Top 10 Magazines Every Construction Business Owner Should Follow

The world of construction need not be boring or uninformative. Although it has become easy in recent years to look for information online regarding top construction software and the latest construction business trends, there is another medium that has remained a valuable source over the years. top-10-must-read-construction-business-magazine

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Top 10 Magazines Every Construction Business Owner Should Follow

Magazines have been in print ever since the creation of the printing press and the ones that focus on construction are no exception. If you ever tire of websites and endless scrolling, this article provides ten construction magazines that are highly recommended for your browsing pleasure.

Construction News Magazine

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First established in the year 1871, Construction News Magazine is a weekly publication with enough content to help you come up with a competent construction and engineering business plan that is guaranteed to augment your company’s construction services even further. This is possible not just because of the magazine’s high-quality articles that provide the necessary information, but also the supplementary content found on its website. It is there that you can avail of its digital and events services. As a construction business owner, such great benefits are going to be quite invaluable to the growth of your company’s operations.

The Master Builder Magazine

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Master Builder magazine is the official publication of the Master Builders Association. Founded in 1909, with headquarters stationed at Bellevue, Washington, the organization had plenty of time to establish itself as the authority on residential construction. Those who focus on that particular area of construction are guaranteed to find the magazine’s tutorials quite innovative.

Business owners will be able to draw up a building construction contract with greater ease after browsing through Master Builder magazine’s pages, for example. You can also expect topics that focus on building construction cost estimates. Although it is only periodically released, there’s much to look forward to with this publication’s contents

Building Magazine

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Another one of the United Kingdom’s oldest publications is Building Magazine, which was founded back in 1843. Its original name was The Builder, launched by Birmingham Town Hall’s architect, Joseph Aloysius. This magazine is famous for being the only UK publication to cover the full extent of the building or construction industry.

For construction business owners, not only is this a great resource for both industry news and job postings, but it also has a website that serves as an archive containing more than 80,000 articles. The creation of a construction risk analysis or a construction SWOT analysis, for instance, should not be a problem once you have a copy of Building Magazine by your side.

Builder Online

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Owned and operated by Hanley Wood, Builder Online is considered by many to be the premier source of information in regards to many aspects of the construction industry. Its founders, Michael J. Hanley and Michael M. Wood, first began their company as a custom publisher back in 1976 and have not looked back since.

Whether your company is trying to focus on resources that concern commercial design or residential, you can bet that Builder Online has got you covered. Building finance, home building finance, and overall building construction planning, among other topics, can now be made that much easier for construction business owners who choose to visit this online publication on the regular.

Constructor Magazine

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For business owners who are looking for ways to develop their strategies of success, then Constructor Magazine is yet another great choice as a source of industry information. As the flagship publication of the Associated General Contractors of America, any reader will benefit from its numerous articles—all of which, provide in-depth analysis and coverage of the construction industry as a whole.

The online version is just as helpful, especially when it comes to the exclusive content offered. You’re free to read and learn from various topics like construction safety at heights, driver shortages, the myriad design challenges faced by builders today, and the nuances of a contract between owner and builder, among many others.

Construction Business Owner Magazine

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First launched in August of 2004, Construction Business Owner Magazine has since been referred to as ‘The Business Management Magazine for Contractors.’ As a different kind of publication, this magazine focuses on topics and information specifically catered to those whose status as construction company owners will find genuine value in it.

Among the many topics, you can expect out of this will include construction safety, technology, accounting, finance, the creation of a marketing plan for your construction company, construction safety plans, and more. Among its article authors are well-known and highly experienced professionals who lend credibility to each piece written.

Engineering News-Record (ENR) Magazine

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This is particular publication has been referred to as ‘the bible of the construction industry.’ When looking at its history, ENR can be traced back to two different publications: The Engineer and Surveyor and The Plumber and Sanitary Engineer. The two merged back in 1917, creating the leading construction news and engineering magazine that is still going strong today.

Those who need some help with their construction business plan or the creation of an owner and architect agreement can always consult this as the definitive authority on such documents. Each year, its editors gather to decide and recognize twenty-five individuals who have done the most to the construction industry for the year.

Equipment World Magazine

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Without the right equipment at the disposal of their workers, construction business owners would go nowhere with their companies. Browsing through the contents of Equipment World Magazine is a fine way to keep yourself updated on the latest construction tools and equipment.

In addition to features and analysis of new technology, you can also read up on topics about equipment lease proposal, cost analysis, and construction materials schedule, among several others. By keeping informed, business owners can not only attain a level of productivity and success with their projects, but they can do so as safely as possible.

Construction Equipment Magazine

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Serving as both a trade publication and an online site, Construction Equipment is just what you need if you find yourself in need of info about the likes of construction contractors, materials, and specific equipment. This wonderful magazine got its start back in 1949. Subscribers will be able to enjoy product evaluations, contracting proposals, and fleet management topics.

Only in this publication, you will be able to see how perfectly the nuances of a contract between engineer and contractor are captured. To top it all off, each December issue features a list compiled by its editors Rod Sutton, Walt Moore, and Frank Raczon regarding the Top 100 New Products of that particular year.


As you can see, there are a lot of well-made and incredibly reliable magazines that construction business owners can’t go wrong with checking out. These publications, along with more extensive construction business books, will not only help you refine your techniques when it comes to building, but it will also allow you the chance to discover and analyze the many construction business trends as they come along.

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