50+ Flyer Designs, Format & Examples

What comes to mind when you think of flyers? The answer will definitely depend on whom you ask. One of the first things that many will say, however, is the many gorgeous designs and formats. Even with all the modern methods, we have at our disposal, it isn’t unreasonable to consider your next flyer design. flyer-designs-format-examples

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To create a flyer of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several flyer designs for inspiration and ideas for your own flyer.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and print as required


50+ Flyer Designs, Format & Examples

There are many elements that make up successful flyers. To list them all down here would not do them justice. Instead, take a good look at the many editable flyers with their designs and formats below. From there, you can decide for yourself which ones are best suited for your specific needs.

1. Commercial Flyer Design

Power in flyers can mean simplicity. As seen in our commercial flyer example below, the impact of the chosen image (a commercial building), coupled with a well-thought-out heading, makes for a highly effective design.

commercial-lease-realestate-flyer-template Use This Commercial Lease Realestate Flyer

2. Apartment Flyer Design

The multiple squares and lines within the design make this apartment flyer rather modern. A look at the actual apartment building in the background is also a nice touch.

apartment-flyer-template-1 Use This Apartment Flyer

3. Real Estate Flyer Example



4. Product Flyer Design

When you have exciting new products to promote, then those can become the prime focus of your flyer design. A great example would be our product flyer templates, among others.

product-flyer-template Use This Product Flyer

5. Samsung Product Flyer Example



6. Budweiser Product Flyer Example



7. AVEDA Product Flyer Example



8. H&M Product Flyer Example



9. Concert Flyer Design

The background used in this concert flyer template says more than any paragraph. The attitude, the atmosphere, and the angles are all perfectly chosen for this specific flyer design.

free-rock-concert-flyer-template1 Use This Rock Concert Flyer

10. DJ Flyer Design

Concerts, gatherings, parties…we can go on and on about the events that may need a DJ. Promoting DJ services through flyers like this DJ flyer template will require the same vibes and energy.

dj-advertising-flyer-template Use This DJ Advertising Flyer

11. Music Flyer Example



12. Pepsi Concert Flyer Example



13. Food Flyer Design

Our wonderful pizza flyer template design below is meant to entice through the use of mouth-watering images of the actual food item itself. The same goes for the KFC flyer example below that. See how the presentation captures the imagination.

pizza-advertisement-flyer-template Use This Pizza Advertisement Flyer

14. Menu Flyer Design

If you want to draw more people into your restaurant, then one surefire way to do so would be by revealing your menu. Take note of what this menu flyer design brings to the table.

food-menu-bakery-flyer-template Use This Food Menu Bakery Flyer

15. KFC Flyer Example



16. Starbucks Flyer Example



17. Grand Opening Event Flyer Design

Whether it’s meeting people for the first time or launching your brand new business, first impressions matter. Be direct like this grand opening flyer design example!

grand-opening-party-flyer-template Use This Grand Opening Party Flyer

18. Promotional Event Flyer Design

When promoting something–be it a sale or a new service–remember that it pays to communicate everything important about it. As seen in our promotional flyer example below, it mentions how much certain items are on sale for and the design is direct and powerful.

cyber-monday-promotional-flyer-template Use This Cyber Monday Promotional Flyer

19. Disney Event Flyer Example



20. Walmart Event Flyer Example



21. Cleaning Services Flyer Design

When promoting a cleaning service through a cleaning flyer, it’s best to show off what you can actually do. As seen in the example below, each grid shows off a different aspect of the services, which can set expectations for potential clients.

cleaning-company-flyer-template1 Use This Cleaning Company Flyer

22. Car Wash Flyer Services Design

This car wash flyer provides a winning design and it’s obvious from the get-go!

simple-car-wash-flyer-template Use This Simple Car Wash Flyer

23. Day Care Services Flyer Design

A simplistic daycare flyer, like the one below, can be attractive whilst being very easy to make.

in-home-daycare-flyer-template Use This In Home Daycare Flyer

24. Tutoring Services Flyer Design

A bit of everything went into the designing of our tutoring flyer template below. The text is direct, the information available is clear, and the images used not too bold nor are they easy to ignore. Everything is appropriately placed as well.

tutoring-flyer-template Use This Tutoring Flyer

25. Pet Walking Service Flyer Design

Humanity’s great soft spot for furry friends leaves us with no shortage of pet flyer templates. As for its design, the color coordination here is on point; the text and its placement also work out beautifully. Lastly, we have the main focus of the flyer itself: the pet. Cute and more than a bit appealing, it’s the cherry on top that takes this flyer to the next level.

dog-walker-flyer-template Use This Dog Walker Flyer

26. Babysitting Service Flyer Example



27. Football Flyer Design

Baseball may be America’s favorite pastime, but football isn’t too far behind. Some of our best flyers include our football flyer templates, all of which capture the pageantry and excitement that these games bring!

football-game-flyer-template Use This Football Game Flyer

28. Fitness Flyer Design

“No Pain, No Gain.” Everyone’s heard of that slogan by now and you can see it plain across the man’s face in the fitness flyer design example below. It doesn’t always have to feature the grit involved or the pain; hard work can also mean camaraderie and joint accomplishment.

free-gym-flyer-template1 Use This Gym Flyer

29. MMA Flyer Example



30. Christmas Flyer Design

Is there any holiday that comes close to how beloved Christmas is? Even those of a secular disposition are bound to find themselves charmed by flyers like the church holiday flyer example below.

free-christmas-holiday-flyer-template Use This Christmas Holiday Flyer

31. Halloween Flyer Design

A close second to Christmas would be Halloween. Nothing else comes close to how iconic the visual elements are of this holiday, as seen in the Halloween flyer example below.

free-halloween-terror-night-flyer-template1 Use This Halloween Terror Night Flyer

32. Valentines Flyer Design

Though any day can be as romantic as Valentine’s day, there’s just something about February 14th that makes many couples giddy and excited. A valentines flyer design does not have to be over-the-top. Like love itself, it just has to be authentic.

valentines-day-heart-flyer-template Use This Valentine's Day Heart Flyer

33. Fall Flyer Design

There’s just something about the fall season that brings thoughts of comfort and cheer before the cold winter comes. Illicit that feeling by emulating this fall flyer design example.

fall-festival-flyer-template Use This Fall Festival Flyer

34. Summer Camp Flyer Design

A simplistic and cartoonish design, like the one shown in our camp flyer template below, easily relates to children as well as adults.

summer-camp-flyer-template Use This Summer Camp Flyer

35. Spring Flyer Example



36. Carnival Flyer Design

The good kind of chaos is often embodied in carnivals. As you can see, all it takes is a bunch of well-drawn imagery, select use of text, and the right information to get a carnival flyer like ours going.

circus-carnival-flyer-template Use This Circus Carnival Flyer

37. Mardi Gras Flyer Design

Like many celebrations, Mardi Gras is always going to attract people no matter what. By bringing all of its associated icons and elements to life, a Mardi Gras flyer design like the one below can be an excellent way to bring in an even greater crowd!

carnival-mardi-gras-party-flyer-template Use This Carnival Mardi Gras Party Flyer

38. Dance Flyer Design

Of the many art forms out there, dancing may be among the most exciting to witness and participate in. Exude the same vibrant energy through the bright colors and tempting images, as seen in our dance flyer template example below.

dance-audition-flyer-template Use This Dance Audition Flyer

39. Disco Flyer Example



40. Travel Flyer Design

Few people want to remain in their corner of the world forever. Encourage traveling with our travel flyer templates. The multiple images show a different destination, with each one placed within its own tiny space that’s equal in size and shape to most others.

travel-company-flyer-template Use This Travel Company Flyer

41. Beach Flyer Design

Our beach flyer templates provide an ambiance of serenity with just a hint of the excitement that beach parties are known for.

beach-party-flyer-template Use This Beach Party Flyer

42. Eco-Tourism Flyer Example



43. Cruiser Flyer Example



44. Retro Flyer Design

Thinking about going retro for your business or an event? Check out our retro flyer templates and see how the slightly faded colors and the use of old iconography (the cassette tape) adds to the theme.

80s-retro-flyer-template Use This 80s Retro Flyer

45. Creative Flyer

Colorful, outside-the-box, and alluring, an example of a creative flyer in PSD template is off-the-charts amazing.

creative-business-event-flyer-template Use This Creative Business Flyer

46. Art Flyer Example



47. Abstract Flyer Example



48. Wedding Flyer Design

Getting married is a milestone that few things can truly compare to. In spite of all the expected grandiosity, simplistic elegance can also work out well, as seen in this wedding flyer design example.

beach-wedding-flyer-template Use This Beach Wedding Flyer

49. Church Flyer Design

The choice of colors makes this church flyer example a serious contender when it comes to most effective flyers online.

jesus-church-flyer-template Use This Jesus Church Flyer

50. Worship Flyer Example




Each flyer may come with its own design, but each design contains common elements. The format listed below is bound to be of great help to designers who want to learn more about flyer-making.

1. The Headline

The first thing about flyer formats that you need to think about is the headline. A great headline is one that can grab attention and stay memorable long after the flyer’s recipient has put the flyer down. Plan out your own headline and get to work today!

2. The Typography

It isn’t just what words you use in your flyer that’s important. There’s also the typography to consider, especially since the right one can easily enhance your design, help guide the viewers of your flyer, and emphasize the message you’re trying to say. Be sure to experiment with different typography styles so that you can see for yourself what suits your flyer best.

3. The Text

Flyers may be incredibly visual, but there’s a lot to the design than just pictures. What text you incorporate, how much or how little, and where you place them also matters. Decide on what it is that your flyer is trying to promote or say and then get started on working on your text.

4. The Borders

Borders are not just the lines that the edge of your flyer design. They indicate where your eyes should go, drawing viewers into spaces where all the important parts are. For some, they can even be an integral part of the design itself. Experiment with where and how you place borders to increase the odds of your flyer design’s success today!

5. The Images

What is a flyer design without images? This part of the format can be minimal or it can be quite extensive. It will all depend on what your flyer’s purpose is and whether or not a significant amount of images can help make it better. Considering how integral this element is, plan this out considerably before committing to a final decision.

6. The Spacing

The epitome of less is more, the effective use of space is understated and incredibly effective when done right. Not every inch of the flyer has to be covered in pictures, lines, or text. Sometimes, leaving a bit of breathing room can actually make things better. However, this will take some practice if you want to reap the maximum benefits out of it, so start practicing with your flyer designs today!

7. The Grids

A format element that isn’t always present is grids. The use of grids is mainly left for flyers that promote numerous products or feature multiple kinds of images. If your intended design involves more than one main graphic, then make use of grids now to great effect.

8. The Thematic Message

Another important format element found in any flyer is its theme. Holiday-related flyers will have all of their related iconographies. Commercial flyers will feature buildings and other elements that resemble modern life. Brands will have their own colors, typography, and items so that their flyers will have their own distinct feel. Are you aware of what your thematic message is? If not, don’t waste any more time and look into that as soon as you can.

9. The Call-to-Action

Content, be it in flyers or otherwise, isn’t always good to go unless it features a call-to-action or a CTA. Including this will encourage viewers to take action as soon as they’ve finished consuming your content. It may not seem much, but know that 90% of viewers who read your headline will also go on to read your CTA. So don’t waste any of your precious time with indecision; include a CTA in your flyer design today.

10. The Contact Information

For flyers promoting events, products, or services, it pays to make sure people know how to contact you. Even something like your phone number or your email address at the bottom or corner of the flyer can already be of big help. Don’t let this opportunity to interact with your viewers go to waste and include your contact information today!


What should each flyer contain?

Every flyer design needs a clear goal or purpose. From there, come up with a noteworthy message and a popping headline. Other required elements include photos, proper use of space, and the maker’s contact information.

How much does it cost to have professionally-made flyers?

The average cost range is between $200 to $1,500. You must also consider the specifics for each flyer. The more complicated or greater customization needed, the higher you can expect the rate to be.

How many pages should a flyer have?

A flyer is only intended to have one page. On that sole page, only one side will have print rather than both sides.

What is the most common flyer size?

The standard size of a flyer is equivalent to the size of one computing paper. Specifically, the measurement would be 8.5” x 11.”

Can you create your own flyer on Google Docs?

Google Docs has the formatting and drawing tools you need to create a flyer. If you want to learn how to make a flyer and other documents in Google Docs, you can start by opening it. From there, open its template gallery and choose. You may proceed to edit the flyer as you see fit.