How to Make a Flyer in Microsoft Word

The following information will serve as your step-by-step instructions on how to create flyers using Microsoft Word. Take note that these steps are applicable for many versions of Word including Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, and also Word for Mac, among others.

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  • For Windows: Click on File, then select New, followed by Flyers. Browse through the flyer template section, select Create.
  • For Mac: Go to New Document, type ‘flyers,’ choose your template, and then select Create. Edit as you wish before saving and printing.

How to Make Flyers Using Templates in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is known to provide a myriad of features which include offering ready-made templates. To make use of its templates, be sure to do the following:

1. Open the Microsoft Word program and then select New under its File tab.

2. Go to its search bar and either type in ‘flyers’ or click on the suggestion below the bar, as seen in the image:


3. Browse through the selection of flyer templates available until you find one that best suits your purposes. Then select Create.


Note: For those whose preferences go beyond what Microsoft Word offers, you may choose from pre-existing flyer in Word templates in

4. To begin editing, take note that you can change the pre-existing text by highlighting it and writing your own text.


5. If you want to edit the image, you need to right-click on an existing one first. From there, select Change Picture.


6. From there, you may select either of the options in the dialog box. Should you decide to select From a file, then clicking on that will allow you to browse your computer for images that you can use, and then click Insert.

7. For editing the color of your texts or any other feature, remember that right-clicking is where it’s at. Simply choose what’s appropriate in the menu that pops up so you can alter your desired element into how you want it.


8. Once you’ve finished editing, be sure to save the file so that you can print it or send it as you see fit.

Note: Be aware that saving any changes you’ve made to the document will not impact the existing template.

How to Create Flyers for Mac Using Microsoft Word

Like its Windows counterpart, Mac is also capable of creating flyers through Word. For reference, the following steps are best applied to Word for Mac 2011, though the instructions can also be similarly applied to more recent versions.

1. Start on the New Document screen where you can type in flyers on its search bar.


Note: You may also use press Shift+Command+P as an alternative.

2. From there, feel free to browse through its selection of templates.

3. Once you’ve found the template you want to use, click on Create.


4. From there you may replace the placeholder text with your own text or delete the placeholder text if it isn’t needed.

Note: To do so, all you have to do is highlight the placeholder text and then press Delete

5. Make further adjustments to the text size and color as you see fit.

6. Once your edits to the flyer template is complete, you may print it out as you wish or save it however you want (in a flash drive, hard drive, or even on the cloud).