearts, flowers, and pink signature colors is the perfect recipe for this.

mothers-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Mother's Day Tumblr Banner

22. Indulge in Festive Vibes for Birthday Banners

In creating a birthday banner, you should use festive and celebratory vibes as much as possible. This is how you hype up a lively birthday event rather than sticking to a basic or dull banner design.

birthday-banner-templateUse This Birthday Banner

23. Facebook Promotion Banners

Another website you can’t ignore when it comes to promotions and ads is Facebook. So on your Facebook banner, make sure you also insert the signature elements that make up an effective banner to market effectively.

promotion-facebook-ad-banner-templateUse This Promotion Facebook Ad Banner

24. Spread Awareness thru a Banner

Did you know that banners can also be used for awareness purposes? An example is to share tips about surviving the world with coronavirus or COVID-19 as a global problem.

coronavirus-covid-19-facebook-banner-templateUse This Awareness Coronavirus COVID-19 Facebook Banner

25. Minimal Facebook Banners

Avoiding overly designed banners and preventing a lack of design should be avoided for any Facebook template. And the perfect balance is to come up with minimal Facebook banners that serve just the right amount of elements, not lacking nor too much.

business-services-facebook-ad-banner-templateUse This Minimal Business Services Facebook Ad Banner

26. Go Green for Global Earth Day

When your banner commemorates international Earth Day, make sure to implement motifs associated with nature. This includes green colors, pictures of trees, and other elements about the environment.

international-earth-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Green International Earth Day Tumblr Banner

27. Go Gaga for Anime Aesthetics

Maybe what you need is some inspiration from Anime girls and other Otaku-themed aesthetics. A dose of Anime content might just be what your banner is trying to convey.



28. Market Your IT/Software Business

There is certainly some room for IT/software banners to help you promote your business. But, you need to prove your reputation from a simple, sleek, yet creative banner design to wow audiences.

it-software-banner-templateUse This IT/Software Banner

29. Invite Guests for a Conference

Instead of inviting people for parties and sales in banners, you can also be earnest with conference invitations. An example is an IT/Sofware roll-up banner inviting people to be IT literate with a formal conference.

it-conference-roll-up-banner-templateUse This IT Conference Roll-Up Banner

30. Flaunt Your Modern Photography

Photography templates play a crucial part in many promotional tools. But take it to the next step by adding modern photography to achieve a modern banner with impressive visuals.

modern-photography-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Modern Photography Roll-Up Banner

31. Find the Right Focal Point or Angle

Speaking of photography templates, you should know very well the best shots to your images. Otherwise, taking the bad side of angles or focal points lead to the most drastic results where even your photography doesn’t help in improving the banner design.

photography-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Photography Roll-Up Banner

32. Try Pastel Colors for Pleasure

Any generic sample banner could be cuter and way better with pastel shades. There is just something special about pastel colors that are bright and vibrant but not blinding enough. And this might be the banner aesthetic you are searching for.

travel-google-ad-banner-templateUse This Pastel Travel Google Ad Banner

33. Huge Stand Banners

You can wow audiences in terms of size using huge stand banners. In this case, you will have a big banner like what you often see in stores with pop-up ads.



34. Sports in Billboard-Like Banners

Something a lot bigger than stand banners is a billboard banner. And that is often used in sports events where sports roll-up banners are present and very hard to miss.

sports-billboard-banner-templateUse This Sports Billboard Banner

35. Zen Vibes for Spa Banners

Over-the-top motifs and harsh colors are a big no-no to spa-driven banners. In a spa roll-up banner, it helps to use relaxing vibes and designs that are pleasant for the soul as spas are meant to be relaxing in the first place.

spa-facebook-ad-banner-templateUse This Zen Spa Facebook Ad Banner

36. Encourage Fitness with Smooth Yoga Banners

A smooth design for yoga roll-up banners is perfect, especially when you add a hint of encouragement to entice people into getting fit with yoga sessions.

yoga-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Yoga Roll-Up Banner

37. Cool School Banners

In case you got educational services, school announcements, and other school-related activities to share, you can use cool school roll-up banners with designs that won’t harm the school’s brand or reputation.

school-banner-templateUse This School Banner

38. Use Food Photography for Restaurant Banners

Excellent food photography for restaurant banners and other food-driven content is smart so you can present your dishes in the most appetizing way possible. Thus, it makes audiences want to take a bit of what you sell pronto.

restaurant-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Restaurant Roll-Up Banner

39. Showcase Those Sleek Rides in Car Wash Banners

To prove to audiences that your car wash company is a serious business, put pictures of those rides you have washed effectively in a banner. And showing the cleanest and sleekest recently washed vehicles would drive audiences to call for your car washing service soon.

car-wash-ad-banner-templateUse This Car Wash Ad Banner

40. Summarize Your Services in an HR Banner

If your job is to offer HR services, then be sure to live up with a credible reputation in your HR banner too. An easy solution is to summarize what specific HR services you are going to offer so your message won’t be too broad.

creative-hr-banner-templateUse This Creative HR Banner

41. Use Light Colors for a Popping Sensation

Even in something as serious as the HR recruitment agency promotion, you can still use light colors to make your agency banners pop. In a sense, those colors help make your banners worthy of attention rather than something easy to miss.

recruitment-agency-banner-templateUse This Light Recruitment Agency Banner

42. Give a Hint of Identity to Your Influencer Channel

Are you an aspiring influencer needing an official banner to promote your channel on social media? Be known by giving a hint of your identity to your channel and banner design. It could be your favorite motto, favorite colors, and other elements that are linked to you.

influencer-channel-promotion-fiverr-banner-templateUse This Influencer Channel Promotion Fiverr Banner

43. The Regal Black and Gold Banners

Looking for a regal and expensive-looking design for a banner? Try mixing black and gold colors to your banners and you can very well accomplish that.



44. Keep It Clean

To maintain a clean style to your banner isn’t only applicable to World Environment Day banners. You can use it for different functions may you create banners for real estate, sales, restaurants, etc.

clean-style-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Clean Style Roll-Up Banner

45. Use Kid-Friendly Themes for Kids Camp

Children are more enticed to superhero designs, cartoon motifs, and other child-friendly elements when you promote a kids camp banner. Ensure that your kids camp template stands out so more parents would encourage their kids to join.

kids-camp-facebook-ad-banner-templateUse This Kids Camp Facebook Ad Banner

46. Show Off Those Well-Built Homes in Real Estate Banners

Those who run a real estate business can take advantage of banners with impressive pictures of well-made homes and structures. You can keep those pictures of homes smooth, clean, and well-lit, perhaps.

real-estate-roll-up-bannerUse This Real Estate Roll-Up Banner

47. Be Artsy with Furniture Placements

Businesses that are promoting furniture for banner ads should take note of every product’s placement in a room. Test your interior design skills here until the outcome is that all the furniture is presentable and placed in the right spot.

furniture-facebook-ad-banner-templateUse This Furniture Facebook Ad Banner

48. Celebrate with Thanksgiving Banners

Another celebratory theme for a banner is commemorating Thanksgiving Day. And there are lots of details you can associate with Thanksgiving from turkeys, autumn leaves, fall colors, and more.

thanksgiving-promotional-banner-templateUse This Thanksgiving Promotional Banner

49. White and Blue Tones for Medical Banners

The white and blue combo gives off a clean style and they are very appropriate for medical roll-up banners.

medical-google-ad-banner-templateUse This Medical Google Ad Banner

50. Flaunt Those Stylish Hairdos in Barber Shop Banners

A barber shop banner doesn’t need to have excessive words because showing off the stylish hairdos of each customer is enough message alone about what you are promoting.

barber-shop-web-ad-banner-templateUse This Barber Shop Web Ad Banner


What are the important elements of a banner?

Standard banners should at least have a brief readable text, relevant photo, tagline, color psychology, a well-organized layout, stylized font, and a good background.

Although you can decide on your preferred banner size, just know that the standard banner size is around 3′ x 6′ or 4′ x 8′.

What is a banner’s purpose?

Banners are commonly used as marketing tools. But they can also be used as the official images that showcase the category pages of a website. The same goes for presenting announcements and grabbing the attention of the public.

What is a banner image?

A banner image refers to the big picture of what to check when you go to a particular category of a website. Also referred to as a hero image, the banner image is an integral part of website design.

What is a standard banner?

A standard banner is a basic banner may it be in flash, gif, or jpeg. And such banners come along with an official logo or visual.