10 Prospected New Business Trends for 2022

The global market ended in 2019 on a high note despite numerous challenges. As 2020 continues to roll out, the business world looks on with bated breath. What challenges will the present year bring? More important than that is the question of what opportunities will 2020 bring with it? Well, the speculation does not need to go on without discussion. Read on and you’ll see what business trends are headed our way and why they are important for businesses as a whole. 10-prospected-new-business-trends-for-2020-01

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Imagine a consistent increase, decrease, or even flatness regarding the purchase or use of specific products and services. Those are what determines a trend. A broad example is the mobile business industry, which proved itself to be among the most profitable in the year 2019. Over a year, that became a trend and is poised to continue over the next—and current—year. Smaller and more specific examples exist, of course, and those are the ones that are worth observing to determine what your areas of opportunity are.

To capitalize on what trends offer in terms of benefits and opportunities, it’s first important to be able to spot those with the most potential. Those who wish to focus on improving sales, for example, may want to observe which products and services are most in-demand from audiences. Alternatively, those who are looking for newer and more effective operational approaches should look into what practices are booming for their contemporaries. Below are a few pointers that can help you spot potential in whatever trends you come across:

Short-Lived Trends versus Long-Term Ones

Some trends are going to last for a long time, for better or worse. Then some burn out fast, disappearing as fast as it came. Multiple factors can help you determine whether something is short-term or long-term, which includes the demands of the market, socio-political circumstances, and the state of the economy. Few of these are within your sphere of control, which is why careful analysis is needed to help you make accurate observations of the trends in your business’ industry.

Uptrends versus Oscillations versus Downtrends

An uptrend is when stock prices are getting higher. On the contrary, downtrends are when stock prices go lower. Pretty simple, right? Well, there’s one more thing to look at and that would be oscillations. Unlike the other two, this is when stock prices go back and forth, typically at a regular rate or speed. These are the three general directions of trends. For you to better determine how much potential one trend has over another, see where it stands among these three. In knowing, you’ll have direction regarding which trends to pursue and which ones to avoid.

With 2020 underway, companies have new opportunities for growth via the following trends:

Surging Artificial Intelligence

The first major trend to watch out for would be an increase in investment regarding AI as a form of service. Tractica reported that there’s an expectation that AI software, on a global scale, will rake in $118.6 billion by the year 2025. Compare that to 2019’s $9.5 billion, and you’ve got yourself an undeniably profitable trend to look forward to.

Advancing Collaboration Tools

What does it mean to succeed in greater collaboration? An increase in efficiency, for one. Then there’s also improved productivity, which enables a higher chance of accomplishing your company’s goals. In Gensler’s US Workplace Survey, 43% of its respondents considered the best workplace as something that comes with impeccable collaboration and team building. Invest in tools that promote this and your company will go far in 2020.

Learning and Teaching Methodologies

Traditional ways of learning and teaching still linger. However, as diverse as the situation is today, the wide learning and education methodologies are in demand. This may add more weight to your business budget, but it also enables your business to experience a more modern touch. But before you venture to this trend, make sure to conduct a probability analysis whether this fits your business capacity or not.  

Mobile’s Major Role

Customers in 2020 are more likely to seek out and avail of products using their mobile phones than in any other manner. With that said, taking advantage of the mobile trend is a smart move on any entrepreneur’s part because of the sheer number of people that this can connect a business to. Back in 2018, it was determined that 56% of search clicks were done through mobile phones. That’s pretty staggering, wouldn’t you agree?

User Review Prioritized

One ideal goal for businesses to pursue is building trust with their customers. A way to accomplish this is through the prioritizing of user reviews. Release a product and paying attention to the profits from it is one thing, but listening to what people have to say about it is another thing entirely. In 2020, this is more important than ever. There are now easier and faster ways to get this kind of feedback, which is why this trend is not one to miss out on.

Continued Social media Use

If there’s one trend that anybody can count on as being long-term, this is it. After all, multiple platforms exist to serve as your opportunity for promotion, communication, branding, and more. Due to the increasing number of individuals on social media, the traffic you can generate is undeniable. All you have to do is check Facebook and Instagram to see how alive this trend is, considering how those are two of the world’s leading social media platforms.


Back in 1960, e-commerce was limited to only very few types of businesses. Today, more and more embrace it as a thriving alternative to traditional ways of doing things. E-commerce is convenient for both sellers and buyers. Take note that around 4.54 billion people count as active internet users in 2020. That alone is a good sign to take your company into a more electronic capacity. 

More Remote Working

Another business trend to explore is remote working. If the nature of your business does not constrain your employees to only work at the office, then this is a practical method you can use. Aside from the fact that this lessens your office-operating expenses, it also enables you to increase your number of employees. 

The Gig Economy

The title itself explains its logic at work. According to an article from Forbes in 2018, 36% of workers are part of the so-called ‘gig economy.’ These professionals work beyond their full-time jobs. Freelancing, as a career option, molds today’s entrepreneurial demands because more and more people prefer flexible work. That is why this business trend is a wise and practical way that you can venture for your business this 2020. 

A Green Market

Lastly, it’s worth recommending that you take your business into a more eco-friendly route. Several companies are already reshaping their approaches to their operations, products, services, and strategies to accommodate benefits to the environment. Examples include introducing reusable office supplies, practicing upcycling, and providing more environmentally sustainable items.

As you make your way towards the horizon that accomplishing your goals represents, evaluate first what you’ve learned here. Numerous trends exist and those explored in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Analyze which of these works best for you and then let your year flourish with fresh new ideas.