How to Make a Coupon in Word

Some people have a knack for collecting coupons and gift vouchers. Reasons for hoarding coupons can range from practical frugality to loyalty for a certain brand or establishment. Many coupons are seasonal and promotional in nature. And some of the most common and widely used are discount coupons. The article below is a quick tutorial guide that will help you create your own coupon- whether it be for your business or personal needs. Microsoft Word has editable templates that make it much easier to customize your own coupon. The guide applies to most Microsoft Word versions, and for Windows and Mac users alike.

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  • For Windows: Open Microsoft Word then select New. Type Coupon in the search bar and browse through the available templates. Pick a coupon template and click Create.
  • For Mac: Open Microsoft Word and select New. Type in Coupon in the search bar. Choose the appropriate template, and hit Create.

How to Make a Coupon Using Templates in Microsoft Word

A lot of time and resource is saved when you re using a pre designed template. Microsoft Word comes with dozens of ready-made templates, including coupon designs. Simply find one that suits your needs or preference and follow the simple instruction guide below to get started.

1. Open Microsoft Word and select New. To search for coupon templates, type ‘coupon’ in the search bar.


2. Pick your desired template then click the Create button. The sample template featured below is a simple café coupon.


3. Change the existing text by highlighting it then changing the words. Adjust the font, size, and color of the text according to your preferences.


4. Most coupons are typically good only for a set period of time. Make sure to include the validity date and a disclaimer in your coupon. Modify the text’s size, font, or style as needed. Use smaller but readable text and position it in a strategic place in your coupon.

5. Most of the existing templates come with several coupon designs. The example below is a pre designed salon discount coupon. To make the necessary changes, simply edit the text accordingly.


6. Save your document once you are done editing. Save the file to your computer or an external drive; or have the coupons printed out and replicated.

Note: With the limited coupon templates on Microsoft Word, you can browse more stylish designs on

How to Create a Coupon for Mac Using Microsoft Word

Mac users can also take advantage of the free templates on Microsoft Word. The simple instruction guide below will show you how to customize your own coupon for your business and personal needs. Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Open Microsoft Word and click the New button on the menu bar located on the left. Type ‘coupon’ in the search bar on the upper right. Choose one template and click Create 


Note: You can also use Shift+Command+P as an alternative.

2. Edit the words in the template by highlighting them and changing the text. Give your coupon a title such as your company or brand name. Edit the text, instructions and/or mechanics accordingly, depending on the nature of your coupon. You can opt to change the font style, color, and size or retain it as is.


3. Make sure to indicate clear instructions. You can play around with the font size, emphasizing the important and using smaller text for any secondary mechanics. Ensuring clear and straightforward instructions can help prevent any misinformation or miscommunication issues for the customer.

4. If you want to customize the border color, select the colored border and click the Shape Fill icon above. Then choose your preferred your color or shade.


5. Once you are satisfied with the edits, save the file to your computer, cloud, or an external drive. Share or print the document as needed. If you intend to produce multiple coupons, simply print out several pages.