How to Make a Flowchart in Word

When it comes to searching for a reliable word processor, Microsoft Word often comes to mind. But did you know that Word comes with a variety of shapes and templates, including flowcharts? Whether you use MS Word 2007, Word 2010, or the newest version of Word, you can certainly create a step-by-step diagram, aka a flowchart, to present how a process flow or data progressed from start to finish. And if you use MS Word on Windows or Mac, we got you covered on how to make flowcharts for both versions. how-to-make-a-flowchart-in-word

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  • For Windows: Open MS Word. Make a new document, then tap Insert. Navigate to the Illustrations group and click Shapes. Select any flowchart shape and begin editing and inserting data in your document.
  • For Mac: Go to MS Word. Open or create a document, then select Insert. Choose SmartArt Graphic. Next, tap Process to select any flowchart process to use in your document. Then, build your flowchart with its details added and the format finalized.

How to Create a Flowchart in Word Using Windows

Your next document may require a flowchart to display the process flow or workflow of a project, event, or any subject. And when you decide to use Microsoft Word as your flowchart maker, these are the steps you need to follow using your Windows computer:

1. Access Microsoft Word and create a new document. Next, click the Insert tab at the menu found above the document. From the Illustrations group, tap Shapes and scroll down so you can select any flowchart shape to use.


2. After clicking your preferred flowchart shape, click and drag your mouse to any part of the document to insert the said shape. Insert as many shapes as you want or use different flowchart shapes. To align each shape properly, press the Control key on your keyboard. Then, go to the Arrange group at the top right corner, click Align, and select the alignment of your choice.


3. Any flowchart template would not be complete without lines and arrows to connect the flow. To insert a line, simply click Shapes again and choose lines. Repeat the same steps earlier where you add, edit, and align shapes. But this time, the lines are being dealt with.

4. From all the shapes you inserted in the document, click on a shape and right-click on it. This time, select Add Text so you can now type the text to insert. Do the same process for the rest of the shapes available. Once you are done, you can begin formatting and designing the chart from its colors, font sizes, margins, and so much more. Then, save your document and you can start printing or publishing it.

Note: Besides Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word’s flowchart examples, you can browse for more flowchart templates using editable flowcharts in Word at

How to Make a Flowchart in Word Using Mac

Creating flowcharts in Word using Mac is also quite easy. In fact, the steps are quite similar to those of Windows, which were previously discussed. But, try doing it with SmartArt Graphic. And the only steps to be concerned about are the following:

1. Open Microsoft Word. Then, open a document or start a new document. Head on to the Insert tab and select SmartArt Graphic to headstart your chart template.

2. The SmartArt Graphic window allows you to pick various options. Proceed to the Process category so you can select any type of process to add to your flowchart. Then, click OK.

3. Explore the rest of the editable processes and charts from Word to slowly build your flowchart. Just refer to the steps mentioned earlier on how to add shapes, insert texts or flowchart symbols, and more. Do not forget to assess your output if everything is correct and really went according to plan. Once you are confident with everything, feel free to produce your document. For reference, below is a good example of how a basic flowchart looks like.