How to Make a Timeline on Google Docs

Do you need to manage and keep a wide-array of complex tasks, activities and projects on the right time? Perhaps you want to envision a process or events that took place over a specific period of time. In order to align your department, group, or team on project development and success, you should create organized timelines can help you in every way, especially in work. Not only does it helps to organize the work that needs to be done, but it also keeps everyone accountable for doing it. Plus, a simple and well-constructed timeline will guide you to fully understand the overall process of a particular task, activity, or event, as well as it helps you to make sure that you have fine-tuned it. The following details below serve as your step-by-step guidelines on how to make a timeline using Google Docs. how-to-make-a-timeline-on-google-docs

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  • For Windows: Go to Google Docs, open a new canvas by clicking the Blank template.
  • For Mac: Go to Google Docs and look for a template, or select a Blank canvass then select Create. Edit as you wish before saving.

How to Create a Timeline Using Google Docs

Google Docs has many usages. You can make articles, save files, and even making a timeline could be easier with Google Docs. If you need to outline some historical events and movements on your task or project conveniently, create a timeline on Google Docs. Browse all the steps below to learn.

1. Open a new Google Docs on your PC or Laptop.


2. Select Blank to open a new canvass.

Note: If you are not satisfied with what Google Docs can give, you can use the pre-existing timeline in Google Docs templates in

3. Click the File menu on the upper left side of your Google Document, then select Page Setup. After that, click landscape to set the page’s orientation.



4. On the upper left-hand side of your document, click the Insert menu. Select the Drawing option, then select + New to create a blank canvas on top of your page.


Note: In addition to drawing directly into a Google document, you may construct a timeline in Google Drawings, save it to Google Drive, and then insert it into your Google document once it’s finished.

5. Now that the drawing canvas is complete, you can begin creating a timeline. Click the drop-down button next to the Line tool in the top toolbar of your drawing canvas, then select the Arrow option from the drop-down.


6. After creating a line for your timeline, it’s time to add details. To do so, select the boxed T text box tool from the top toolbar, click on a place above or below the horizontal line, and then write in a time or an event. To resize and relocate the text box, drag a corner or side of the box.


7. Add images if you want. Click the image tool in the toolbox, then insert images by pasting an image URL, uploading from your computer, Google search, or selecting an image from your Google Drive.


8. Once done, click the blue Save and Close button at the top right to save the timeline to your Google document. Double-click on the timeline to return to the drawing canvas and make changes.


How to Create a Timeline in Mac Using Google Docs

Like its Windows counterpart, Mac can also help you create your own timeline. However, if you have no idea how to do it, you can browse the following guidelines to help you. It is as easy as you’ll make a timeline using windows.

1. Open your Google Docs and click the Blank in the template gallery to create a new canvass.


Note: If you are not satisfied with what Google Docs can give, you can use the pre-existing timeline in Google Docs templates in

2. To edit the orientation of the page, go to the File tab, click the Page Setup option in the drop-down menu to open the Page Setup dialog box, and pick Landscape under the Orientation option.


3. To open the Drawing window, click the Insert tab, then click New. Then, select Arrow from the drop-down menu by clicking on the line icon.


4. Add shapes and edit text. Insert enough text boxes on the drawing page by clicking the Text box button.


5. Customize the timeline. When you click one of the arrows, the formatting tools will appear on the toolbar. To enter the color menu, click the Fill color icon and select the desired color to suit your requirements.


Note: Creating a simple and organized timeline template is an easy and enjoyable process in demonstrating essential chronological sequence of events within a particular history, process or story. Additionally, you can prepare things conveniently when you utilize timeline templates from You simply edit and print your preferred editable timeline chart template in Google Docs.