How to Make a Postcard in InDesign

Postcards have been around for so long and still serve the same purpose up to the present. Ideally, people use them to communicate and write messages to each other without the use of envelopes. Postcard sizes are common with a rectangular shape, and the postcard design varies. However, they mostly appear with postcard images. These pieces of paper usually require a postcard stamp. Currently, you can use postcard templates to create your own to share with friends and family. Below, you can learn how to make a postcard in InDesign in a few simple steps. how-to-make-a-postcard-in-indesign

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  • Start by creating a New Document after opening InDesign.
  • Insert the background photo you wish to use for your postcard.
  • Insert elements into your postcards, like icons, texts, and logos.
  • Export your final product through various file types, including PDF.

How to Make a Postcard in InDesign

Adobe InDesign allows you to create postcards most easily and conveniently as possible. It also allows you to edit all the elements you have on the canvas of InDesign. By reading the step-by-step guide below, you can learn to make a postcard of your own with ease. The guide below uses Adobe InDesign CC 2018.

1. To start creating your postcard, open the InDesign application. Get started by clicking the Create new button in the middle of the window.


Note: If you’ve used InDesign before creating your postcard, remember to reset your Essentials by clicking the Essentials drag-down box on the upper right corner of your workspace and select Reset Essentials.

2. After creating your document, ensure you set the dimensions of your workspace to 6 x 4 inches, with the landscape orientation. Save your settings and start working on your postcard.

3. Select the area in the workspace where you wish for your photo to appear. Once it is selected, click on the File menu and select Place to insert your photo.


4. To ensure that your image is within the parameters of the document, right-click on the image in your workspace, select Fitting, then Fill Frame Proportionately.

5. It is advisable to open your CC Library to view your stored color swatches. To do this, go to the Window menu and click on CC Libraries.


6. Insert a Text box into your document by clicking the Text tool or the icon with the letter T on the left panel of your window. Click on the space where you want to input your text and begin filling it out.

7. To change the font color, font size, and font face, highlight your text and select from the installed fonts on your computer.


8. You can also open the color picker to select the swatches you want to use for your postcard. Select the Color Picker tool, and the window will appear. You can now adjust the swatches and palettes you want to use.


9. Your swatches and palettes are now easily accessible through the CC libraries window you opened earlier. You can open the window on the right panel of the workspace to open it.

10. Once you have edited all the elements on your postcard to your content, you can now save the file. To do this, click on the File menu and select Export. This also allows you to save your document into a PDF file.


Note: Making your own postcard can get complicated at first. However, if you want something convenient, there are plenty of free postcard templates online you can use. provides various postcard templates in Adobe InDesign that are available for download!