How to Make a Leaflet in Google Docs

Leaflets are a staple in the print marketing category. They’ve been around for over a century and has been used by millions of companies and organizations to promote their brand, agendas, events, and other causes. So if you need leaflets to promote something, we will gladly support you. Here, we’ll show you the quick and easy steps in creating attractive leaflets on Google Docs.

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  • Open Google Docs on your web browser.
  • Browse the Template Gallery for templates.
  • Customize your leaflet template.
  • List product names, services, events, and other details.
  • Set font colors, font styles, and additional images.
  • Polish, save, and print.

How to Make Leaflets Using Templates in Google Docs

Google Docs has caught up to MS Word and Apple Pages as primary editing applications. It’s also user-friendly and has complete tools to create not just documents but also artistic print media like leaflets. So without further ado, here are the steps.

1. Open on your preferred web browser. Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended. If you’re a Mac user, you can use Safari.

2. After executing Step 1, your browser will route you to the home page of Google Docs. Start searching for leaflet templates in the Template Gallery. If you can’t find any, don’t worry. We have tons of leaflet templates that are customizable in Google Docs. You can also refer to the designs of our tri-fold brochure templates, flyer templates, and pamphlet templates; they’re similar to leaflets. We invite you to check them out.


Note: If you want to use your creativity to the fullest extent, you can opt to create your leaflet from scratch. Just click on Blank below Start a new document, the one with a +” icon.

3. Start customizing your leaflet template. Incorporate your brand in it by adding your company name, logo, slogan, and other elements that define its identity. Those said elements are what differentiates your leaflet from others and enable it to stand out.


4. List your product names, services, events, and other details that you want the public to know. This includes prices, discounts, promos, and whatnot.


Note: If what you’re promoting on your leaflet is an event, don’t forget to specify the date, time, and venue. They’re very critical so that people will know the when and where of your event. Without that information, the event will not attract attendants.

5. Try on different font styles until you find the best one. Make sure to choose one that’s readable and fits with your leaflet’s overall design. Plenty of font styles are available on Google Docs.


6. Other than font styles, try font colors as well. We recommend using font colors that represent your brand but feel free to use any. And also, use font colors that won’t diminish readability.


7. You can add additional images to your leaflet if you want. Just click on the Insert Images icon and select any of the available options to attach images. See the screenshot below.


8. Arrange all of the design elements in your leaflet and polish everything. Check if all the texts are without typos and grammatical errors. And try to assess if the font colors and font styles are readable. Once all is good, you can print your leaflet. Go to File and select Print at the bottom. Or you can simply type Ctrl+P. Don’t forget to save your leaflet on Google Drive for future use.