How to Make a Timeline in PowerPoint

Timelines are useful tools for presentations involving business plans or projects. For organizations, you can create a timeline of events building up to the final product. A timeline history, on the other hand, is helpful for a presentation showing previous developments. It can also be for teaching history to children. Microsoft Office offers Microsoft PowerPoint as one of the applications that can be a timeline maker. Below is a helpful guide to help you on how to make a timeline in PowerPoint! how-to-make-a-timeline-in-powerpoint

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  • Using Windows: Open PowerPoint and select New. Type in “Timeline” on the Search Bar and press enter. Choose from the available templates and start on your timeline by clicking Create.
  • Using Mac: Start PowerPoint, select New, and then Blank Presentation. Find the Insert menu, click SmartArt, and select Process. Choose Basic Timeline from the variety of timelines available.

How to Make a Timeline Using Templates in PowerPoint

Timeline templates serve their purpose if you are new to creating timelines using Microsoft PowerPoint. A comprehensive guide is provided below to help you use templates to create your timeline.

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, and select New.

2. A variety of templates will appear, but the trick is to type in the word “Timeline” on the search bar to view all the available templates you can use for a timeline.


3. From the different templates, select the timeline you want to use for your presentation. Remember that different timelines serve various purposes. Select the one you know that will suit your intentions. Once selected, a pop-up window will appear, informing you of a brief description of the template. To edit the template, click Create.


Note: If none of the available templates matches what you’re looking for, you can browse downloadable ones on the internet. Better yet, you can visit for a selection of timeline templates for Microsoft PowerPoint.

4. The window leads you to the chosen template, and you can edit the timeline’s contents. To edit the text, click on the word or paragraph you wish to alter.

5. Once selected, you will see a rectangle with circles on the sides and edges of the selected text or paragraph. A pop-up window also comes into the screen. The Type your text here window allows you to edit the timeline’s content.


How to Create a Timeline in PowerPoint Using Mac

You can also create a timeline in Microsoft PowerPoint if you are a Mac user. It sounds challenging at first, but by following the guide below, you can nail creating that timeline, even without using a template!

1. Open PowerPoint, and select New.

2. You can select Blank Presentation to start working on your own timeline.

3. Afterwards, click the Insert tab, select SmartArt, and then Process.

4. Numerous graphs, timelines, and bars will appear, and you can select the one you wish to use. For a new timeline, you can click on Basic Timeline.

5. The open slide will then have the basic timeline set up, and you can start editing your content. Click the [Text] placeholders to edit your event details.

Note: You can also open the Text Pane to edit the timeline’s details. To do this, open the SmartArt Design tab, and select Text Pane for the window to appear.