How to Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook

From Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, down to the freshest version of MS Outlook, you can set any meeting or event and create multiple calendars. And the best part is you may share your calendar with a particular group, which might be used for school, work, or personal purposes. Hence, any plan or schedule organized in a calendar updates everyone in the circle through a shared mailbox. So if you need to open MS Outlook to create shared calendars using Windows or Mac, allow this post to give you a thorough tutorial.

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  • For Windows: Open MS Outlook. Select the Calendar icon, then Home at the top menu. In the Manage Calendars group, pick Add Calendar. Next, click From Address Book. Write or choose the names of users to share the calendar with, then tap OK.
  • For Mac: Go to MS Outlook. Then, follow the same steps given for Windows from clicking the Calendar icon down to selecting OK. To modify the shared calendar, access the calendar in Month, Week, Work Week, or Day view. And click the Organize tool for more editing tools to build your shared calendar effectively.

How to Make a Shared Calendar in Outlook Using Windows

Microsoft Outlook is literally the best software tool to manage any personal or professional information from sending or receiving emails, listing your contacts, monitoring tasks, and most importantly, managing your calendar properties and setting calendar permissions. And if you are using your Windows computer to demonstrate how to create a new calendar in Outlook, specifically a shared calendar, take note of these steps:

1. Access MS Outlook and select the Calendar icon found at the bottom left of the window.

shared calendar

2. Next, click Home at the top menu. And in the Manage Calendars section, tap Add Calendar, then click From Address Book.

shared calendar address book

3. You will automatically see the address book dialog box. And your next task is to write the names of the users you want to share your calendar with. But if your address book already has a list, just choose their names in the list. Then, click OK.

shared calendar add name

4. You just accomplished creating your shared calendar. And Outlook even lets you see your calendar including the calendars for those users you added earlier. Your only goal is to edit your calendar and ensure that the data you made are correct by exploring this software’s customizable tools.

5. In case you need to check the team’s availability, simply tap the Day view at the top menu.

shared calendar day view

Note: Besides the examples from Microsoft Office, do you want to see more types of calendars and calendar templates? Check out’s collection of editable calendars now!

How to Create a Shared Calendar in MS Outlook Using Mac

When you use IOS iPhone or Mac, the same steps apply in making a shared calendar in Microsoft Outlook. So in this section, you will also learn how to customize that shared calendar to learn something new. And these are the steps to observe:

1. As a start, follow the same steps observed earlier by opening MS Outlook followed by clicking Calendar. Then, follow the steps two to five from the previous discussion. And here is an example of a basic calendar in Outlook using Mac for reference.

shared calendar mac

2. For a proper introduction to editing your shared calendar, begin by familiarizing the different calendar views, which can be adjusted anytime. The Month view is basically the default calendar view where you can see the entire month. The Week view covers the Sunday to Saturday calendar. The Work Week view displays Monday to Friday. And the Day view observes the current day.

3. Select the Organize tool at the menu above to access more formatting tools that enable you to change how your shared calendar looks. This includes accessing your calendar in the list view or grid view. The same goes for changing its colors or altering the time scale to display.

shared calendar organize

Note: Indeed, shared calendars allow you to invite numbers of people in your group. But be careful in sharing because granting full access permissions in Outlook means anyone invited could access all info inputted there and may be able to change what was written in the calendar. So if your account is meant for school or work purposes, be sure to limit access and turn off sharing for anyone outside the group.