How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

Logos provide organizations with their respective brand identities. It allows your consumers to distinguish your company from others within the same industry. Social media platforms utilize logos to set them apart from one another. You can easily identify the Instagram logo, Facebook logo, and YouTube logo from each other at a single glance. Create your logo design using one of the most popular logo maker applications available, Adobe Photoshop. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make a logo for your business using the Photoshop application. how-to-make-a-logo-in-photoshop

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  • Using a template: Open your Photoshop application, click on the File menu, and select Open. Select the Photoshop document (PSD), and click Open.
  • Creating your own: Start your Photoshop, select File, and click New. Make your logo using different shapes, colors, and text. When you’re done, click the File menu, Save As, select the file format of the logo, and hit Save.

How to Make a Logo Using Templates in Photoshop

Whether you are using different versions of Photoshop on your computer or laptop, you can easily make a creative logo that will help you stand out from other businesses, making consumers recognize your brand. Follow the instructions below to help you get started on your company’s logo.

1. Open your Photoshop application, and select the File menu. A drag-down box will appear, and you click Open.


2. Search for the template you want to use from your saved files. Once you’ve selected the file, click Open.


Note: There are plenty of logo templates you can use when you search online. There are various selections from different websites you can use for your logo. offers a variety of logo template designs for Adobe Photoshop you can use. Also, Photoshop files are in *.PSD format.

3. Once you have your template open, you can now modify the text of your logo. You can do this by double-clicking on the text. You can also change the font, size, and color of the text.


4. For your logo, you can also opt to modify the color. You can do this by finding the Layer of the shape, double-clicking it. A color picker window then opens up, and you can select the color you want, then click OK.


5. After doing all the modifications you want, you can now save your logo. You can go to the File menu, find Save As, and you can store the file under the format you want, and Save.


Note: You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S

How to Create Your Own Logo in Photoshop

If you have a background in using the Photoshop application, it can be fairly easy to make your own logo. However, for beginners, you can find a simple yet informative guide below to creating your own.

1. Start on a blank canvas by selecting File, then New. A new window will open detailing the properties of your document. Click OK.


Note: You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + N to start a New Document.

2. Once you’ve created your document, go to View > New Guide. This allows you to have grid lines on your document to keep every element centered.


3. Once you’re all set up, you can start by creating and building shapes for your logo, using the Shape tool, and add text using the Text tool. You can also drag your shapes around the canvas by left-clicking on it.


4. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can save the file by clicking the File menu and Save. A new window will appear, and you can select the file format for your logo.

5. You can save the file under *.JPEG, *.GIF, *.PNG, and *.PSD, among others.