How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

A pie chart is one of the most recognized and most common types of visual data representation. It is the best tool for handling statistical data that is not equivalent to zero or negative integers. A pie chart maker application that has pie chart templates available and is easy to use is Microsoft Excel. There are various pie charts in Excel you can use, and even a pie chart in statistics to represent your data. Use Microsoft Excel to make a presentation of relevant information through pie chart examples. The step-by-step guide that shows you how to make a pie chart in Excel for Windows and Mac is available below to help you create one. how-to-make-a-pie-chart-in-excel

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  • Using Windows: Open the Excel application, then select New from the left menu. Search “pie chart” templates on the search bar, and click Create after selecting your template from the available ones.
  • Using Mac: Start Microsoft Excel and click New, then Blank Worksheet. Input the necessary information. To create the chart, find the Charts menu and select Pie. All available designs for your pie chart will appear on the screen.

How to Make a Pie Chart Using Templates in Excel

Pie charts are familiar representations you can use to enhance your presentation. It helps your viewers understand the data better. Below is a helpful guide for you to create a pie chart in Excel by using a template.

1. Start the Microsoft Excel application, and select New.

2. Type in “pie chart” on the search bar to view the available templates for pie charts in Excel. Excel 2016 has one available template for pie charts in the form of a budget chart.


3. Select the budget chart, and click Create to start editing the contents of your pie chart.


Note: Since there is a slim selection of pie charts available on Excel, you can browse different websites to find the one that suits the purpose of the data you have. offers a variety of chart templates for Excel that you can use.

4. To edit the visualization of your chart after inputting the necessary data, move your cursor to select the pie chart. There are three editing options available for pie charts. The first one is Chart Elements, allowing you to include the chart title, data labels, and legend on the chart.


5. Next, we have the Chart Style editor tool for selecting the Style and Color of your bar chart. This is especially helpful if there are various data elements on your bar chart.


6. The last tool is the Chart Filters tool. The purpose of this tool is to enable you to edit the data points and the names to appear on your chart.


How to Create a Pie Chart in Excel Using Mac

Creating a pie chart using Mac in Excel is similar to when we use Windows. Remember that different versions of the application show various tabs or menus that allow access to some tools. Below is a guide for creating a pie chart in Excel 2011 for Mac.

1. Open Microsoft Excel, go to Menu, and select Blank Worksheet.

2. Input your data on the sheet. Once you’re done, select the data cells by dragging only the data values.


Note: Including the column headers will make them the chart’s title headers. These values will appear on your chart and become uneditable elements for the visualization of the chart.

3. Select the Chart menu, click on the Pie icon, and various designs of pie charts appear. For individuals using Excel 2016 on Mac, the chart selection is available in the Insert menu.


4. Afterwards, you can edit the appearance of your pie chart accordingly. You can do this by selecting your pie chart and editing its visual by changing colors or incorporating other elements into it.