50+ Card Designs, Format & Examples 2022

When talking about card templates or ideas, the most common answer involves business cards. However, in design, a variety of cards are available, either for professional or personal purposes. The idea is to utilize these cards in the manner of their creation to serve their intent. 50-card-designs-format-examples-2021

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To create card graphics of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several card graphics designs and examples for your own label.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required


Advantageously, there are a variety of card graphic templates you can use for different purposes. For example, using an invitation card for a wedding is personal use, while sending out invitations to large corporations for an opening gala is all about business. Whichever you choose, these 50 card designs and examples can help you with just what you need.

1. Business Card Design

Business cards are the handiest piece of paper you can have when it comes to finding potential clients. Remember to keep some with you and utilize a simple yet captivating design to show professionalism.

simple minimal business card templateUse This Simple Minimal Business Card Design

2. Online Business Card Design

With technology growing at an incredible rate,  it’s no wonder businesses are also promoting online. On your business card, remember to include the website of your online store.

online store business card templateUse This Online Store Business Card Design

3. Photography Business Card Design

Perhaps one of the jobs that require you to have a business card at all times involves photography. Event photography requires you to have a broad list of clients that help get recommendations from friends or family.

square photography business card templateUse This Square Photography Business Card Design

4. Invitation Card Example

Whether it is for a party, a wedding, or a conference, an invitation card must be presentable with designs that work well with each other. Utilize complementary colors and various design elements.

invitation card design template dd7887038ed783ffd3dc5676becf5cfb


5. Unique Business Card Design

Understandably, creating a unique and intricate design on your business card sets you apart from other competitor companies.

unique business card templateUse This Unique Business Card Design

6. Postcard Design

Travel postcards are commonly in gift shops from famous tourist spots all over the world. In creating one, ensure you include the best photo of the attraction, including the destination.

travel postcard templateUse This Travel Postcard Design

7. Christmas Card Design

There’s something about the season of giving that people take time to send Christmas cards to their friends and family. It’s also advantageous to send out these cards for business partners and sponsors.

free merry christmas card outlook mockupUse This Merry Christmas Card Design

8. Construction Business Card

Step up your company’s construction business card design by designing it similarly to a blueprint. It’s unique and gives your clients a double-take on the appearance.

modern construction business card templateUse This Modern Construction Business Card Design

9. Birthday Card Example

Nothing says you remembered a birthday without sending a birthday card. At present, simple cards are popular, similar to the example below.

floral birthday card template


10. Cleaning Business Card Design

Most people are juggling work and family, having little time to get their places a quick clean. As a cleaning company, leaving your business cards with clients saves their time and even gives recommendations.

cleaning services business card templateUse This Cleaning Service Business Card Design

11. Professional Business Card Design

Representing a business can be difficult when there is plenty of competition. Secure your place in the business world by creating a professional business card for the company, including its logo.

professional agency business card templateUse This Cleaning Service Business Card Design

12. Modern Business Card Design

When it comes to modern design elements, having a clean and simple design does the trick. Make sure that the details do not clash with one another.

modern painter business card templateUse This Modern Painter Business Card Design

13. Creative Business Card Design

Sometimes, simple designs won’t cut it for business cards, and you put in a little more creative flair. A play with words can help with that, similar to the idea below.

creative restaurant business card templateUse This Modern Painter Business Card Design

14. Teacher’s Day Card Example

Showing appreciation for teachers on Teacher’s Day is always a heart-warming event. Show appreciation for the profession by giving recognition for their hard work.



15. Greeting Card Design

A simple greeting card to acknowledge the people in your life comes a long way. It may just be you checking up on them or remembering them. A message like ‘Hello!’ can brighten someone’s day.

blank greeting card templateUse This Blank Greeting Card Design

16. Graphic Design Business Card Design

If you are in the graphic design business, your business card must exude creativity. It serves as the first impression to anyone hiring your service. Take the time to utilize your creative juices for the perfect graphic.

graphic design business card templateUse This Graphic Design Business Card Design

17. Gift Card Design

Wanting to give someone a gift but don’t know what to buy? Gift cards come in handy for such situations. Utilize gift cards in your company to increase profit, especially if you offer products or services.

boxing day gift card templateUse This Boxing Day Gift Card Design

18. ID Card Design

It is a common sight for employees to have their ID cards in coming in and out of work or school as it contains all their details and contact information. It also helps to have the company name with it.

travel agency id card templateUse This Travel Agency ID Card Design

19. Thank You Card Example

Show your appreciation for your customers by sending a thank you card with the parcels. A simple recognition from you comes a long way.



20. Landscaping Business Card Design

When it comes to a landscaping and gardening business, using the color green is the most appropriate. Include the necessary detail on the card, especially the contact information.

landscaping business card templateUse This Landscaping Business Card Design

21. Visiting Card Design

A visiting card is similar to a business card. However, it describes the individual rather than the company. A hired DJ can carry around a visiting card to represent himself.

dj visiting card design templateUse This DJ Visiting Card Design

22. Wedding Card Design

Wedding guests give a congratulatory wedding card to a couple who finally made their way to each other. A simple but heartfelt message usually accompanies the wedding gift they get.

wedding congratulations card templateUse This Wedding Congratulations Card Design

23. Recipe Card Design

The food and restaurant industries widely use recipe cards. It contains the recipes of an establishment’s signature dishes containing the ingredients and directions. It also helps to add a visualization of the product.

editable recipe card templateUse This Editable Recipe Card Design

24. Blank Card Example

Using blank cards for your next event is advantageous because you can easily customize them to whatever you want. At the same time, you can utilize it for various occasions.

blank floral wedding birthday greeting card design template 56e5a6771d337e583eee0850d73cb1be


25. Engagement Card Design

It is a courtesy to send a congratulatory message to an engagement event, especially if the bride or groom-to-be is a close friend or relative. Send some flowers along with the design of your card as a symbol of compliments.

engagement greeting card templateUse This Engagement Greeting Card Design

26. Mother’s Day Card Design

It’s always worth celebrating Mother’s Day with a simple yet meaningful message of thanks. May it be through words or actions. Show your appreciation by showing you care.

simple mothers day card templateUse This Simple Mother's Day Card Design

27. Valentine Card Design

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone through lovely words and actions. Accompany gifts with a card containing a short but sweet message with some floral designs.

floral valentines day cardUse This Floral Valentines Card Design

28. Anniversary Card Design

A company cannot grow without its employees. It’s also difficult to find loyal employees that stay dedicated. Show appreciation for work anniversaries by sending them a thoughtful card.

happy work anniversary card templateUse This Happy Work Anniversary Card Design

29. Credit Card Example

Banking companies take the time to design credit cards that would differentiate their plans based on their appearance. Take the time to carefully and efficiently consider ideas for it.



30. Gym Card Design

A gym rack card gives you the pieces of information you need to know about the services a fitness establishment offers. It’s also advantageous to utilize photographs of members or instructors tied to the gym.

sample elegant gym rack card templateUse This Elegant Gym Rack Card Design

31. Elegant Business Card Design

A combination of professionalism and luxury makes up an elegant business card. These are usually of simple design yet show a company’s brand in a sophisticated manner.

clean elegant business card templateUse This Clean Elegant Business Card Design

32. Farewell Card Design

Saying goodbyes is already hard, and sometimes, it is easier to tell it through a farewell card. A simple message to mention your sincerest words through writing is enough to show someone that you care.

editable farewell card templateUse This Editable Farewell Card Design

33. DL Card Design

DL cards have standardized dimensions and are commonly for promoting business services or products. The space on DL cards is limited so utilize the area to put essential information.

staffing agency dl card templateUse This Staffing Agency DL Card Design

34. New Year Card Example

Celebrate the New Year with a bang! Make use of the firework design in your greeting by using various shapes for a minimalistic design.

minimalist new year greeting card design template bf98aea24a3905fa78dc50a39bcc45b


35. Report Card Design

Educational institutions make use of report cards to show student performance in various subjects and courses. Ensure that the card contains the name of each subject and the corresponding grading rubric.

free school progress report card templateUse This School Progress Report Card Design

36. Law Card Design

Law firms make use of legal rack cards to highlight their specialties and services to potential clients. It’s also advisable to include design elements that represent symbols of law services.

simple legal services rack card templateUse This Simple Legal Services Rack Card Design

37. Eid Card Design

Celebrate Eid Al Fitr with Muslim brothers and sisters by sending them a card to commemorate the holiday, wishing them an abundance of blessings and good health.

simple eid al fitr card templateUse This Simple Eid Al Fitr Card Design

38. Congratulation Card Design

Say your compliments through a memorable and well-decorated congratulation card. Celebrate with a light sparkle of confetti on your card’s design.

congratulations card templateUse This Congratulation Card Design

39. Handmade Card Example

There’s always something personal when it comes to creating handmade cards. Incorporating floral designs into the card and paper folded papers gives it a special message.



40. Time Card Design

In every work establishment, time cards are responsible for keeping track of employee’s time in and out. It serves as the management’s basis for performance reviews and compensation.

employee time card templateUse This Employee Time Card Design

41. Name Card Design

At wedding receptions, name cards help identify guest’s seating arrangements. Remember to include the table number and guest’s name on the card to ensure they won’t get lost.

free multi place wedding name card templateUse This Multi Place Wedding Card Design

42. Rack Card Design

Rack cards serve a similar purpose as brochures and give your clients an idea of the services and products you offer. Ensure you indicate contact details on it so clients can reach you to avail of either.

minimalist rack card templateUse This Minimalist Rack Card Design

43. Holiday Card Design

It’s a season of greetings, and giving out holiday cards to people close to you tells them that you remember to celebrate with them, even just through writing. Incorporate a joyful greeting along with a meaningful photo to represent the holiday.

holiday greeting photo card templateUse This Holiday Greeting Photo Card Design

44. Game Card Example

Enjoy the game night by using personalized cards similar to the ones you see in gaming magazines. Let your creativity shine through each design of the card to make it more unique.

shot cropped 1565091512150


45. Computer Repair Business Card Design

With the continuing rise of technology, computer repair businesses continue to gain clients. Compose your business card with elements involving tech to give it a relatable look.

computer repair business card templateUse This Computer Repair Business Card Design

46. Baseball Card Design

For decades, many baseball fans took it upon themselves to collect limited edition baseball cards of their favorite teams and players. Also, indicate the photo of the player and their game statistics.

free baseball trading card templateUse This Baseball Trading Card Design

47. Square Business Card Design

Recently, various sizes and shapes of business cards have come to light, and one of the popular selections lean on square shapes.

modern square business card templateUse This Modern Square Business Card Design

48. Graduation Card Design

Graduation day is a memorable celebration, and giving out graduation cards commemorates graduates’ hard work and helps give them confidence for the future.

happy graduation card templateUse This Happy Graduation Card Design

49. Note Card Example

Personalized and simple notecards give a sense of professionalism when it comes to working. Include your name on your notes to know which pad belongs to whom.



50. Black Business Card Design

Black business cards give a sense of sophistication and luxury. Pair it with colors such as gold, white, and silver with simple elements like borders.

modern black business card templateUse This Modern Black Business Card Design


Cards are used for different purposes and come in various shapes and sizes. Whether for personal or professional use, making sure the card’s content shows its true objective. Most cards have the following components, especially for business purposes.

1. The Container

The container or the block holds all of the elements of the card. The size also determines how much content the card can hold, including the breathing spaces that give it a well-put look.

It is necessary to indicate the company logo, especially if you are using cards for business purposes. It also pays to include the company’s name close to it.

3. The Header Text

The header text represents the title or the main greeting of the card. These letters are usually bigger than the rest of the text to emphasize their importance.

4. The Sub-head

Sub-headings give added information to the title, usually a single phrase or sentence. It can also be used as a part of an introduction for presenting your company, a product, or a service.

5. The Photo

Including design elements such as a photo, help market your business, especially if you are presenting your product for purchase. It also helps to include the best products or launching products as the main media element.

6. The Description

Your description delves into further detail, including contact information and product or service descriptions. Remember to dedicate just enough space to elaborate on these items in your card.


What is a card template?

Card templates are used to create different card designs relating to business or personal use. It incorporates various elements and aesthetics, may it be modern, simple, creative, or elegant.

How to make cards online?

  • Select a template that fits the occasion
  • Personalize your card’s message
  • Customize the font face, font size, color, and logo
  • Download for printing or share it through social media

What is a greeting card?

Greeting cards are illustrative messages that express affection, gratitude, sympathy, and other emotions, humorously or seriously.

What types of paper are cards printed on?

  • Cardstock
  • Construction paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Origami paper
  • Gloss paper

Can you make your own cards?

You can create your own cards for business or personal use. It is also advisable to get started from ready-made templates if you have no prior idea of the design elements.