50+ Flow Chart Designs, Format & Examples 2022

In businesses, schools, and even households, people go through various methods of sorting and sequencing multiple processes. Having an order or hierarchy helps individuals to focus on following steps, also serving as a guide. Flow charts help in settling a proper sequence to help go even through the simplest of activities. 50-flow-chart-designs-format-examples-2021

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50+ Flow Chart Designs, Format & Examples 2022

It helps to have a way to organize in the workplace, and one way to do that is by using various charts. Each chart caters to different situations, and it is best to utilize them for the particular purposes that they serve to get the best out of them. Below are 50 flow chart ideas and inspirations you can use for your next plan or presentation.

1. Process Flow Chart Design

Flow charts do not have to be necessarily long or complicated, as long as it shows the correct process or method. Take the example below and incorporate various colors to differentiate one idea from another.

free-process-flowchart-template-440x570-1Use This Process Flowchart Design

2. University Flow Chart Design

Creating a well-informed university application process is what every incoming student needs. Keep the words brief yet informative that clearly explains each step of the process.

example-university-flowchartUse This Example University Flowchart Design

3. Warehouse Flow Chart Design

Who says that flow charts have to be standardized? Including icons are effective in showing the process of warehouse inventory systems and becomes advantageous to everyone. As long as it helps with the flow, use them on the chart.

warehouse-inventory-management-process-flowchartUse This Warehouse Inventory Management Process Flowchart Design

4. Travel Flow Chart Design

Planning travel itineraries do not have to go on forever and ends up getting very complicated. Sometimes, having one track for all your travel needs is the way to go. Use various shapes than the standard circles or boxes.

travel-flowchart-templateUse This Travel Flowchart Design

5. Software Flow Chart Design

In using flow charts, it pays to incorporate various ideas to make things easier and uncomplicated. Include a table to group certain steps in the flow chart is commendable, especially when it comes to software processes.

software-service-cross-functional-flowchartUse This Software Service Cross Functional Flowchart Design

6. Training Flow Chart Example

Training flow charts tend to be long and plain, but incorporating various colors and elements into the charts makes them more engaging and enjoyable to do. Take the design below to engage your employees during training sessions.


7. Sports Flow Chart Design

It takes a great deal to plan out sports programs or training programs for athletes. It is necessary to consider various factors, including assessments and classes, then breaking them down into more specific items.

sports-flowchart-2Use This Sports Flowchart Design

8. Restaurant Flow Chart Design

Using various design ideas help with taking in the processes a lot clearer interactively. Let’s say for restaurant establishments, use a similar design to execute a chain of command that goes to show the multiple branches you have.

restaurant-social-media-flowchartUse This Restaurant Social Media Flowchart Design

9. Social Media Flow Chart Design

Flow charts are meant to show step-by-step processes of plans or services. Getting creative with the design ensures that not only the content is promising but the presentation as well. Give a round of social media processes to increase your sales.

social-media-flowchartUse This Social Media Flowchart Design

10. Research Flow Chart Design

In creating a research design, you must put in a lot of work on getting all details correct to get approval. It also means that the way you present your work captivates your audience and adding a slice of creativity does the trick.

research-design-flowchartUse This Research Design Flowchart Design

11. Medical Flow Chart Design

Incorporating various ideas into a chart can make it entertaining and informative at the same time. Take a medical flow chart. The one below is similar to cells traveling a pathway.

medical-records-flowchartUse This Medical Flowchart Design

12. Business Flow Chart Example

Keep your presentations about business plans brief and simple. However, using flow charts in a business setting must show professionalism, and adding subtle hints of shadow does the trick.



13. Accounting Flow Chart Design

Every company must have an accounting flow chart that details the processes it takes to take care of all monetary funds. Ensure that the content is clear and concise without having to ask questions.

sample-accounting-flowchart-4Use This Accounting Flowchart Design

14. Website Flow Chart Example

In creating website flowcharts, it is necessary to give an audience a reason to continue reading. It is necessary to use informative yet creative ways by incorporating mini cards.



15. Payroll Flow Chart Design

When it comes to employee payroll, it is essential to detail the processes involved, including deductions, benefits, and other matters. Ensure that it clearly describes the company’s process.

basic-payroll-flowchartUse This Basic Payroll Flowchart Design

16. Project Flow Chart Design

Whether a school or business project, it is necessary for a chart that details all the processes and sequences in observing and executing the plan. Ensure that the flow is easily comprehensible.

project-flowchartUse This Project Flowchart Design

17. IT Flow Chart Design

For tech companies, the department that makes the necessary adjustments, plans, and processes about computers is found in the IT department. Comprehensible yet simple plans are key for flow chart design.

it-flowchartUse This IT Flowchart Design

18. Engineering Flow Chart Design

There are various fields in engineering, and each field requires different processes for things to work. However, it is essential to do risk assessments, designing, maintenance as components to any process.

editable-engineering-flowchartUse This Engineering Flowchart Design

19. Infographic Flow Chart Example

Creativity gets you places, so do not be afraid to explore all possibilities when designing or marketing advertisements. Make a flow chart that showcases the coffee-making process of your cafe restaurant.



20. Program Flow Chart Design

Flow charts are very effective when it comes to creating a particular program, whether business or school-related. Make use of various shapes and colors to enhance the look.

it-program-flowchart-2Use This IT Program Flowchart Design

21. Ordering System Flow Chart Design

In every e-commerce platform, an ordering system shows customers the process of purchasing products and services. Ensure there is a clear process presented for various payment methods.

ecommerce-order-process-flowchartUse This Ecommerce Order Process Flowchart Design

22. School Flow Chart Design

Instead of a school schedule in the form of tables, you can utilize a school flow chart to get more creative. Just ensure you indicate your calendar in an orderly manner.

sample-school-flowchart-2Use This School Flowchart Design

23. Hotel Flow Chart Example

Many clients ask questions about hotel booking or payment processes, and adding a splash of creativity brings limitless possibilities in gaining attention.



24. Recruitment Flow Chart Design

A company must be clear about its hiring process, and the HR Department can make that happen. It is also helpful to indicate numbers on the flow chart for a clear picture.

hr-hiring-process-flowchartUse This HR Hiring Process Flowchart Design

25. Finance Flow Chart Design

If you are looking into settling or planning on finances, creating a financial flow chart works wonders. It also gives you an idea of how you should spend your money wisely.

simple-finance-flowchart-2Use This Finance Flowchart Design

26. Communication Flow Chart Design

It is best to explain the basics of communication through a flow chart design because it is easier to comprehend and leads to further questions whenever necessary.

communication-flowchartUse This Communication Flowchart Design

27. Pharma Flow Chart Design

In a pharmaceutical establishment, certain processes are standard and must always be established. Create a simple yet comprehensible chart that details exactly what’s going on.

sample-pharma-flowchart-2Use This Pharma Flowchart Design

28. Manufacturing Flow Chart Example

In creating products, manufacturing establishments create standard processes and protocols to ensure their outcomes are of high quality.



29. Sales Flow Chart Design

For many companies, it is necessary to monitor the sales process of the products and services they offer. Ensure you have the most accurate data by following your company’s flow chart.

sales-flowchart-template-1Use This Sales Flowchart Design

30. Supply Chain Flow Chart Design

An organization must have a proper and efficient logistics plan. Create a flow chart that also incorporates a design that corresponds to the processes involved.

supply-chain-flowchartUse This Supply Chain Flowchart Design

31. Employee Assessment Flow Chart Design

Each recruited employee undergoes specific examinations and training to become a fit for a position, and a flow chart details the process.

new-employee-flowchartUse This New Employee Flowchart Design

32. Quality Control Flow Chart Design

Every company must strictly follow quality control measures in ensuring that its products are of high grade. Emphasizing the process through large arrows guarantees observance.

quality-control-process-flowchartUse This New Employee Flowchart Design

33. Marketing Flow Chart Example

Getting creative with your marketing flow charts encourages your team to take the time to see the process involved by using the right tools.



34. Advertising Flow Chart Design

Advertising plans are necessary to increase your brand’s reach. You can incorporate various colors into your design depending on how you see fit.

digital-advertising-flowchartUse This Digital Advertising Flowchart Design

35. Behavior Flow Chart Design

In a school or company setting, behavior assessments are necessary. A detailed flow chart helps with the process of assessing employees and students.

behavior-flowchartUse This Behavior Flowchart Design

36. Environmental Flow Chart Design

Environmental flow charts are helpful when it comes to planning environmental plans or projects as they follow a standard process. Ensure that the flow chart design is simple yet comprehensive.

simple-environmental-flowchartUse This Environmental Flowchart

37. Production Flow Chart Design

For any establishment that is in the manufacturing industry, a production line follows certain guidelines. The company’s flow chart must detail the proper means of production.

simple-production-flowchart-2Use This Production Flowchart Design

38. Insurance Flow Chart Design

If you are an owner or a part of an insurance agency, it is mandatory to learn about the processes of the security plans you are offering clients.

life-insurance-flowchartUse This Life Insurance Flowchart Design

39. Recruitment Flow Chart Example

Various companies have their unique ways of the recruitment process. It is especially true for newer companies in the current generation. Remember to write down all necessary steps and use various designs to help individuals remember.



40. Construction Flow Chart Design

Every construction company holds strict protocol in executing their jobs. A flow chart establishes the proper processes and tasks each employee undergoes during the project.

sample-construction-flow-chart-2Use This Construction Flowchart Design

41. Media Flow Chart Design

Various forms of media are used when it comes to increasing your brand’s reputation. Create a process that helps reach a broader audience to increase sales of the company.

media-campaign-flowchartUse This Media Campaign Flowchart Design

42. Change Management Flow Chart Design

Change management is a process that affects parts or the entire organization. As such, proper measures help keep the company intact and apply the changes to the particular departments.

sample-change-management-flowchartUse This Change Management Flowchart Design

43. Organizational Structure Flow Chart Example

Each company structure and department carry an organizational chart showcasing the employees and their respective positions. It is helpful to include photos accompanying the general details of employees.



44. Audit Flow Chart Design

In all auditing processes, there are specific steps that a person undergoes to receive an audit report. Ensure that your flow chart design clearly shows the process and incorporates visual elements.

basic-audit-flowchartUse This Basic Audit Flowchart Design

45. Manufacturing Management Flow Chart Design

In manufacturing plants and organizations, the management team must focus their attention on maintaining the quality of products. Keeping a detailed flow chart helps with quality control measures.

manufacturing-management-flowchartUse This Manufacturing Management Flowchart Design

46. Data Management Flow Chart Design

Data management is an integral part of the company. It is necessary to undergo processes that keep all files up to date and secure. Incorporate icons on your flow charts to accompany the design structure.

data-management-flowchartUse This Data Management Flowchart Design

47. Event Planning Flow Chart Design

The best events follow a detailed and structured plan. Having an event flow chart ensures that all necessary steps are for a successful event.

event-planning-flowchartUse This Event Planning Flowchart Design

48. Bank Isometric Flow Chart Example

The infographic bank isometric flow chart below details the various processes a single bank encounters in everyday operations.



49. Office Flow Chart Design

An office flow chart details the workflow of employees in an organization. It sets the standards of a typical workday, along with an employee’s expected outputs at the end of the day.

office-flowchartUse This Office Flowchart Design

50. Personal Flow Chart Design

Flow charts can be made for personal use. It can detail the daily activities of an individual. It’s one way of expressing individual creativity rather than using tables to create schedules.

basic-personal-flowchartUse This Basic Personal Flowchart Design


More recently, flow charts take in many forms and incorporate various design ideas. However, a flow chart incorporates basic shapes that have significant meanings and are standard in flow charts. It is necessary to know what each of them means.

1. The Oval

The ovals represent the beginning and end of a process in a flow chart. It is also known as the terminator symbol. The flow chart must have at least two oval symbols.

2. The Rectangle

The rectangle is the standard symbol to represent a single step. It is the process or action symbol of the flow chart. It is the most common symbol you see in the flow chart and the workhorse of the entire diagram. It is used for the main steps and subcategories of the chart.

3. The Arrow

It suggests the directional flow of each component of the chart. As there are different choices and formats of arrows, utilize one or two designs to keep the diagram clean and to help emphasize different steps in the process.

4. The Diamond

The diamond shape indicates that the step requires the individual or group to decide to move on to the next steps. The decision can be answered by a typical yes or no, or be composed of multiple choices. Ensure you write all possible choices in the diagram to proceed.

5. The Document

The document symbol can be single or multiple. It shows that various documents are points of reference within the flow chart.

6. Merging and Connecting

The merging and connecting symbols come in three types. An inverted triangle that shows a merging of processes, an inverted pentagon that serves as an off-page connector, and a circle used as a connector to show the process across various charts or pages.

7. The Delay

The delay symbol pertains to a waiting period that is still part of the process. It is also called the wait symbol.


How do you create a flow chart?

Five tips can help in creating a comprehensive flowchart:

  • Keep your design elements consistent
  • Restrict the chart within a single page
  • Flow the process from left to right
  • Be cautious in using the decision symbol and split path
  • Place return lines below the flow chart diagram

Which is correct: flowchart or flow chart?

Flowchart and flow chart are both grammatically correct.

What are the types of flow charts?

  • Process flowchart
  • Swimlane flowchart
  • Workflow diagram
  • Data flow diagram

What are the basic symbols of a flow chart?

The basic symbols of flow charts are an oval, box or rectangle, arrows, and a diamond.

What is the purpose of a flow chart?

A flow chart portrays a sequential order of various processes used in manufacturing, marketing, organization, and projects. It also establishes effective communication, analysis, coding, and documentation.