50+ Greeting Card Designs, Format & Examples

What’s great about greeting cards is they are so versatile in that they can aptly capture and convey a whole spectrum of emotions and feelings. Whether you’re feeling patriotic, grateful, proud, or even sympathetic, there’s a greeting card than can suit any need or mood.  50-greeting-card-designs-format-examples-2021

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To create a greeting card of your own, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through dozens of creative designs and ideas.
  • Customize it the way you want and download it in your preferred file format.


50+ Greeting Card Designs, Format & Examples

We’ve come up with 50 plus greeting card templates and examples to choose and draw inspiration from. Do you sometimes have trouble expressing yourself? Look no further, just say it with a greeting card! 

1. Birthday Greeting Card Design

A fun and colorful birthday card will never get old. The birthday greeting card below opts for a short but heartfelt greeting.


Use This Birthday Greeting Card Design 

2. Christmas Greeting Card Design

Let loved ones know you are thinking of them on Christmas Day. This Christmas greeting card below creates pretty layers made of snowflake chandeliers and Christmas ornaments.


Use This Merry Christmas Greeting Card Design

3. Printable Greeting Card Design

You can customize anything with a printable greeting card. The Thanksgiving example below does not just include a greeting, but it also includes a touching reminder.


Use This Printable Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

4. Sample Greeting Card Design

This sample greeting card embodies the holiday spirit with its snowy white background and gold, glittery accents.


Use This Christmas Greeting Card Design

5. Simple Greeting Card Design

Simplicity works and it shows in this classic design. But to make it more engaging, a potent and powerful message is what you need. Take a cue from the simple greeting card below.


Use This Simple Encouragement Greeting Card Design

6. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design

Let romance and love blossom this Valentine’s Day. Capture hearts with this adorable Valentine’s Day greeting card.


Use This Valentine's Day Greeting Card Design

7. New Year’s Day Design

Ring in the new year with this modern and edgy greeting card! The black and gold hues pair perfectly together in this new year greeting card template below. Bring on the bubbly!


Use This New Year Greeting Card Design

8. International Day Greeting Card Design

There’s always something to celebrate wherever you are around the globe. This International Day greeting card commemorates world peace with its touching quote and classic peace sign.


Use This International Peace Day Greeting Card Design 

9. Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

The simple floral accents with orange and yellow tones highlight the seasonal spirit in this Thanksgiving greeting card below.


Use This Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design 

10. Corporate Greeting Card Design

Who says corporate life is all work and no fun? This corporate template card is not afraid to let loose with its purple and yellow theme.


Use This Corporate Greeting Card Design

11. Diwali Greeting Card Design

Celebrate the festival of lights with this simple yet pretty design. The Diwali template below incorporates a rich maroon background decorated with intricate details.


Use This Diwali Greeting Card Design

12. Ramadan Greeting Card Design

This Ramadan card template may look simple, but if you look closely, the white background has a beautiful and elaborate design that’s almost reminiscent of Moroccan tiles.


Use This Ramadan Greeting Card Design

13. Encouragement Greeting Card Design

Everyone needs to hear a little uplifting and encouraging words these days, especially with the ongoing global pandemic. The encouragement card template below sends a reassuring message while also invoking a sunny feeling with its yellow design.


Use This Encouragement Greeting Card Design

14. Wedding Greeting Card Design

Be one with the married couple on their wedding day! Give them your best wishes and congratulatory messages with this pretty in pink wedding template card.


Use This Wedding Congratulations Greeting Card Design

15. Sports Greeting Card Design

Take a page from this sports template card’s book and be inclusive by featuring not just one sport but several sports!


Use This Sports Greeting Card Design

16. Photo Greeting Card Design

The photo template card below gives off a romantic and heartwarming vibe with its use of a collage and a rose-tinted filter.


Use This Photo Greeting Card Design

17. Holiday Greeting Card Design

Paint the town blue with this starry and snowy holiday template card. The charming background makes this greeting card a winner!


Use This Holiday Greeting Card Design

18. Baptism Greeting Card Example

A child’s baptism or christening is an important milestone. Send your congratulations with this clean and fresh greeting card.



19. Hanukkah Greeting Card Example

The Jewish holiday is a beloved one. Keep it simple and solemn like this Hanukkah greeting card below. The intricate design at the bottom of the card gives it more character.



20. Halloween Greeting Card Example

This spooktacular greeting card is both playful and animated. The full moon backdrop adds more depth and spunk to this Halloween greeting card.



21. Friendship Greeting Card Example

Show friends you care by surprising them with a greeting card! The friendship card below goes all out with colorful hearts, flowers, and other elements.



22. Massage Parlor Greeting Card Design

The holiday season isn’t just a busy time, it can also be the perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation. The soothing and uplifting design of this massage parlor template below even features beautiful orchids as its background.


Use This Massage Greeting Card Design

23. Graduation Greeting Card Design

Take the next step to success with this graduation card template. The animated diploma and academic cap add a playful twist to the greeting card below.


Use This Graduation Greeting Card Design

24. Church Greeting Card Design

The non-traditional use of pink in this church template card gives it a delicate and interesting touch.


Use This Church Greeting Card Design

25. Blank Greeting Card Design

There’s nothing plain about this blank card template below. Customize the text inside to give this stunning design a message!


Use This Blank Greeting Card Design

26. Anniversary Greeting Card Design

Celebrate love and joy with this adorable anniversary card template. The dark background beautifully contrasts with the floating hearts, thereby emphasizing it.


Use This Anniversary Greeting Card Design

27.  I Miss You Greeting Card Example

Let your loved ones know they are missed. This simple and elegant greeting card features a single tulip as its main focal point.



28. Get Well Soon Greeting Card Example

Let others know you are thinking of them in their struggles. This beautiful greeting card’s overall floral design looks almost as if it is hand-painted.



29. Retirement Greeting Card Example

Retirement is not the end. It is only the beginning, according to this spunky greeting card.



30. New Home Greeting Card Example

Share in the joy and satisfaction of moving into a new home! Pair your house warming gift with this cute greeting card.



31. Teacher Appreciation Greeting Card Example

Express your gratitude to your favorite teacher with this greeting card! The chalkboard style design makes it all the more fitting.



32. New Born Baby Greeting Card Example

Welcome new life with a greeting card! The example below is a new baby boy card; and its blue stripes and cartoon drawing make it a fun and playful design.



33. Boxing Day Greeting Card Design

Take a cue from this Boxing Day template below. Who knew minimalist and organic boxes could make an interesting background?


Use This Boxing Day Greeting Card Design

34. Kwanzaa Greeting Card Design

Keep it simple yet sincere with an effortless greeting card, as seen in this Kwanzaa template below. Don’t forget to include a brief message of hope and prosperity.

Use This Kwanzaa Greeting Card Design

35. Friendship Day Greeting Card Design

Celebrate fraternity and solidarity with this Friendship Day template card. Take it a step further and include a thought-provoking quote in your greeting.


Use This Friendship Day Greeting Card Design

36. Earth Hour Greeting Card Design

Go dark for the environment with this Earth Hour template card. Highlight the event by going big and bold with your text.


Use This Earth Hour Greeting Card Design

37. Mother’s Day Greeting Card Example

Let Mom know you love and appreciate her. Celebrate that special woman in your life with this Mother’s Day greeting card below.



38. Fourth of July Greeting Card Example

A striking view of the Washington monument is front and center in this greeting card below. And what’s a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks?



39. Father’s Day Greeting Card Example

Celebrate dads everywhere with this special Father’s Day greeting card. Liven it up with a fun mix of images and graphics!



40. April Fool’s Day Greeting Card Example

With this unique April Fool’s Day greeting card, you won’t be the butt of the joke.



41. Women’s Day Greeting Card Design

Celebrate women empowerment with this charming and captivating greeting card. Take a cue from the Women’s Day template below and show all the women in your life that they are appreciated!


Use This Women's Day Greeting Card Design

42. Advertising Agency Greeting Card Design

Everything is marketing with this Christmas advertising agency template card. Even during the holidays, there’s no sleep for around the clock marketers.


Use This Advertising Agency Greeting Card Design

43. Event Management Greeting Card Design

The blue and purple hues add a sophisticated touch to this event management template card.


Use This Event Planner Greeting Card Design

44. International Tiger Day Greeting Card Design

The tiger is one of the planet’s most mysterious, majestic, and often misunderstood animals. But make no mistake, these enchantingly fierce creatures still need to be protected and preserved. The greeting below captures the beauty of the big cat in this International Tiger Day template card.


Use This International Tiger Day Greeting Card Design

45. Easter Sunday Greeting Card Example

Popular animals associated with Easter include bunnies and chicks. They symbolize new life and fresh beginnings. The Easter Sunday greeting card below exemplifies this metaphor perfectly.



46. World Tourism Day Greeting Card Design

Travel the world and celebrate wanderlust like in this World Tourism Day template. There’s a whole world to discover and adventure awaits!

world-tourism-day-greeting-cardUse This World Tourism Day Greeting Card Design

47. St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Card Design

Green is the new black in this St. Patrick’s Day template design below. A classic greeting card is a simple way to commemorate the beloved holiday.


Use This St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card Design

48. Patriot Day Greeting Card Design

National pride is the theme of this Patriot Day template below. Fly the American flag high and proud!

free-patriot-day-greeting-card-templateUse This Patriot Day Greeting Card Design

49. Eid al-Fitr Greeting Card Design

Be one with your Islamic brothers and sisters with this lovely Eid al-Fitr template card. The beautiful dangling chandeliers add a lovely touch to the greeting card design below.

eid-al-fitr-greeting-card-templateUse This Eid al-Fitr Greeting Card Design

50. Chinese New Year Greeting Card Design

It’s all out red in this Chinese New Year template below. To complete the look, add subtle graphics and don’t forget to include a brief but sincere message.


Use This Chinese New Year Greeting Card Design


Greeting cards are diverse, versatile, and relatively easy to make. But before you begin customizing your own card, it is good to lay down some basic standard elements that are present in almost any greeting card. 

1. Cover Page

The cover page of a greeting card can be likened to a book cover. It needs to be engaging and striking enough to command attention. Choosing the appropriate image will depend on the occasion and it’s really up to you to decide what cover image will suit your greeting card. Just make sure to choose good quality images and graphics.

2. Exterior Text

The recipient of the greeting card would need to know the message you’re trying to convey. The cover page of your card would be incomplete without some form of text. It’s up to you to choose what words go on the front page of your greeting card. You can experiment with fonts, text sizes, and different styles that suit your needs or preferences.

3. Interior Message

The point of a greeting card is to convey a message. The inside of your card will contain your actual greeting; and you could opt to expound more or pick up where your exterior text left off. The best messages are those that are genuine, witty, and heartfelt.

4. Card Size

Greeting card normally come in a standard size but there are some exceptions. However, if you are planning to send or mail the greeting card, a compact and transportable size is best. And if you do decide to customize your own card online, you can have it printed any way you want. Some prefer a full page letter-size card while others opt to downsize to half a page.

5. Borders, Accents, etc.

Although text and images are the main elements of a greeting card, you can plug in a few extra elements just to decorate it further. Add more symmetry by enclosing your text in borders. A symmetrical and balanced card looks more put together.


What do you write on a greeting card?

What you write on a greeting card depends on the occasion. There are hundreds of greeting cards each with its own specific purpose. It’s best to keep your messages brief but sincere.

How do you make easy greeting cards?

The easiest way to create a greeting card is by using an existing template online. It saves time and effort because you don’t need to start from scratch.

What are the types of greeting cards?

There are different types of greeting cards that range from the general and universal (e.g., birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards) to the more targeted and culture-specific (e.g., Eid al-Fitr card, St. Patrick’s Day card).

Some of the most popular greeting cards available in the market are Christmas cards, Mother’s Day cards, wedding and anniversary cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, and sympathy cards.

What is the purpose of greeting cards?

The purpose of a greeting card is to express solidarity with the recipient of the card. The act of giving one suggests you are extending support and fellowship to the person.