How to Make a Bar Chart in Excel

Bar charts are useful tools for comparing data and variables and are often interchangeable with histograms. Over the years, bar charts vs. histograms have been closely related, but the difference lies in their utilization. Histograms, on the other hand, represent distributions. Bar chart examples are available in many bar chart maker applications, including Excel. A bar chart in excel can be a horizontal bar chart or a stacked bar chart, depending on your options. The article contains a step-by-step process on how to make a bar chart in Excel. how-to-make-a-bar-chart-in-excel

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  • Using Windows: Begin with a Blank document on Excel, then select New. Search “bar chart” templates available on the search bar, and click Create after selecting your template.
  • Using Mac: Start by clicking New, then Blank Workbook after opening Microsoft Excel. Input your data and select them. To create the chart, find the Charts menu and select Bar. You can see all the available designs for your bar chart.

How to Make a Bar Chart Using Templates in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers various selections of bar charts that you can use for whatever purpose you need for it. A step-by-step method is available below to help you be familiar with creating these charts.

1. Start by opening Microsoft Excel, and click on New to start a Workbook.

2. On the search bar, type in “bar chart” to view the available options of templates. From there, you can select the bar chart you want to use for your presentation.


3. Once you make a selection, click on the template. A new window will appear, and you can click Create to start editing your template. The example below is a bar chart for a bid tracker.


Note: There are thousands of designs you can choose from on the internet if you want to use another template aside from the free templates in Microsoft Office. Check the Chart templates in Microsoft Excel available in

4. You can edit the contents that appear on your bar chart from the Bids Details sheet. Input all the necessary data you want to appear on the bar chart.

5. On the Summary sheet, you can edit the chart elements, style, and color, by clicking on the buttons next to the bar chart after selecting it. In this way, you can select how you want your bar chart to appear for presentations.



How to Create a Bar Chart Using Mac

Depending on the version of Microsoft Excel you use, some steps can differ. The process for creating a bar chart below using Mac is through the Excel 2011 version. Here are the steps to follow if you have a similar version of the application.

1. Open your Excel application and start with a Blank Workbook.

2. Input your data on a separate sheet. Once you’re done, highlight the information by clicking and dragging the mouse on the filled cells.


3. Select the Charts menu, then click on the Bar icon. You can select whether you want a 2-D or 3-D bar or a clustered or stacked bar.


Note: For individuals using Excel 2016, click the Insert menu, and click Bar Chart to view the available charts.

4. You can edit the theme of your chart by selecting the Home menu, clicking on Themes. For other versions of Excel, the Themes tab is available on the Page Layout menu.