How to Make an Invoice on Word

In any business that involves buying and selling, an invoice is one the most basic forms required. The transactional nature of purchasing and selling necessitates the formal documentation of the sale. Whether it’s a simple sales invoice, service invoice, proforma invoice, or tax invoice, they all basically serve the same purpose. And if you’re a business owner or service contractor, you want to make sure your invoices are accurate and reliable before sending it out to clients or customers. If you’re dreading the idea of creating an invoice from scratch, you’re in luck because creating one is much easier with the use of Microsoft Word’s ready-made templates. The quick tutorial guide below will help you customize your own invoice for all your business needs.

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  • For Windows: Click on File and select New. Type in Invoice in the search bar to browse the sample templates. Pick an invoice template and click Create.
  • For Mac: Click the New Document icon, then type Invoice in the search bar. Pick your desired template and hit Create.

How to Make an Invoice Using Templates in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word comes with a selection of templates that you can easily use in order to save time and resources. The instructions will walk you through the basics of creating your own invoice with the help of a Microsoft Word template. The guide below is applicable to most Word versions, including MS Word 2010.

1. Open Microsoft Word and select New. Type ‘invoice’ into the search bar to display all the available invoice templates.


2. Click on the template of your choice and hit the Create icon.


3. Start off by inputting your trade, brand, or company name. It’s optional, but you can also include a short tagline or slogan below the title or company name. Make sure to indicate the invoice number and the date your document was made.


4. An invoice is a formal, transactional document. Thus, it should always contain the sender and recipient’s information. Include the complete name, company name, complete address, and contact numbers. You may also insert any brief remarks or special instructions.

5. Your invoice will look more organized if the information is properly arranged in a table. State each product or service individually and indicate the quantity and unit price per item. It’s best to include a brief description for each item as well. Calculate the total amount for each entry and the overall price at the bottom of the table.


6. Insert any notes or reminders at the bottom of the page. You have the option to conclude with a message of gratitude too.

7. When you’re done editing your invoice, save the document. You can print out a hard copy or share it by email.

Note: If you are looking for more templates, feel free to browse invoice templates in Word format available on

How to Create an Invoice for Mac Using Microsoft Word

Mac users have similar template options that they can take advantage of too. There are different pre designed templates that serve all types of uses. Customizing an invoice is made much easier when you follow the basic instruction guide below.

1. Open Microsoft Word, then click the New icon. In the search bar on the upper right, type ‘invoice’. Scroll through the available templates, choose one, then select Create 


Note: You can also use Shift+Command+P as an alternative.

2.  Highlight the text and change the company name. Below it, insert the date.


3. Indicate the invoice number and simply edit the billing and shipping details in the table, as seen in the sample below. Include other important details such as payment terms, delivery date, shipping methods. Lastly, modify the font style, color and size of the text as needed.


4. Fill out the table with specific product and/or service information. Break down each product individually then calculate the total amount to be paid. You have the option to include a short thank you message below your table. Conclude by restating your company name and contact information at the bottom of the page.


5. When you have reviewed your invoice, save the Word document to your computer, cloud, or external drive. You can then print it or share the file electronically.