How to Make a Schedule on Google Docs

David Kekich said: “Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action.” Do you have an overwhelming number of things to do yet still wanting to function effectively with a clear mind and an optimistic sense of control? Perhaps you are having difficulties in achieving the high-performance state in both your personal and secular work. Or are you a student who want to learn how to make a school schedule on Google Docs so that you can boost your efficiency and productivity in studying? Aside from formulating good choices and decisions, one of the simple yet effective things that you need to do is making your own systematic and realistic schedule. In this article, we are glad to provide simple steps on how to make a schedule on Google Docs.

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  • Access Google Docs when it comes to making your personalized monthly schedule, class schedule, and many other types of schedule! Utilizing the tools and options provided such as the background color tool, border tool, table option, font option, and many others is a wonderful method while constructing some visual elements of your schedule. Then, develop the overall look of  your schedule by complementing some colors, text styles, and other essential design aspects that you prefer.

How to Create a Schedule on Google Docs

Using a calendar, making daily to-do lists, and doing simplified priority coding are some essential ways which can really manage only a small portion of what you need and prefer to organize in your day-to-day life. Some of them have proven insufficient to deal with the volume and fluctuating nature of an average professional’s workload.  Thus, aside from clarifying primary goals and values to set order, meaning, and direction to your work, making simple and realistic schedules like a class schedule or monthly schedule template will help you to maintain an effective personal organizational system. Below are some simple ways you must follow to create a schedule on Google Docs:

1. Open the Google Docs in your browser. Go to the ‘Start a new document’ section and click the Blank option to create a new file.


2. Edit the title of your document located at the top left of Google Docs. Type “My Personal Weekly Schedule” or “My Weekly Work Schedule”, or any title you want depending on your needs and preferences.

3. Then, tap the Insert option found below the title of your document. You will see a wide array of options there. Look for the Table option and click it. Then, toggle the right arrow sign to construct your desired table for your schedule. Drag and hold your cursor as you choose the size of your table like what is indicated in the picture below, and after that, release it.

Note: You may opt for 8 x 10 for the initial draft of your schedule. Typically, a weekly schedule or planner depends on your current needs and preferences. You can make some adjustments in the layout of your schedule while you are working on some elements of your document.


4. For the heading of your schedule, tap the Background Color tool to modify the color of your heading where you will place the days of the week. Choose what background color you like. Once you’re done with that, you may also alter the color of your table’s border. So, click the Border Color tool and select another color for the border that will supplement the overall look of your schedule template.


5. After that, type the days of the week in each block located at the top or the heading of your schedule template. Choose your preferred font style when you tap the Font option. You can also edit the font size, position, and appearance of your text.

Note: Use the Bold option to emphasize the days of the week and adjust the Font size to 11 or any size larger than the other remaining text elements that you will input in your schedule. Also, modify the text color by clicking the Text color option and choosing the color you want for the text. For the appearance of your text, type Ctrl+Shift+E or tap the Center align option.


6. If you want to add some rows in your schedule template, right click the table and choose Insert row above or Insert row below. This is where you can show your creative side as you utilize the options to suit your needs and preferences.

7. Once you modify the days of the week, change the background color of your schedule template by clicking the Background Color tool and select the color you like in the provided colors there or you may tap the Custom option below the color choices.

Note: After you click the Custom option, you can drag the small circle to choose the specific color you want. Adjust the Hue of the color below. Or if you want to have the right and exact color, use the Hex box. You will see the color hex code (Ex. #f3f7ff is the color hex code of light blue) of the corresponding color indicated at the center of the Custom option.


8. Adjust the other elements of your schedule template as shown in the picture below. Click and drag the vertical lines or border of the table, as well as the Ruler located at the top of your document.


9. Finally, you can now type your entries in your schedule. Identify the crucial points that you need to accomplish such as your roles and responsibilities, calendar commitments like meetings and events, unfinished tasks, to-dos, and projects, etc.

Note: Therefore, creating your personalized schedule from scratch can be an enjoyable way to establish your worthwhile goals and commitments and to calculate how much time you could have for your personal life, family life, school work and/or professional work. Plus, you can make things in a breeze if you use schedule templates from You simply edit and print your preferred editable schedule template in Google Docs.