Top 10 Construction Bidding Websites

An enterprise that’s starting a construction business needs to find appropriate and substantial projects to become relevant in the industry. So, instead of bouncing from one plausible development building plan to another—with the possibility of the work unfit for the construction company—the enterprise can make use of bidding websites. 10-best-construction-bidding-websites-you-should-watch-out-for

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Top 10 Construction Bidding Websites

These websites would become a tool for finding the best partner when it comes to preconstruction and construction plans. Similar to the bidding processes between companies in a predetermined meeting, a bidding website provides a list of projects and packages. You can also find information about the project biddings and the trends of the construction industry when you check the website. And if you’re worried about identifying the site to use when searching for your preferred projects, it would be a good idea for you to read on in this article.


The McGraw-Hill Construction, a subsidiary of the S&P Global, formerly McGraw-Hill Financial Inc. (2013-2016), is under the supervision of Dodge Data and Analytics. With more than one million clients, the website produces on-demand news results and forecasts. The company offers construction risk analysis and data for construction businesses looking for their next big project.

Meanwhile, construction companies focusing on project cost analysis and construction equipment analysis can visit the website to see their options. After all, construction companies need to assess the feasibility of the project and the possible advantages of the venture. Aside from that, comparing the analysis from different projects is possible through this website.

Construction Market Data (CMD)


Formerly Reed Construction Data, the Construction Market Data (CMD) Group is one of the premier providers of construction business information. The company, known for its commendable construction bid services, publishes monthly construction market data to its valued customers.

The group collects data from thousands of planning and bidding projects that go into the system every year. Besides providing historical data for the convenience of users, the contract between the owner and builder has the highest confidentiality level. And to make the task easier, it employs a construction bid management in its administrative processes. The CMD Group also includes post-bid phases for both the builder and owner.


Although not managed by government officials or agencies, offers a list of all government projects and contracts, including a procurement system, that construction companies can view. It has a filter mechanism that allows construction bidding companies to choose their preferred projects easily.

There’s also construction quotations on top of the proposals listed on the site. However, do note that the website requires a subscription before viewing any construction proposals and pending local and state projects. Even with payment, you can enjoy an array of bid documents to help in the construction business’s decision-making process. Unlike most government bidding websites, this one contains a comfortable layout.



Founded in 1993, iSqFt specializes as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that’s a ‘mediator’ between manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, and resource suppliers. Through a merger in 2016, the company is now part of the ConstructConnect enterprise. As a commercial bidding website, iSqFt uses high-class construction bid software to suit the needs of users.

Moreover, the website creates specifications such as construction bid estimating to avoid delays. iSqFt also uses a construction bid worksheet to monitor the listings of the general contractors and subcontractors registered on the website. As clients have the option to send direct invites to their favored contractors, work relationships flourish in this system.



ConstructionWire, established by BuildCentral, provides a well-maintained, organized, and clean database for construction projects, whether it’s on hold (pending), active, or complete. Through a dropdown box titled ‘stages,’ subcontractors and general contractors can view specific project reports.

Considered to be one of the best websites to use when searching for projects, ConstructionWire also contains commercial construction bid estimates and commercial construction business plans that builders have access to once they subscribe to the site. In general, the site houses data for company reports, project reports, and people reports. Subscribers can also view the general information of their preferred contractors or subcontractors.


With the modernization and innovation undertaken by the General Services Administration (GSA), ten legacy award systems of the federal government merged in one website for more contract opportunities. The Federal Business Opportunities, commonly known as, became the third website to retire following a rebirth in

After the merge, acquired a section on the website. After a subscription, commercial vendors, public consumers, construction companies can view project plans, construction project contracts, and project investment proposals in the new site by using the search button. Before the fusion, the webpage had no subscriptions.


Like iSqFt and CMD Group, BidClerk became part of the ConstructConnect Company in 2016. The website which focuses on project details regardless if its on-pause, ongoing, or finished, has four tools on the main page.


Instead of endlessly browsing the website, this email alert system informs clients about projects that match their interests.

Powerful Search

Having information about projects all over the country, the search system guarantees users that precise plans appear when searched.

Searchable Documents

With comprehensive databases, customers can quickly find contractor bid estimate templates to use for projects.

Analytics and Forecasting

With a built-in analytics tool, clients can swiftly process the estimating and bidding for heavy construction in the project. Through geographic mapping devices, users can easily plot their plans. These search parameters make locating the projects an easy task for customers. Besides a user-friendly site, it has a mobile-compatible format.

Construction Bid Source


Construction Bid Source, an online publication, produces data about the status of construction projects all over the US. In 2005, Regis Communications, the owner of the website, launched a redesigned version of the website to fit the changing sphere of technology. Over the years, the site continues to be the main source of contractor bid dates for contractors and subcontractors alike.

Despite the abundance of information on the website, it doesn’t have the trendiest interface. Although lacking in that area, the site is sought out by many contractors. The bidding website offers two versions for the viewers. With the free version, the customers can do construction bid advertisements for their proposed and ongoing projects while also viewing the other projects. Meanwhile, the paid version grants information sharing and the download option for documents. Clients can secure construction bid templates by subscribing to the paid version of the website.



The Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA), a company located in Canada, handles the affairs of BidCentral. SICA has different leaders teaming up to produce world-class service on all sectors and stages of the construction industry. The homepage of the enterprise has a membership subscription. Furthermore, the company applies this method to BidCentral’s primary page.

Besides training plan services and job and career offerings, SICA also has safety measures for the benefit of the users. On the other hand, BidCentral is the only construction business managed by SICA. While doing other activities, the enterprise still continues their revisions with the website to make it the best option for trade and service contractors. Once the user subscribes to the commercial website, they can send an invitation to bid to their favored contractors or subcontractors. The clients can also utilize construction bid checklists, construction reports, and templates to make their writing process more comfortable.


Established in 1993, Biddingo started as a distributing and purchasing assistance for the public. Focusing on bidding and delivering services, the company is one of the trusted companies in Canada. Even with changes in technological instruments, Biddingo remains the contracting portal for different enterprises—small to large organizations, and everything in between. Today, the website boasts an easy-to-navigate interface with the listing of new bids that reflect monthly and real-time bidding projects of registered clients.

Whether it’s a residential construction bid or commercial construction bid, viewers can look through the listed names. Some builders apply a bidding strategy to acquire the projects they need, while others choose plans that fit their construction business’ objectives. Biddingo has a system that contains contractor bid sheets, proposals, and assessment documents. To avoid confusion, the company uses these tools to assure all clients that they are in reliable hands.


In this modern age, construction software provides the most relevant tools when searching for suitable projects. The importance of technology—an epitome of human advancement and research capacity—is noticeable if you look everywhere, and most especially when it comes to the activities that mold the current civilization. And by that the manufacturing of goods, building of establishments, and growth of society’s understanding of the world. Through software, articles, construction newsletters, companies are aware of the construction business trends, which in turn makes the process of project bidding a more manageable activity. As a whole, commercial websites with the aid of technology makes the construction industry better off.

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