8 Project Management Tools That Helps Your Business

Are you thinking about establishing your own company? It is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor, but do not let the glamorous fantasies of startup life blind you to its many difficulties. Whether you plan on starting a software business, a digital marketing firm, or an accounting company, there is no denying how useful project management is to your operations. Here is our short list consisting of ten amazing tools. Each one is proven and tested by businesses all over the world. Read up on each item and see for yourself just how they can fit into your day-to-day work.

project management tools that help your business

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8 Project Management Tools That Helps Your Business


First on this list is a product whose name is indirectly taken from Gojira, Godzilla’s Japanese name. Among the companies that use this are Hibernate, the Apache Software Foundation, and Fedora Commons. Customers can expect the following four packages when considering Jira:

  • Jira Core, which is for generic project management.
  • Jira Software, which has base software and agile features for project management.
  • Jira Service Desk, which is for IT-related operations.
  • Jira Ops, for those who require incident and risk management help.

Atlassian, its developers, provide it for free to those open source projects that meet specific criteria. The same goes for organizations that are non-commercial, non-academic, non-governmental, non-profit, and secular.


ProofHub solves team communication and project management challenges for businesses with its centralized approach. The SaaS app tends to several major work collaboration needs such as a team chat, project tasks, portfolio planning, and time management – from one unified interface. Teams can track their work plans and communicate using a single login. This increases their focus on core business functions rather than switching apps all day. Teams experience better productivity and time-savings that impact overall work performance. Currently, the tool is being employed by 85,000+ teams including prominent names NASA, Netflix, TripAdvisor, etc. Its flat-fee pricing is quite attractive for growing teams, adding new seats every month.


Those who wish to simplify their team-based operations management can always turn to Asana. This is an application used in both web and mobile devices to help teams track and organize their work. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz founded this app in 2008 together with Justin Rosenstein, who used to work for both Google and Facebook as an engineer. Their purpose was to help Facebook employees with their productivity. Asana commercially launched in 2012, and by December of 2018, the company valued at $1.5 billion. The app’s features allow for the creation of projects, task assignments to various teammates, allocate particular deadlines, and discuss specific tasks. Customers interested in this will be glad to know that it also comes with file attachments, reporting tools, and calendars.


Founded back in 2007 by Dan Mackey and Peter Coppinger, Teamwork presently has more than 2.4 million active users, including the likes of Spotify and Disney. As a company, Teamwork markets several cloud-based applications. Among them are Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Chat, and Teamwork Projects. For that last one, its launch was on October 4, 2007. Teamwork Projects provided to-do checklists, milestone management, and the capacity to create web-based documents, among others. Teamwork Chat, on the other hand, launched back in January 2015. The company marketed it as a real-time messaging tool designed to function across a wide range of web-based operating systems. Eventually, iOS and Android versions of it also launched.


This tool shares the same developer with Jira and was originally made by Joel Spolsky before Atlassian bought it in 2017. As of March 2019, Trello has seen over 35 million users, which increased to 50 million by October of the same year. Those who pick this can create task boards and move tasks between its columns. One can find task statuses like ‘in-progress,’ ‘to-do,’ and ‘done’ on those columns. Trello is used by many for both personal and business purposes, making it useful for jobs like budget planning, service management scheduling, and day-to-day planning.


Those with specific business needs will want to take a gander at what Workfloxmax has to offer. Founded back in 2007, it provides numerous benefits, with the following as prime examples:

  • Users can acquire powerful financial analysis for themselves or their companies.
  • Reliable security and workflow management for an easier time with your daily operations.
  • Staff allocation and greater team collaboration capacities.
  • The tracking of leads, proposals, and the growth of sales opportunities.

This cloud-based project management tool is available for a $15 one-time purchase. Unlike other tools, there is no free version, but there is a free trial period that interested parties can avail of.


How about a product named after one of the least liked days of the week? Monday.com happens to be a work operating system meant to allow organizations the opportunity to create customized workflow up. It began back in 2010 as Wix.com’s internal tool. Two years later, in 2012, the product became its own company under the name daPulse. By August of the same year, $1.5 million was raised through seed funding. What interested users need to know about the product today is that it helps tremendously with project tracking, team collaboration, and deadline setting. Its versatility is such that a wide range of industries and operations are known to use it, from IT, HR, media production, marketing, research and development, service management, and so much more.


Kanbanchi is project management, collaboration, and task management tool that makes it simple for your team to stay organized. It offers awesome features like Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Kanban Boards, Reports, Checklists, and much more for the team. It is perfectly integrated with Google Workspace and allows you to create tasks and assign them to individuals while attaching documents, spreadsheets, and more from Google Drive. Kanbanchi complements all of the tools that you are already using to work together. So it feels like a seamless extension of your workflow. Kanbanchi lets you work faster, smarter, and better and enables a better collaboration experience among teams.


Those who are looking for the right Software-as-a-Service tool will find contentment with Wrike. This is available in a myriad of languages and is best used for streamlining a company’s overall workflow. Its features tend to fall into either one of two categories: team collaboration and project management. For the former, some examples include Wrike’s Live co-editor and its optional Wrike for Marketers feature. Regarding the latter category, its notable features include the interactive Gantt chart, its customizable table where users can store specific project data, and the task assignment tracker.

Zoho Projects

Another reliable tool is Zoho Projects, which is a cloud-based product with the capacity to help plan one’s work, provide effective tracking, and report on one’s efficient team collaboration. Payment comes in four different categories: standard, express, premium, enterprise. Choose the category that makes the most sense to you not just financially, but also pragmatically. Each category comes with its designated features, with some coming with more compared to others. Standard, for example, is good for $3 per month and allows only ten projects. By comparison, enterprise allows for unlimited projects and premium-level features for $6 per month.

There you have it. With any of these ten project management tools at your disposal, establishing a successful business becomes considerably more straightforward. Your staff will thank you for it; customers will rave about your products and services, and you will wonder why you didn’t go for any of them sooner. Regardless of what you decide to use, you have the assurance that your business is now much better off compared to before you came across this article.